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Yoni Egg History & Why This Ancient Practice is Good for Women’s Sexual Health

Yoni egg history is said to date back to ancient China where women in the Royal Palaces would use this practice to keep their sex organs healthy and resilient for the Emperor. The definitive history of the Yoni egg is unknown mainly because this was an oral tradition.

In this article, I’d like to share with you the history of Yoni eggs as it was handed down to me. This article will give you a glimpse of what ancient China was like and introduce you to Taoist philosophy regarding the Yoni egg. Additionally I’ll discuss how you as a modern woman can benefit from this ancient wisdom by using the Yoni egg in a divine feminine way.

Ancient China

The Forbidden City was the imperial palace and the political heart of China during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 – 1911). During this time, commoners were prohibited from entering the palace unless they had been given permission. Only imperial families and invited high officials could enter. 

Nonetheless, for example, in 1621, Ming Emporer Tiangi sent eunuchs across the country to handpick 5,000 young commoner women between the ages of 13 to 16 from whom he would select a wife. They narrowed it down to 50 females through what I would consider brutal scrutiny and physical (even gynecological) examinations.

What was going on in the Imperial Palace?

From what I can tell it was a very male-centric culture. During the Ming Dynasty, daily life in the Imperial Palace seemed to focus on keeping the Emperor sexually satisfied and reproducing offspring. Especially when you read about how women were selected for service in the palace.

There were two strong influences…. the government (royalty) and the spiritual philosophies of the Chinese culture, Taoism. Imperial government leaders looked to Taoist spiritual leaders for legitimization and protection of their power and position.

What is Taoism and how does it relate to the history of Yoni Egg

Taoism is one of the oldest sciences of life. It is an ancient system of human body wisdom that works in harmony with the flow of energy instead of against it. This wisdom was a natural part of Chinese culture. The Yoni egg was a tool to support a woman in cultivating this body wisdom.

From a Taoist perspective, regarding sexual energy, it is something that can be transformed for improving one’s health and vitality through “Inner Alchemy.” Taoists believe in doing those things that help you to live a longer, happier, healthier and wiser life. And that includes working with your sexual energy in a transformative way.

Yoni egg history tells us this was an ancient Taoist tool and practice for women to have mastery over their sexual energy. The Yoni egg doesn’t produce results unless you know how to do the practices. It’s an oral tradition and you need to be guided by someone who has gone before you. This is a lineage that is passed down from one woman to another. And that is how I learned.  

You won’t learn about Yoni history or these ancient practices from mainstream institutions. I learned this powerful practice in a mystery school. It was a private Divine Feminine certification program that taught me how to spiritualize my sexual energy.

Similarly, ancient Taoist women must have known the importance of sexual vitality and spiritualizing their sexuality by refining it and not allowing it to be congested in the lower body.

The Yoni egg allowed them to strengthen their PC and pelvic muscles. This was thought to improve their health not only physically but spiritually as well. Since these muscles were strong and resilient and not atrophied, their sexual energy could move inward and upward along the spine refining raw passion into compassion and even higher spiritual energies such as intuition and connection to something greater than oneself.

The idea that your sexuality is related to your spirituality is foreign to our society.

Our society really programs us to look for excitement by “tuning out” with such things as movies, drugs, drinks, shopping, looking for the perfect mate etc.

Taoism, on the other hand, encourages you to “tune in” and through that, access a deeper aliveness that is available to you. Inner wisdom, inner peace and inner calm that surpasses any outer satisfaction one can find.

When you couple this concept of accessing deeper aliveness and inner wisdom with the Yoni egg you get a powerful source of vitality and spiritual sexual awareness. You gain the ability to have more control over your sexual energy.

With this philosophy, your sex organs become an organ for your enlightenment over sexual reproduction. This is called the Tantric path which is a spiritual path that includes sexuality instead of denying it or repressing it, as many other spiritual and religious institutions do.

In yogic philosophy, they talk about Kundalini. Kundalini is the 3 coiled serpent at the base of your spine. But it is also called the Holy Spirit or the blueprint of your full human potential.

Imagine your full human potential sleeping at the base of your spine? Imagine the proper use of the Yoni egg having the ability to gently awaken it. If the energy in your groin is congested, which is often the case in our society due to shame, your full human potential will remain unrealized. There are powerful ways the Yoni egg can transform your life.

The ancient Chinese female Taoist practitioners must have known this. Did the concubines in the royal palaces use the Yoni egg as a way of sexual empowerment and to “survive” a life of servitude? We can only imagine. There is no documented Yoni egg history from their point of view.

But Taoism and Inner Alchemy was part of their way of life. It was part of their religion. So how could they not be aware of their spiritual nature and bodily life?

These concubines, though used for reproductive purposes, must have known that their sex organs were not just for reproduction. The Imperial palaces had access to Taoist books and the secret teachings from the mystery schools and religious temples.

Still today we are not sure what really transpired in regards to these young women and their relationship with their bodies and their sexuality. Bare in mind, the history books were written from a male point of view.

I do believe, since these women were raised with Taoist philosophy, they were wiser than we can imagine.

You, Yoni Egg History
and Ancient Wisdom

Now in modern times, this powerful ancient practice is making its way into the mainstream of women’s lives. And it can, when used properly, make a big difference in your sex life.

As an important side note:

It’s important to know that the clitoris is the only organ in the human body that has one function, pleasure. No other human organ is like that. A man’s penis is for pleasure but also for urination. Your Clitoris is solely and fully for your pleasure.

The Yoni egg and more specifically the associated practices are a powerful way to bring more consciousness to your sex organs as a woman.

Once only a practice royalty and their concubines knew about, more and more women are inquiring about this powerful, life rejuvenating practice.

Why has it become popular and why were women in the orient probably using it for centuries for maintaining their sexual health and wellbeing? What is the true history of Yoni eggs? What did they know that we should know now, to reap the benefits of this ancient practice?

The ancient Chinese culture and the Taoists must have known the power of our sexual energy. Especially when used as a spiritual force. And not a force for manipulation or for gaining security which is what sex in modern culture has been often used for.

Like our breath, sex is integral to the continuation of our species. And sex is an important aspect of your overall wellbeing. There are negative outcomes to ignoring your sexuality or denying its expression.

And we have plenty of examples of negative expressions of sexuality in our world. There is sex trafficking of young innocent children, pornography based on the abuse of women is rampant on the internet and many people suffer from sexually related body imbalances. For example, for women, chronic yeast and bladder infections. For men, common examples are pre-mature ejaculation and later in life, enlarged prostate. These conditions are very common and considered “normal” in our society.

As a society, we haven’t “worked our sexuality.” We have navigated it in a very unconscious way. We’ve used it to “scratch an itch.” We’re more focused on the outcome, the big “O” and doing whatever it takes to make it happen or fake that it happened.

We have a push-push, friction-based, get it up, get it in and get it off mentality around sexuality.

This leaves many women and even men in the dust. Because sex becomes a superficial expression and just like fast food, it’s not deeply nourishing.

That is our history. That is our programming. That is our way of relating. And many don’t know any different.

How can we change it? How does the Yoni egg offer a new path for women to become sexually well again? And help our men do the same?

What were the concubines and women in the Royal Palaces doing with the Yoni egg that made this a legendary tool for women to use? What can the wisdom and history of Yoni eggs offer us?

They must have known how to use the Yoni egg in a way that would…

  • Clear congested energy is their lower body.
  • Strengthen their PC muscles so as to avoid urinary leaking as they aged.
  • Allow them to create a deeper more profound connection to their female anatomy.
  • Assist them in gaining a certain level of spiritual sexual mastery.
  • Refine their sexual energy so that they were in control of it instead of it being in control of them in unconscious ways.

We don’t give enough attention to the bottom of our body.

That area of our anatomy is shrouded in lots of cultural shame. The Yoni egg gives a woman a way to bring light where there is much darkness.

Imagine your sexual energy being a source for improving your health, harmonizing and healing relationships, and connecting you to spirit.

That’s what this ancient Taoist feminine tool can offer you. But you won’t get those benefits from just “sticking it in.” You have to learn how to use the Yoni egg and do the divine feminine guided practices.

The Yoni egg is a way for a woman to take charge of her sexuality.

Many women are not satisfied with their sex lives. According to a survey 60% of women believed their sex life could be better.

The survey also found that only:

62% of women always orgasm during masturbation.

34% of women always orgasm during oral sex.

27% of women always orgasm during intercourse.

And 26% of women always orgasm during genital touch.

What does this tell us? Women aren’t having enough pleasure. If they are engaging in sexual activity either with themselves or another, the above statistics show us that something is amiss. Are women connected to their bodies, their sexual anatomy, their needs of what turns them on? It sure doesn’t look like it.

And from personal experience of working with many women, I have seen how disconnected women are from their bodies. And they haven’t claimed THEIR sexuality. They have only responded to their partner’s sexual needs.

 What the ancient female Taoist practitioners seemed to know that many modern women are just now learning, is the power of cultivating subtle awareness of your sex organs and the inner confidence that creates.

The ancient female Taoist’s in the Royal Palaces must have understood, what I call sexual energetics. Women are the “innies” and we take on energy as well as lose energy through the sex act.

A sexually active woman must care for her female anatomy. This is what the ancient female Taoist practitioners must have known.  Yogic philosophy teaches this as well. It’s an important part of a woman’s sexual wellbeing.

Have you learned how to care for
your sexuality?

The Yoni egg and its associated exercises and divine feminine practices will broaden your horizons regarding your sexuality. You won’t learn about this powerful wisdom from your local gynecologist. And you most certainly didn’t learn it from the standard sex education you were exposed to in the public school system. If that’s where you were educated.

Where does that leave you? You have to take the personal initiative to find and follow someone who has gone before you. Someone you trust. Someone whose values, regarding women and the sacredness of their bodies, is evident in their teachings. I feel I offer that. My teacher who showed me how to use the Yoni egg was a powerful role model for me. What she taught me was so profound it has stayed with me ever since. I want the same for you.

I’m Anna-Thea, a Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I want to encourage you to take my free Yoni egg course. There you’ll learn the importance of honoring your body and your sexuality and be introduced to the benefits of the Yoni egg.

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