sexual sovereignty and the yoni egg

Sexual Sovereignty and The Yoni Egg – Empowering Your Feminine Side

Do you know how a simple crystal egg can empower your
feminine side?

Sexual sovereignty and having a sense of sexual authority is something crucially important to a woman’s empowerment.

Owning your own body and having power in, not power over another in the bedroom is extremely important. And many women still don’t have this type of power. I find it interesting that we use the word “Master Bedroom.” Who is the master?

I help women reclaim their bodies in the bedroom. It isn’t about negating men… it’s about being intimate with each other in a way where both partner’s needs are being met. This is accomplished when women have a voice in the bedroom.

Do You Speak Your Needs In the Bedroom?

I find many women don’t speak their needs in the bedroom. This is simply because they don’t have an intimate sexual relationship with themselves or their bodies. This puts quite a bit of pressure on the man to perform or to have all the answers.

No one can know your body as well as you. The idea of sexual sovereignty and the yoni egg practice are beautiful ways to help you get to know your female body. Sexual sovereignty is about taking ownership of your own sexual self. I like to call it having sexual authority.

The yoni egg practice, traditionally known as the jade egg practice, is about being the master of your own Yoni. It’s a powerful tool for transformation. It is about getting to know your yoni on a deeper level with the help of the yoni egg. It’s truly a beautiful journey for a woman who commits to this path.

I had the honor of being interviewed by Nixie Marie on her podcast show I AM Goddess Collective

Find out more about Sexual Sovereignty and The Yoni Egg

Nixie’s – I am Goddess Collective Podcast is truly amazing!

It is a platform for women to rise up and sit in sacred council together. Every Thursday, Nixie Marie brings on an inspiring Goddess of the Week to interview and discuss topics such as female leadership, entrepreneurship, plant medicine, womb healing, self-love, body consciousness, spirituality, and the rise of the feminine.

Please take time to listen to listen to the podcast where Nixie and I talked more about sexual sovereignty and the Yoni egg.

I loved my time with Nixie and all that we shared. She is a Shamanic Warrior Priestess on a mission to awaken, heal, and empower women all over the world to use their voice. She is the Creatress behind I AM Goddess Collective. On other days of the week she shares her own personal spiritual discoveries, magical insights, as well as wisdom from aspiring thought leaders. Make sure you join her Goddess Collective podcast. She wants to raise the feminine frequency to a state of Grace and awaken the wild woman within all women.

Listen to my interview with Nixie. Don’t miss out on know more about Sexual Sovereignty and the Yoni Egg. Simply go to the link below and find episode #49 titled Sexual Sovereignty, view in itunes and click play!

I Am Goddess Collective Podcast - Click to listen to the Podcast
Click to listen to the podcast!

I’m Anna-Thea, a Certified Divine Feminine Educator, and author. If you’d like to learn more about the Yoni egg check out my free course.

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