Yoni Egg Testimonials and Picture of an obsidian yoni egg

One of My Yoni Egg Testimonials

This is the first time I’m writing about one of my yoni egg testimonials.

I just finished doing my yoni egg practice and it was powerful. And subtly so. Which are the most powerful ones of all. Sometimes, I do the practice and nothing profound happens. That occurs only when I’m not being present and just going through the motions. I definitely can tell the difference. It takes effort to not just go through the motions. It’s totally worth it though.

One of my Yoni Egg Testimonials

I haven’t given many written yoga egg testimonials. But I felt it was important to share this with you. Because this practice is so profound. I feel alive, joyous, expansive! I love when this practice touches me deeply and I come alive.

What helps me is to close my eyes for most of the practice. It helps you connect more easily to your inner world. That’s where the fun and excitement is! Tuning in to what’s happening inside.

Set Your Intention with Intention

Again not just going through the motions. I actually had two intentions as I started the practice.

  1. Let the wisdom of my yoni speak as I create my online yoni egg practices for women.
  2. To release psychological imprints from a past lover.

The Obsidian Yoni Egg for Releasing a Past Lover Imprint

If you’re not familiar, an obsidian yoni egg can take out dark energy from your body.  The obsidian yoni egg, due to it’s specific crystal properties, is the egg for the job. So, unlike the rose quartz for example that blesses you with nurturing, compassionate love, the obsidian egg will absorb dark energy and stuck emotions.

“Your issues are in your tissues.” And the obsidian egg is a magical divine feminine tool for releasing those issues. It’s almost magical how it works.

As I began my practice I made sure to pay close attention to my breath through the whole experience. That helped me to stay in my body and not wander off in my mind. Being in your body instead of the craziness of your mind is how you experience the true benefits of the yoni egg practices. Breath is the key if you want to get out of your mind and be in your body.

Having done the practice many times I was already there ready to access my Divine Feminine essence. I had taken a shower. My body was clean and I was ready and willing to become receptive. I made sure I wasn’t in a hurry and had given myself enough time. I darkened the room a little bit so that I felt like I was in a nest and cocooned in privacy.

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Yoni Yoga Guided Audio Meditation

Then I nestled into the experience which involved listening to my guided yoni yoga meditation. I love it. It’s a matter of listening and following along as my voice takes me through the process.

This was not erotic or getting myself off. This was a deeply sacred feminine spiritual experience that ignited me and kept me optimistic for the rest of the day. When you bring light to a culturally shame ridden place… magic happens!

It’s really great. Because without the guided meditation it’s easy to just hurry up. We all have a bad habit of not being able to slow down. Knowing the audio is 35 minutes, I dedicate that much time to the experience. And it allows me to drop in fully as my recorded words take me on the journey. It’s my recorded words that remind me to breathe and slow down. I love it.

And the guided meditation holds a certain energetic vibration. Because it has been listened to and the practices done through the audio many times, it carries a certain frequency that further supports the process.

This is one of my Yoni Egg Testimonials that
Included Female Ejaculation

This particular session was profound because I ejaculated. I could have shared other yoni egg testimonials and I have had so many different ones. But I thought including female ejaculation would be good since so many people aren’t familiar with it.

I hadn’t ejaculated in a long time. I had been going through some emotional stress and I believe it’s easy under those condition for the divine feminine to hide. She really only comes out and plays and presents herself when she feels loved, at home and safe.

If you’re not familiar with female ejaculation or the yoni egg practice, I want to stress this was more of a spiritual and nurturing experience than an erotic experience. At least not in the sense that most of us know eroticism to be. This was also not a session of me getting off. I didn’t have an orgasm. This was about me tuning into myself. This was about creating a deeper sense of self-awareness regarding my pelvic floor area and my whole body.  I call the practice a form of Yoni Yoga. It was me creating what I also call Vibrational Nourishment in my whole body. Especially my female parts.

Divine Feminine Yoni Yoga

It’s interesting. I made up the term yoni yoga years ago when I was first introduced to the Jade Egg practice. I’ve been doing the yoni egg practice for over 14 years now and I’ve been a dedicated Yogini for even longer. When I was introduced to the Yoni egg I both taught yoga and had my own dedicated yoga practice. The yoni egg practice just enhanced the connection I was already creating with my body through teaching and practicing yoga.

Back to the idea of orgasm and female ejaculation. Some women think that ejaculation is having an orgasm. Maybe for some, it’s combined and for every woman, it can be different. But for many, female ejaculation is a completely separate event from orgasm. It’s not at all like having a clitoral orgasm. If anything, it’s like peeing. But you are peeing a magical elixir called Amrita. Translated means divine nectar.

Often when I ejaculate I still think, “gosh is it urine?” And it never is. Because I smell it and touch it. And I want you to know it ISN’T urine. Female ejaculate is a different type of fluid. There is some understanding of it and it’s still somewhat of a mystery. Have you discovered this divine feminine fountain inside you as yet? Or is she still waiting to be discovered?

Yoni Egg Practice to Let Your Yoni Become Spiritually Alive

Yoni egg testimonials aren’t something I do regularly. Especially not online. But the yoni egg has helped me so much through the years to get connected to the power, beauty, and grace of my womb. When you take time to be with your womb, your yoni, and your female anatomy in a sacred way…she lights up! And I’ve seen this over and over again with me and with other women who have shared their stories with me.

And just the opposite is true. When she is pounded, prostituted or in other ways not honored the effect is disempowering. Her divine feminine essence hides and seeks shelter deep inside. Even walling off to protect this energy. The good news is that it never disappears. It just retreats to a safe space deep inside, well covered in energetic armor. Many women have this armor.

Your Yoni Holds Wisdom

Your yoni, your womb, your feminine essence is wiser than you can ever imagine. She is your source of vitality, creativity, expression of all that is good in the world and within you. When she wakes up inside you will feel it!!!

But she does need regular attention. If you don’t tend to her… she will retreat. And your whole feminine spirit will feel the receding as you regress into “regular”, dull not so alive living.

I want you to know these written words are not coming from my mind but rather my yoni. She is speaking today, and she wants you to know how wonderful it is to feel honored.

The draft of this article came out fluidly. About 1,300 words in probably 30 minutes. No writer’s block. She wants to speak and she wants other women to discover their divine feminine voices as well.

Your Yoni and Brain are Connected

When your yoni is honored it directly affects your brain. Read the book by Naomi Wolf  “Vagina” where she talks about the vagina-brain connection. It’s a must-read. She explains the connection between your vagina and your brain. Her research explains how what happens to your vagina directly affects your self-esteem.

When you honor your yoni you become happy. More alive. More optimistic about life. It’s all about the Yoniverse. And when you discover your Yoniverse a whole new world will open up to you.

I hope you take the journey. And start to educate yourself about this magical practice. I’m here for you. To guide you and open divine feminine doors that have probably been shut for a long time. No longer do they need to be shut, locked down and barricaded. The time is now for the divine feminine to come out and express her healing powers. It’s through these divine feminine powers that we as leaders of love will heal our planet and the communities, families, and relationships we have.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I wish for you to experience what I’ve experienced in my life by tending to and nurturing my female anatomy. Are you ready?

If this article resonated with you and you enjoyed one of my few written yoni egg testimonials please share a comment. I would love to hear your testimonial. If you’d like to find out more about the yoni egg practice start with my free jade egg online course.

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