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Yoni Egg Exercises: 3 Powerful Ones to Awaken Feminine Energy

The Jade egg and yoni egg exercises have become more popular in the last few years. Especially through Gweneth Paltrow’s exposure of the yoni egg. But these practices are ancient Taoist practices that have been around for centuries.

There’s a lot of controversy over the yoni egg exercises. Many have questioned whether it’s valid, healthy or just a fad and even possibly harmful. Having done the yoni egg exercises for over 15 years, I believe, if used in a certain way, is a beautiful way for a woman to enhance her sense of self-love.

In this article, I share my own personal experience after having done jade egg exercises for over 13 years and taught about the yoni egg. I learned the Taoist version of jade egg exercises from Saida Desilets when I had the good fortune to be under her mentorship and receive her teachings back in 2005 thru 2007. It was when I was getting my certification at the Divine Feminine Institute and when very few women knew about the yoni egg.

Now that I’ve been using my yoni egg for over 13 years I love my egg and my jade egg exercises. The exercises ground me and help me to get out of my head and into my body. These exercises have definitely increased my sexual responsiveness and sexual confidence. And have also increased my sense of self-love and appreciation for my female body.

My Yoni egg helped me to create a deeper relationship with my female parts.

I don’t think there’s another more unique tool than the yoni egg for providing a woman a way for creating a more intimate relationship with her intimate parts.

It has not been a sex toy or a physical fitness exercise for me. It’s been a way to bring my divine feminine energy into my female reproductive system and sexual expression. The yoni egg has given me many blessing. The biggest one is enhancing my relationship with my yoni and female anatomy.

I have a guided meditation that I offer to my students and I also practice myself. The meditation contains simple yet subtle and profound jade egg exercises that help awaken the softer more subtle side of a woman’s yoni and sexual response system. I have three main ones described below.

In Saida’s recent article about the jade egg she so eloquently states… “Jade eggs are not sex toys or gym equipment. We can use them that way, but we won’t get what we are really looking for: ourselves and a confident relationship with our sexuality.” I totally agree with her.

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Below are short descriptions of 3 specific jade egg exercises I’ve personally used and taught other women. These yoni egg exercises will bring more subtle awareness to your female parts. This will re-sensitize you and enhance your female sexual responsiveness.

3 Powerful Yoni Egg Exercises To Cultivate
Your Divine Feminine Energy

1. Sipping Your Egg In

This is one of the first basic yoni egg exercises you need to know to get your yoni egg practice off to a good start. Don’t just stick your egg in like a tampon! Treat your yoni with reverence and respect. By sipping your egg in, rather than pushing the egg in, you develop a different type of connection with your yoni.

So how do you sip your egg in? You can do it standing or lying down. The main thing is to SLOW DOWN. Instead of pushing your egg in with one fell swoop let it be a process of awareness. Even if it has to be a shorter process of awareness. Take your time to insert your egg consciously.

How to Sip

Place your yoni egg with the smaller end facing the opening of your vagina. Take a moment to feel the energy of the egg at the opening of your vagina. Take a breath. Let your vagina and feminine tissue register that an egg is going to be inserted.

Lightly press the yoni egg into the tissue surrounding the opening of your vagina. Don’t push more than she is ready. Hold consistent pressure keeping the yoni egg at the opening of your vagina. As you hold the egg at your opening squeeze the tip of the egg with your pelvic floor muscles and then relax.

In other words, squeeze and release. Allow yourself to squeeze as much as you release. You are wanting to experience the full expression of contraction and expansion with the muscles around the opening of your vagina. You’re inviting your egg in.

By maintaining enough pressure to hold your yoni egg in place at the opening of your vagina, you allow your yoni to “suck her in” through a sequence of squeezes and releases. Your yoni is opening to the egg rather than you “pushing the egg on her.” It’s a really nice feeling to experience your yoni slowly taking the egg in.

This one simple practice of slowing down and taking your time when you insert your yoni egg is the beginning of learning how to use the yoni egg to cultivate your divine feminine energy. It brings more mindfulness to how you interact with your yoni.

2. Resensitizing Your Vulva

I find this is one of the best yoni egg exercises to awaken your divine feminine essence and release trapped emotions. It involves experiencing your egg’s crystal energy bathing your vulva region. You can do this as a stand-alone exercise or before you sip her in.

The best way to do this particular jade egg exercise is to lie down. And it’s important to allow time for this exercise. It’s a simple one but many women have reported to me profound experiences and I have had my own as well.

Your vulva holds memories of past sexual experiences. Crystal eggs hold healing energies. The two coming together can create a spiritually nurturing experience for your female parts. This is something women need and haven’t had through the centuries of patriarchal consciousness.  A woman’s body has been for a man’s pleasure. And in the process, our yonis have become desensitized due to the more common “push-push” type of sexual expression.

This “push-push” type of sexual expression can make a woman shut down because her response system can’t keep up with the energetic pace. Her anatomy needs more time and patience to respond. But instead, in response, she shuts down and becomes desensitized. Often without consciously realizing that is happening to her tissue.

These simple yoni egg exercises help you to re-sensitize your tissue. This second exercise can even help to release emotional memories that may be “trapped” in the cellular tissue of the opening of your vagina. You may have an emotional response when you do this. And that’s a good thing. So don’t resist. The key is to be present with yourself and go slowly. If emotions come up just BE with them.

How to Resensitize

Make sure you lie down in a reclined position and have easy access to your yoni and can easily navigate your egg at the opening of your vagina. Take time to breathe and relax. Even touch your body in a nurturing and sensual way before you bring your focus to the placement of your yoni egg at your vulva.

When you feel you’re ready and not in a rush, place the tip of your egg (the smaller side) right inside your female folds. Let it rest there and breathe in the energy of the crystal jade egg. Begin to bring all your consciousness and awareness to the bottom of your bottom and the connection of your egg with the tissue of your vulva.

Imagine a ray of healing light coming out of the tip of the crystal yoni egg. As you move the egg in a circular motion gently around the opening of your vagina imagine a ray of light penetrating into the tissue. Allow yourself to feel and receive the healing energy of the tip of the yoni egg. Stay present with the experience. And the slower the better.

3. Squeezing Different Parts of Your Vagina

Besides the two jade egg exercises of sipping your egg in and re-sensitizing your vulvar tissue, the third one of the yoni egg exercises is done when the yoni egg is inside you. Again, it’s a simple exercise with profound effects. It has the ability to help you develop more subtle awareness of the muscles around your vaginal wall.

How To Squeeze

Once the egg is inside, allow your whole pelvic bowl to relax. For this exercise, it’s good to be on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. If you find a different position is better for you then use that. With the most comfortable position for you, take time to sense the egg inside you.

Similar to a standard kegel exercise, begin to squeeze the bottom of the egg by contracting your PC muscle. And squeezing the area around the opening of your vagina. Squeeze and relax. Squeeze and relax. You want to consciously experience both the contraction and release (or expansion).

Then begin to squeeze the middle of the egg or the middle part of your vagina. Having your vaginal walls squeeze and press down on the middle of the egg. Squeeze and relax. Squeeze and relax.

The last area is to squeeze the top of the egg. The part of the egg that is the deepest inside you and facing your cervix. As if though you’re almost pushing down on the egg but not pushing it out. Squeeze and relax. Squeeze and relax.

You can do this a few times for each section of your vagina. But don’t overdo.  It’s better to do less with more presence then more and not really tuning into what you’re doing. The key is to go slow and tune in.

Don’t get discouraged if any of these yoni egg exercises seem difficult to do.

Can’t sense these internal muscles?

If you find this hard to do begin by using your imagination. Imagine that you’re squeezing these areas of your vagina. Put your focus on that part of your anatomy.

When I first did this exercise I had very little muscle awareness and found it hard to do. As I practiced I became much more aware of the subtleties of movement within the walls of my vagina. I call this enhanced awareness and vaginal dexterity.

It’s a beautiful thing to have this type of greater awareness. It literally builds mindfulness of your female parts which in turn cultivates your divine feminine essence. But the best part is that it’ll up your female sexual responsiveness in a way that also ups your sense of self-honoring.

You hold within you the feminine mysteries. These exercises help reveal them to YOU. There are other powerful ways the Yoni and jade egg will change your life as well.

I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you ‘d like to find out more about the spiritual sexual benefits of using a yoni egg and doing these types of yoni egg exercises check out my free jade/yoni egg class.

If you’re interested in purchasing a jade egg please visit my products page so that you can start benefiting from yoni egg exercises.

Much love!


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