Interview about a woman's womb pictue of Sama and Anna-Thea Interviewing

Woman’s Womb Healing & The Yoni Egg

A woman’s womb is the epicenter of her being.

In this interview Sama asks me what it really means for women to heal their womb.

I share my own view of the healing of a woman’s womb. How in order for you, as a women, to feel whole again you must release not only current memories but ancient memories you are holding in your female parts.

Literally, you need to peel away past memories. I also share my personal story about how I have used a yoni egg to release imprints from past lovers that left me obsessing about them long after they were gone.

A woman’s womb is like a sponge.

It will hold on to a man’s imprint leaving a woman continually thinking about a man when he no longer is in her life.

Does that sound familiar? Have you obsessed about an ex and can’t get him off your mind? A woman’s womb is directly connected to her brain. Naomi Wolf in her book Vagina writes about the brain-vagina connection. So what happens in a woman’s womb directly effects her sense of self, self-confidence and general well being.

Here is the interview both in audio and video format.

Enjoy the interview!

A Woman’s Womb – Healing Your Womb using The Yoni Egg

Womb Centered Healing Podcast Interview with Anna-Thea

Full Transcription of the interview

Sama Morningstar:

Hello and welcome to the Womb Centered Healing Podcast. I’m Sama
Morningstar and I have Anna-Thea here with me. Thank you so much for joining me. Anna-Thea
is going to share with us about womb centered healing practices. Ancient practices that we are
reviving and bringing back that become very popular and without saying any more. Mysterious
over here. I’m gonna let you please introduce yourself, Anna-Thea, and let us know about what
womb centered healing means to you…


Okay great. Thank you. Thank you Sama. Thank you for having me and interviewing
me. It’s just an honor to be here.

My name is Anna-Thea and I’m a Certified Divine Feminine Educator. So, I teach
online courses for women. Really, overall about emotions, about communication and Sex Ed you
didn’t learn from your mother and then the yoni egg practices. So, womb centered healing… I did back in 2003-2005.

I was with the Divine Feminine Institute and I got my certification as a Divine Feminine Educator and Spiritual Sexual Educator and I learned to practice then, that was called the NAH and that sounded kind of odd you know but it was Nurturing Awakening and Healing and it was
healing all the chakra centers including the first and second chakra, the base chakra and the sex

And having grown-up catholic, right? There was a lot of healing that I went through and a lot
of transformation. So how do I answer what is a woman’s womb centered healing? For me a woman’s womb centered
healing is the total reverent respect for female anatomy and for the sacredness of our sexual parts
and I actually had an opportunity to experience that through that 2-year journey that I took with the
Divine Feminine Institute.

And during that time is when I birthed my website, when I wrote a yoni poem.
I mean if you.. womb centered healing is about awakening the creative life force that we hold within
ourselves as women and we’re carrying from our past, from our violent past – rape, pillage,
impregnation, abandonment, wives of quiet destitute, right?

In our DNA, from our grandmothers, our great grandmothers even our mothers. And so womb centered healing is peeling away all of those memories that were holding inside of us. The ancient fears, the ancient wounds, and allowing the
wound to be this vital creative healing, expressive, sensual energy that is very needed in this world
right now.

Sama Morningstar:

Indeed. Indeed. And it sounds like, you have had quite a journey with that
you yourself. What led up to that to your training that you did? I’m sure you felt a calling for
some reason in your life to return to that divine feminine wisdom.


Yeah. Well, what basically happened was when I was 39 years old, my first husband
passed away from liver cancer. He went from alive to gone in 3 months. And after he passed away,
that was really a beautiful marriage. We were married for 11 years. Of course, we had challenges
but he was really… that was the marriage where I can really be me.

It was a beautiful on many, many levels a very beautiful marriage and you know it just changes your life. But after that, then, 2
years later, I fell in love with another man that was “he told me when I got involved with me that he
was a porn addict or a sex addict.”

And I thought, you know, I had no idea what that actually meant.
And I fell madly in love with him. And you know that relationship lasted maybe 3 years and by the
end of that relationship, the pain of him wanting pornography over intimacy with me and it brought up
a lot of my own sexual issues or intimacy issues and just the challenges that we had and the love
that we had for each other.

Yet there was really no way of really finding connection. I said after that
ended, I was like I need to look at my own sexuality and that’s when I went and did the 2 years
certification program. But it’s interesting because he later took his life.

Sama Morningstar: Oh wow


And a lot of it had to do with his sufferings with his porn addictions and he called me.
This is years later. He called me about 2-3 weeks before he actually took his life. He was suicidal
and we talked.

So we… you know it was really heart-wrenching to have to go through that with him.
So he really had a big huge impact in my life and just yesterday I went to a yoga class and I loved
doing yoga, I’m an avid yogini and I’ve taught yoga for many years.

And there was a man in the yoga class that came in with a t-shirt on that said “porn kills love” and I started doing yoga and I was like in my downward dog and I was breathing and the whole time I was just like I had 20 facebook lives
inside of me that was birthing, being birth out through me with this whole concept that wow “porn kills
love” and I had the true experience of that. And that’s what drew me to this work was to put light and
love and sacredness back to sexuality. That’s where I resonate the best at and that’s where I shine.
It is when my sexuality can be experienced in a very heart-centered expansive way.

Sama Morningstar:

And, and how have you explored that, I know you were getting ready you
wanted to share with us about some, some jade or crystal egg practices that you teach about
and I’m imagining it from other conversations I’ve had from other practices I’ve learned that
these practices that you are gonna share about are very helpful in cultivating that for ourselves
as women.

Cultivating we just describe of this reverence for in appreciation for our own sexual
creative energy. And that healing process that we discussed earlier of peeling back the layers of
held unresolved feelings and traumas and pain that we might be holding in that space and
peeling back that layers and coming into a full vibrance and creative beauty and reverence for
our femininity and our sexuality and so I’d love to hear about your journey with that. How did
you, did you discover the jade eggs in that training?


Yes. The teachings or the things that I learned, the education that I got that time period are
things that I have taught ever since and have just made a huge impact and it’s about
communication, how I worked with my emotions and my sexuality and then the jade egg or I call it
the yoni egg practice because, you know, I’ve used jade, I’ve used obsidian and then I’ve used other
stones too. And then rose quarts.

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I love my rose quartz egg. But I think really what, especially with the yoni egg practice, what it has been for me is a journey back home. Is a journey of learning how to and it’s a beautiful practice that yoni egg is a beautiful tool to help you get connected to your body. I mean it’s clear on the other side of your head and most of us live up in our head, corrects? And to
work with the yoni egg will bring in all of our mental focus down to the opposite part of our body.

And so for me it was about, you know, I learned practices from Saida Desilets. So she was my teacher
in the Divine Feminine Institute. She was one of four teachers of the Divine Feminine Institute. And so it was a
cross between Tantra and Taoist practices. And then I learned about sexual reflexology. So the
different areas of the female anatomy and even the male anatomy and how they’re related to the
different emotions and then the different organs.

So for example the opening of the vagina is directly related to the color blue: the organ kidneys and the emotion – fear. So when a woman is being entered, immediately that area and trust, you know the opposite of fear is trust. And so it’s very
interesting the sexual reflexology and being aware of that. So when I started working with the egg,
and I’ll just show you here’s one of the eggs right here and here’s a jade one and here’s a Obsidian

But when you start bringing in a source of divine light and healing and crystal and energy into a
place that inherently is held, you know, lack of trust, trespass, and you allow this tissues to absorb
love and radiant energy, divine energy then things start waking up, things start moving, things start
happening and that’s what basically I experience intensely during the 2 years and then on-going. I
think my biggest challenge is probably was to find a partner that understood the depth of sacredness
that I wanted to hold in the realm of sexuality.

Sama Morningstar: 

Yeah. And so the stones that these crystalline stones they hold an energy
that is very healing and of course, I am hoping and I am imagining that you learned practices to
ensure that those stones were, I mean they’re living beings and those stones are well-nourished
and cleansed and cared for so that they can continue to be healing allies on this journey.


Yeah. To be of service I guess you can say kinda. Yeah.
Sama Morningstar: Right. And friends. You know it’s very intimate friendship that we get to
have with those stones as jade eggs and other stones that we use for body healing.

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For healing process so that we relate to and relate with feeling. I also use, relate with a lot of plans in that
intimate way as well so that’s another realm where we can you know, cultivate this sacred
relationship and receive healing energy and I do a lot of vaginal steaming that’s my training and

And so the steaming with the herbs does a very similar thing that you’re describing
with the eggs. Introducing a different energy into an area and bringing healing to the womb, the
vaginal opening and all of those points that you’re talking about. Just through a different method
instead of using the earthy stone energy we’re using the, we’re inviting the watery, fiery plant

Anna-Thea: Medicinal. Medicinal.

Sama Morningstar:

Yeah. Yeah. Very medicinal. But I wanted to ask you too then about this
sacred. Then, you know it’s one thing to like work with a stone or work with plants. And I was
just talking with a girlfriend today it was so good to be together with a human being and feel like
we can have this quality of relationship that we don’t always get with other human beings.

The quality of relating that we want is a lot easier to get that quality of relationship with a stone or a
plant. Funny enough, than it is to get that quality of relationship with another human being
because we are all carrying around so much wounding and so many unhealthy communication
and relational patterns. And so and we weren’t trained you know and nobody was trained.

Men were not trained, women were not trained to have healthy sexuality you know, these past
millennia you know we’ve been taught that sex is a source of shame. To keep it secret and
hidden and certainly not develop our abilities and feelings there. And so, we’re all recovering
from this and so what I heard you sharing was that you have had a hard time finding a partner
that wanted to explore or have the skills to explore sexuality with the same level of sacredness
and care that you learned and I would love to hear more about your exploration of that and what
are some of the ways that you would like to see that occur that you haven’t necessarily seen


Yeah. And it’s even that I need. Not even that I want. It’s that my being needs. So
having gone through this process of that you know, having been given that many healings, having
received many full body healings.

It’s almost as if though I stripped away all of these armor that I had that most of us very confidently walk around in in our society. Right? So I jokingly say, I spent tens and thousands of dollars to release all these armor and now my heart is vulnerable and open. You know? And I even had healers that say there’s a shield that most people have that I don’t have. And
that I’m like a sponge.

And you know, it is what it is. That is who I am. And this is a big part of my teaching so, yes I have needs and I have a lot needs and I don’t know how else to do it but I’m very available and I’m very sensitive to people’s wounds and I can be very aware in presence with holding space for people’s pain. Because for whatever reason I’m very connected to that level of
awareness that we all holding on a lot of pain.

So I think a big part of my teachings are.. And I don’t even know how to put words into it, Salma. It’s just holding a space for a better world. And it’s not that I miss perfect consciousness by any means. It’s that I, okay, I’ll give you an example. When I
teach my manifesting more pleasure class, the last time I taught it, the biggest thing that came up
was sexual duty.

And these younger women, too. How they’re having sex because they think they
need to. Not because they want to and often it’s painful. And they just don’t thinking it over. And I’m
not saying in every situation, and I’m not saying that women don’t enjoy sex.

But I was docked and it hurt my heart to hear these younger women saying the biggest issue for them was having to deal
with sexual duty. So it made me realize that what women are faced with is an onslaught of energy,
sexual energy that’s coming at them and so they’re being gobbled up and not able to come to the
surface with their own sexuality. So actually it was really a good training for me.I lived 19 years in
Las Vegas.

Sama Morningstar: Oh wow.


Yeah. So I actually got to see these other versions of sexuality that’s the complete
opposite of what I stand for. The objectification of the female body. And so for me I think it’s very
strong in my heart to help women and the only way that we can survive this onslaught of all these
sexual projection that’s coming at us is to learn our own sexuality, to define our own sexuality, to get
connected to our body that’s why the jade egg practice or the yoni egg practice is a tool, a helper for
that journey for a woman. So that we can literally stand in our own sexuality and say “this is what I

Sama Morningstar:

And that can be such a challenge to even communicate that when there’s
all of these unspoken rules and belief systems of about for example sexual duty and how we’re
sort of secretly programmed to be. I mean it’s not even an explicit.

So hidden, it’s even hidden to ourselves. About the rules that we’re living by about our sexuality and where sexual duty
would even exist and feel like really important to uphold for fear of losing all kinds of things.


Security. You know, losing acceptance. Yeah. And for whatever reason my body is
unable to do that. You know another thing is faking orgasms. And I did a talk once where I had there
I was talking and getting going and at one point I said to everyone “Okay raise your right hand” and
then I had everyone repeat after me “I will never again fake an orgasm” Hahaha I had them repeat
after me.

But there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on a woman. There’s pressure on a man to
perform as well but I think that we as women we’re the leaders of love. And so the way that we lead
with love is by really reclaiming our bodies as sacred.

As a matter of fact, that’s the title of my book is Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body – The woman’s guide to reclaiming your self as sacred. And it’s not an us against them type of thing. It’s nothing to do with that. It’s that I had a man tell me
he’s that, it was really beautiful to hear this from a man.

He said this the sole purpose of a man is to penetrate a woman in such a way to awaken her full potential. They said that’s the sole purpose of a man. You know, and I was like well this is interesting I love that perspective. You know, so, we do
need each other, men and women need each other. And I think what I’m a true believer in or
promotor for is that we have yonis which is translated sacred space.

You know we claim our space as sacred. And we hold strong to that in a very loving way. And then we will attract in and help our men to have what I call lenoms which is wands of light. You know magical, mystical healing devices.
And so I, even with the sexual practice that I learned, we can do that sexual practice on our men and
helping him raise his sexual energy up to his heart.

Because unfortunately and I was thinking about it just yesterday a lot because this whole idea that porn kills love, you know, then I started thinking of other words. Porn suffocates love. Porn destroys love. And I’m not trying to judge porn because I
don’t really, I’m not that exposed to porn, I’ve just been exposed to the effect of my lover using porn
and how it personally affected me. But from what I can tell, it’s typically the degradation of you know
a woman’s womb, of the female essence of the divine feminine.

Sama Morningstar:

Yeah, That’s a big topic right now and especially since pornography is
often the initiation that young men get about sexuality and you know I feel very strongly that we
need to change that if we’re ever going to be free of the, what’s going on for us sexually where
a woman’s womb is not revered and that foundation of our whole relational model is just so unhealthy
that these healing practices.

These ancient healing practices that remind us of the sacredness that help us to cultivate that sacredness are becoming so popular and so important because we really feel we all feel that hunger for something more that it’s just not satisfying for anyone.


Exactly. What you know, our genitals hold consciousness. And so these ancient
practices such as the yoni egg or the jade egg help to shift the level of consciousness that we’re
holding in our genitals basically. You know because you’re putting light or crystal in a place that is
typically for generations and generations held chained.

Sama Morningstar:

Yeah and those crystals also you were talking about the yoni absorbing the
energy of the crystals but my understanding especially with like Obsidian egg is that the crystals
can also absorb certain energies from the yoni can you share a little bit about that.


Yeah, I’d like to share my own personal story. So, how do I say it you know I’m a I do
astrology. I’m a queen of Hearts. I do the destiny cards, the love cards, I’m a queen of hearts which
is about sensuality, romance, love all that stuff.

So I’ve had my fair share of romance and love and I’ve been through the wringer you know that’s why I teach these things right? Because I have this idealistic view that we’re supposed to all really love each other. But I got in the process of the rude
awakening right?

So I you know have two past lovers that are no longer even alive and I had one
lover that left me for another woman and I have another lover that dumped me and then my father
suddenly died 30 days later so you know I’ve had my fair share of love wounds, so to speak, right?

And hooks so I personally experienced the depth of when you bring somebody into your body you
actually get their psychological imprint and it’s very hard to let go and release them out of your heart
afterwards so you know they stay and they stay they’re always gonna stay with you.

But the dysfunctional hooks, the things that limit you, the things that hold you back from keeping your heart
open and so even most recently I ended getting an obsidian egg because I was like okay now it’s
time to really, really do a lot of my forgiveness work and really let go of these past experiences that
I’m carrying.

So I did ceremony with myself and when I put the egg in I love putting it in at night and
sleeping with it doing my practices and then sleeping with it inside of me and I asked with intention that
it take these psychological hooks so anytime you have sex with someone you are gonna get their
psychological imprint because yonis. What are yonis?

They are the innies we absorb you know and so I asked this beautiful obsidian egg to take that imprint out and then when I woke up in the morning the before I was gonna release the egg out I stayed there and laid there with my hands on
my womb and using my imagine and using invocation and calling in sacred energy I just imagined
these hooks going into the obsidian egg just absorbing and it felt so good.

And then when I released the egg a little while later I also visualized all of those hooks just coming right out of me and then I
placed the obsidian egg in salt water with intention again for all of those hooks to be released so that I can use the egg again.

Sama Morningstar: Powerful


It was really, really powerful.

Sama Morningstar:

And then what kind of changes did you notice in your emotional well-being
and I mean how were those hooks affecting you before and did you notice that had stopped.


Freedom. Freedom. Rumination. Mental rumination of a past lover you know and I think
every woman can relate to that. Man can relate to that too. You continue to think about somebody
and they keep on popping up in your mind to the point where it just gets in the way it’s not serving

Having to let go, having to let go of past lovers and you just the burden, the energetic burden of that
imprint was lifted so I’d sat the mental rumination it was the key thing or the mental block I wouldn’t call
it obsession.

It was just too much. It was occupying too much of my grey matter. You know I want to
encourage all the listeners to read the book by Naomi Wolf – Vagina. Because there’s a nerve it’s the
pelvic nerve that goes directly from the vagina up to the brain.

It even goes as far as to say that rape victims should be considered having brain damage. So what happens down below has a direct effect on our confidence and our ability to think straight and when she hasn’t been honored and loved it
affects who we are and as a standard in our society she isn’t is still now not honored and loved.

Sama Morningstar:

And it sounds like these practices that we are sharing about the Jade egg
practices, the ceremonial aspect of it and there’s lots of other practices that we share about in
the womb centered healing temple and many teachers are sharing more about in feminine
mystery schools.

Like the one that you went to we’re reclaiming that we’re reclaiming our right, a
birthright to be honored and loved in our sexuality and shifting that standard hoping to I, my
vision is that and I there are many who share this vision is that you know in a very small number
of generations we will have shifted that standard.

And I feel that it’s necessary for that standard to shift in order for us to survive because we are degrading and diminishing the very source of new life when we don’t honor and nourish and revere the womb and that our ability to do that
and still have life sustained on this planet is running out.


Right. I mean have any of us ever thought about what was happening when you were
conceived you know conscious conception, you know actually co-creating a new, new life form and
we’re we as women it’s a vibrational thing you know like what I said our yonis carry our genitals.

Both men and women carry a certain consciousness and as we raise the consciousness and the
frequency of our female anatomy then things will start shifting. We’re the epicenter. The womb is the
epicenter of the new light of new life.

Sama Morningstar:

Exactly. And that means all the different ways that we create new life not
simply childbirth or childbearing. There’s all different ways that we create new life within
ourselves, with each other and every time we make love even if we’re not conceiving a child
we’re creating new life in some way and that’s where conscious sexuality, magical sexuality,
spiritual sexuality starts to play is let’s pay attention to that and nourish that.

Nourish our ability to create new life in all these new ways we have the capacity to and so we do have that
capacity so these practices like the jade egg practices are our tools along the way, beautiful
tools along the way and I really appreciate you sharing your experience with that and coming on
the podcast and is there a place that someone can get in touch with you if they want to learn
more about your jade egg practices.


Yes. I offer a free jade egg class that leads into another class that goes into the deeper
practices and so that’s interesting because you mentioned that you know my mystery school my
online course is kind of like a mystery school also but it’s online so you go to so it’s

And there you can find my courses. You’ll find the free jade egg class and then
the other courses about communication, emotions, sex education even how to do a healing on your
man so there’s a wealth of wisdom and education that you know I offer from my website and lots of
blogs. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Sama Morningstar:

Well, thank you so much for joining me, joining us on the womb centered
healing podcast and it’s been a delight to share with you. And for listeners who are wanting to
learn more about the womb centered healing temple and healing a woman’s womb, you can go to and learn about upcoming events and courses that will be available as well.

And if you wanna not miss any of these podcast episodes you can go to there and sign up for the
newsletter and you’ll be notified when these podcasts come out. Alright, take good care. Thank you
so much for joining us. Until next time.

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