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How to Use Yoni Eggs and What a Beginner Needs to Know

In answering the question of how to use a Yoni egg it all depends upon what you are looking for. There’s a lot of information recently about the Yoni egg but much of it comes from a very masculine point of view.

If you want to find out more about the Yoni egg and how to use it for healing and to get more connected to the sacredness of your female anatomy you are in the right place.

In this article I’ll share some of the benefits of using a Yoni egg and answer some of the most common questions women have when they are first getting started with this practice.

What does a Yoni egg do?

If you aren’t familiar with the Yoni egg I’m glad you’re here. I personally starting using a Yoni egg over 14 years ago. I have a long history of knowing what the Yoni egg has done for me personally. I have taught Yoni egg classes and I have sold Yoni eggs for the same time period. I learned this amazing practice during my certification program as a Divine Feminine Educator.

So once I was introduced to this pratice I shared this wisdom in my women’s workshops.

So with that said, what does a Yoni egg do? It all depends upon how you use it. If you do nothing more than put it in for a little bit and then take it out. It won’t do much of anything.

It’s not so much what the Yoni egg does more than what YOU do with the Yoni egg. Learning how to use it in a way that’s healing, nurturing and awakening to your sexuality is the best way to use it.

And when you learn these powerful yet subtle, nurturing, self-awareness expanding practices you’ll realize the true benefits of what the Yoni egg is all about and what it’ll do for you. For there are many benefits.

What are the benefits of Yoni eggs?

The benefits of the Yoni egg are only truly realized if you are willing to practice with it using divine feminine principles. I call this type of practice Divine Feminine Yoni yoga. It’s very healing to your female anatomy.

The parctices aren’t difficult but they are probably not something you have ever been exposed to. These simple practices allow you to develop a deeper connection to your female parts. And in doing so there are many benefits.

Here are 3 Key Benefits

1. Increase orgasmic reponse

Because the Yoni egg is held in and kept in place by your pelvic floor muscles you’ll develop stronger pelvic floor muscles. These are the same muscles that contract during orgasm. So by increasing the strength of these muscles you’ll also increase the depth and intensity of your orgasmic response.

2. Brings vitality to your sex organs

Because you are inserting a crystal egg into your vagina you are activating energy. Both on the level of using a crystal and also by having an object inside your vagina.

This creates more energy flow in that part of your body. On a physical level, it increases blood flow to that area of your body simply through the process of getting it in, holding it in and getting it out.

Also on a conscious awareness you are bringing energy to that area of your body. You are aware you have an egg inside you. That brings your attention to that area of your body. Which is a great thing for women to do. Attention that’s beyond, your period care, sexual activity or dealing with some imbalance such as a bladder or yeast infection. It’s a whole new experience.

3. Creates a more connected relationship with your female anatomy

I feel this is the most important and biggest benefit of the Yoni egg. It gives you a whole new way to relate to your female parts. And in a more divine feminine or sacred, life honoring way.

What women need in order to create a deeper relationship with their female anatomy is to SLOW DOWN.

Take a moment and experience this brief
Divine Feminine – Yoni Egg Inspired – Healing

There are many more benefits of Yoni eggs. For starters I wanted to mention the above three.

What size Yoni egg do you start with?

This idea of size is so reflective of our masculine oriented society. It isn’t about trying to use a bigger or smaller egg. Spirituality teaches that the middle path is the path to enlightenment. So don’t get stuck on size.

I have never changed the size of egg I have used in the past 14 years of working with the Yoni egg. I use the medium or what i call the regular size. It is basically the size of a normal chicken egg. You can use a larger egg or a smaller egg but that’s not necessary unless you are intuitively being drawn to a certain size egg.

This is not about creating such strong pelvic floor muscles that you can hold a pea size egg inside your vagina. Again that a very masculine point of view. Trying to achieve some type of accomplishment in the strength of your pelvic floors. That’s not what this is all about. It about learning to connect with your Yoni in a more respectul and honoring way.

How long do you keep a Yoni egg in?

I would not keep a Yoni egg in any longer than two days. Better would be to take it out daily. But sometimes she just wants to stay in there. And there is nothing wrong with that if you don’t go too long. As I recommend 2 days as a maximum. But design a practice that works for you.

Is it safe to sleep with a Yoni egg?

Yes it’s safe to sleep with the egg. Though I wouldn’t recommend that be your regular practice. When you are sleeping, it’s a time of rest. You want your muscles to be resting and not engaged.

With that said, there are times when sleeping with a Yoni egg is recommended. If you are having a hard time keeping your Yoni egg in, begin by first sleeping with it overnight. Your muscles will work while you sleep to tone your pelvic muscles.

So if you begin this practice and can’t keep the egg in don’t buy a larger egg, just start by sleeping with your egg. That will build your muscles. Then see how long you can keep it in while at home. Over time your muscles will gain enough strength to hold your Yoni egg in.

How do you insert a Yoni egg?

If you aren’t familiar with the true power of this practice then most just insert it similar to how you would insert a tampon. If you’re doing this then you’re missing the key benefits of this powerful feminine tool.

It’s not about just “sticking it in” and waiting for something magical to happen. When you learn the Yoni egg practices one of the first things you learn is how to sip the egg in.

Right at the opening of the vagina is powerful tissue as well as muscle. This tissue holds cellular memory of all your sexual experiences both good and bad.

In the practices, you learn how to use your Yoni egg to tune into this area of your femininity to release stuck emotions. Sexual reflexology is a Taoist wisdom referring to parts of male and female sexual anatomy and how it relates to certain emotions and organs. The opening of the vagina, from a sexual reflexology point of view, is an area that hold fear and is related to the kidneys. But with this practice you can transform that fear into cam and trust.

I remember the first time I slowly sipped my Yoni egg in and realized it wasn’t just men who had perpetrated my vagina. My hasty and utilitarian ways with my Yoni made me realize I too had not treated her in the gentle and honoring way she would like to be treated. That is one example of how my journey with the Yoni egg has transformed my relationship with my female parts. I want the same for you.

You don’t know what you don’t know. So learning the divine feminine wisdom around the use of the egg more so than the practicality of it all is what this practice is really all about.

Are Yoni eggs safe?

There’s a lot of fear that is propagated on the internet about the dangers of using a Yoni egg. One of them is that you’ll develop an infection. If you use your head and follow proper guidelines on how to clean your Yoni egg, you’ll have no problems.

Culturally the vagina has taken a hit.. as if it’s something dirty. And it’s not. Your vagina is resilient and resistant. She’s built to birth humanity. That’s a big hard job. She doesn’t have to be sterile. Quite the opposite. Good bacteria makes her healthy. And she has her own internal cleaning system.

If you find yourself wanting to be “too clean” when using the Yoni egg, you need to look at your belief systems about that part of your body.

But that’s why it’s so important to receive guidance when you first start. You’ll avoid misinformation and therefore any potential difficulties.

The best teachers for this practice are those that aren’t coming from shame. Teachers who have done their own sexual healing.

When I was introduced to the Yoni egg I had a teacher who gave me instructions. I didn’t just purchase the product and then try to figure out what to do with it all by myself. I had a guide. That’s exactly what you need in order to avoid any negative experiences.

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That’s why I created my Yoni Egg 101 and Yoni Egg 201 courses. The 101 course will give you a good foundation. And the 201 course will teach you specific Yoni egg practices as well as give you 4 guided Yoni egg practices that you’ll be able to use on a regular basis.

Where to buy Yoni eggs

When you go to purchase your first Yoni egg you want to make sure you are buying from a reputable source. There are many people selling Yoni eggs. And sometimes they are not selling actual gemstones. So be aware of this.

When I first started, I purchased mine from my teacher. Later I went to the Tucscon Gem Show and created a relationship with a gemstone supplier. I’ve had a relationship with them ever since. And that was over 14 years ago.

You aren’t in the business of selling Yoni eggs so where do you go? I would say purchase from either a gemstone supplier or from an instructor who teaches about the Yoni egg practice.

With that said, if you are at a women’s workshop or a crystal show or something of that nature and you find a Yoni egg that you are drawn to, purchase it. Use your intuition. The main thing is to make sure it is a genuine gemstone and not synthetic.

Though you can use other types, the main gemstones to use for a Yoni egg practice are nephrite jade, rose quartz, and black obsidian.

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Rose quartz Yoni eggs

Rose quartz is a very soothing crystal. The qualities of this powerful gemstone have to do with feminine qualities. It’s said that rose quartz is the stone of love. It emits an emotionally healing energy.

Though I encourage people to start with a nephrite jade egg, you definitely want to also treat yourself to a rose quartz egg.

Nephrite jade egg

The traditional Yoni egg practice recommends a jade egg. There are two types of jade. Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is used more for jewelry. Nephrite jade is the gemstone recommended for a Yoni egg practice.

Where rose quartz is more of an emotionally soothing feminine stone, jade is more of a masculine stone. It’s said to bring focus to your life and help with setting healthy boundaries.

It’s also a very grounding stone.

In conclusion, there is a lot to learn about the Yoni egg practice and how to use Yoni eggs in the proper way. It’s important to have someone to guide you so that your Yoni egg doesn’t end up sitting in your drawer. This is a powerful tool and its important to put it to good use.

Free Yoni egg class

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you are ready to learn more about how to use a Yoni egg start with my free Yoni egg course.

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