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  • “I've grown so much through Anna-Thea’s education. The 4N steps from the How to Feel Better course are powerful. It's the best tool ever when I'm having stressful relationship situations."

  • “Anna-Thea your teachings have made a huge difference in my life. They've helped me connect to the real power of my feminine side and let go of my old pattern of people pleasing.”


Hi, I'm Anna-Thea

I'm an author, Astrologer, Divine Feminine Educator, and "The Love Card Lady." I educate and inspire people on how to connect to the healing power and sacredness of their feminine side.
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Anna-Thea's Blog

The Art of Self-Love

with Anna-Thea

Learning how to love yourself. This is something most women could learn more about. Because we spend so much time nurturing and caring for others, the importance of our own needs is easily forgotten. It is common for a woman to not know her needs but be very tuned into other’s needs.

Don’t put your needs on the back burner. Your power comes from connecting to them. It isn’t being needy! You can still love and care for others while taking care of yourself. It may be something you simply need to learn and then practice.

Taking care of yourself emotionally,

getting solid relationship advice,

addressing real sexual intimacy issues and

awakening the divine feminine within

is what Anna-Thea is all about.

Anna-Thea is an author, intimacy coach, and educator. Her teachings are about learning how to love yourself, therefore, she is passionate about women’s empowerment.

Her book “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body” offers wisdom, loving solutions and practical tools for body image issues, relationship issues and/or intimacy issues.

Women’s empowerment is about reclaiming our bodies as sacred, honoring our sexuality and listening to our emotions instead of repressing them.

Are you looking for ways to nurture your body, mind, and spirit?

Anna-Thea’s feminine leadership and self-love courses will teach you how to take care of yourself emotionally. Her courses offer solid relationship advice for women, covers in-depth about women’s sexual intimacy issues and addresses how to awaken the divine feminine within.

If you are like most women, you wonder if learning how to love yourself is even possible. Anna-Thea can teach you how by addressing your most challenging issues.

She offers women a new vision of what it means to be female in our society. Her teachings,
educational products and presentations are fun, powerfully educational, and experientially transforming.

Learning how to love yourself is a revolutionary,

evolutionary act that has far-reaching effects.

Therefore contact Anna-Thea and find out now how you can start loving yourself even more or take the Love Quiz now.

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