Jade, rose quartz and obsidian eggs displayed to promote benefits of yoni eggs

What is a Yoni Egg & What are the Benefits of Yoni Eggs for Your Sexual Health?

Every woman should know the benefits of Yoni eggs. A gemstone that is placed inside the vagina. And especially on how it benefits your sexual health. There’s been a lot of hype and also misinformation. But the true benefits of using a Yoni egg is not superficial. It can provide a deep and profound experience for a woman.

These benefits are found when you connect sacred energy to your female anatomy. It will transform the relationship you have with your sexuality to one that is more nurturing, honoring and loving. And those are the qualities you and your female anatomy are longing for in order to have a healthy sex life.

In this article, I’ll discuss the basics of what you should know about the Yoni egg and why it’s an important Divine Feminine tool for your overall sexual health.

Part 1: Let’s talk basics:

What Is A Yoni Egg?

In order to know what a Yoni egg is, it’s best to understand the word Yoni. Yoni is a Sanskrit (or yogic word) meaning “sacred space.” In the case of a Yoni egg, it’s referring to a crystal egg that is used by a woman and placed inside of her vagina to support sexual health and vitality.

But it’s important to understand that the proper use of a Yoni egg is NOT so that your vaginal muscles are so well developed that you can catapult a golf ball across the room from your groin. This is an example of working with your female anatomy in a very masculine way. Developing your vaginal muscles to that degree can actually create a pelvic floor imbalance. Which is not healthy for not only your sexual health but your health in general.

Your pelvic floor is your body’s foundation. You want it to be in balance.

If what you are looking for is pelvic floor muscles of steel then you’re missing out on the Divine Feminine healing benefits of Yoni eggs. And you are also cutting yourself off from your feminine side on a very base level. So please don’t do that.

First and foremost, the Yoni egg is a powerful ancient Divine Feminine tool.

It’s to be used inside of a woman’s vagina. And when used with reverence and awareness it brings great health and vitality to your female reproductive system. It is, by far, the best feminine tool to help you as a woman to connect to your sexuality in a whole new way. A way that is empowering, enlivening, sacred, reverent and supports the awakening of your subtle body energy.

Too many women’s Yonis are numbed out due to the use of vibrators. Learning the Yoni egg practices supports the re-sensitization of your female anatomy and is one of the reasons why it supports greater sexual health. I believe, this is what women really need right now. We have had to “masculinate” our sexuality for too long and even “armor it up.” It’s time to reclaim and express our feminine side (softer more subtle side) of our sexuality and put those vibrators away. But that’s a whole other subject.

The Traditional Yoni Egg is a Jade Egg

One of the benefits of Yoni eggs is that they’re made of natural stone. You don’t want to use a synthetically made egg. Part of the magic of using a Yoni egg is in its crystalline or mineral structure. Each type of egg has its unique qualities.

The jade stone is the best egg to start with if you’re new to Yoni eggs. First, because it is a hard stone. This frees you from worrying about any chips or cracks in case you accidentally drop your egg. Secondly, it’s traditionally the stone most commonly used for this practice.

The beneficial properties that the Jade Egg are said to have:

  • Enhances focus
  • Instills resourcefulness
  • Cultivates Confidence
  • Balances needs of self and others (in other words helps with setting healthy boundaries)

Other Yoni egg stones I would recommend are rose quartz and obsidian. I would recommend using them after you have gotten used to using your jade Yoni egg.

Rose Quarts Yoni Egg

  • Soft gentle love
  • Emotionally soothing
  • Enhances Complexion

*Be aware that rose quartz is a more fragile crystal. It can get chipped if dropped. Always thoroughly check the surface of your rose quartz egg before inserting it.

Obsidian Yoni Egg

  • Grounding
  • Shields again negative energy
  • Pulls out negative imprints from past lovers

Though I recommend first starting with the jade egg, see what your intuition is telling you. What are you drawn to? Sense into your Yoni and see what she would like. Then honor that.

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What do Yoni eggs help with?

Only when you learn the Divine Feminine practices and not just wear it, will you discover the more powerful benefits of Yoni eggs. For me, the main benefit I’ve received from using the Yoni egg is greater awareness of that part of my body. And in a more sacred way. Nothing can be more delicious than to realize the more subtle aspects of your female anatomy. It’s very healing.

So I want to encourage you to take time with your egg. Take time to learn the unique practices that allow you to access the subtle awareness that your female soul is longing for. Because sex and sexual health is an important part of a woman’s life.

But to answer your question about the benefits of Yoni eggs and how using one can help you here is a list. It will definitely enhance your sex life and overall sexual health.

Benefits of the Yoni Egg Practice

  • The Stone holds healing properties which your female anatomy loves!
  • Cleanses/Purifies your Yoni and clears negative stuck emotions.
  • Keeps sexual energy circulating and not congested in the groin.
  • Deepens your relationship & level of mastery with your female parts.
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles enhance your orgasmic response.
  • Greater awareness and sensitivity of different parts of your vaginal muscles.
  • Relaxes chronic muscle tension due to sexual abuse or negative sexual experiences.
  • Tones & strengthens your pelvic floor, vagina, perineum, & lower abdominal muscles.
  • Brings vitality to the sex organs.
  • Stimulates Sexual reflexology – parts of your female anatomy are related to different organs. And each organ relates to different emotions. For example, the opening of the vagina is related to the kidneys and the positive emotion of trust but the negative emotion of fear.
  • Yoni egg practices show a woman how to transform negative stuck emotions in the sexual tissue to positive emotions and greater self-wisdom.

In addition, discover in more detail 5 powerful ways the Yoni egg will change your life.

Do Yoni eggs feel good?

The idea of a Yoni egg feeling good only comes when you use it in the way I have been suggesting – the Divine Feminine practices that teach more subtle awareness rather than physical awareness.

Like a tampon that is inserted; when you have an egg inside you, you shouldn’t feel it. It’s not supposed to be sexually stimulated if you’re walking around and wearing it. I think that might be a fantasy that men have about a woman having an egg inside of her vagina. Men really do want us to feel pleasure. It just needs to be defined and communicated to them instead of being a fantasy in their mind of what we are experiencing.

It’s Not a Sex Toy

To be clear… it’s not a sex toy for erotic stimulation. Though of course, if you desire, it can be used as such to whatever extent your sexual creativity desires. But once placed inside the vagina and placed properly, you should NOT physically feel it inside you. So it should feel neither good nor bad when inside you. You may subtly feel it inside you. Possibly the energy of the crystal egg but when wearing it and walking around with it, it normally doesn’t provide erotic stimulation.

During the Divine Feminine practices or what I call Yoni Yoga, you can also use the egg on the outside to create subtle awareness, which for me, always feels good to my Yoni. It’s a different type of feeling that most aren’t used to. This simple practice will ground you and literally calm you down. That’s one of the great benefits of Yoni eggs when used in this more conscious way… an awakening of heightened sensitivity that is very healing for the whole body.

How often should you
use your Yoni egg?

How often you should use your Yoni egg doesn’t have a one size fits all answer. Every woman is unique. And each woman is in a different phase in her life. You may have just had a baby or you may be a menopausal woman. Your body will let you know if it doesn’t want the egg inside. It will release it. But definitely, don’t overuse it. The Divine Feminine motto is “less is more.”

Some women don’t have enough pelvic floor strength to keep it in when they first start using it. In that case, I suggest starting with wearing it when you sleep at night. Be careful when you go to the bathroom in the morning though. I have over the years had to fish my egg out of the toilet only a couple of times. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. So I learned to take extra measures of awareness so that it wouldn’t happen again. This is yet another reason why using the egg overnight creates greater Yoni awareness. You have to keep it out of the toilet in the morning.

Don’t Overdo – Start Slowly

If you can keep it in then I would suggest starting slow. Don’t wear it every day. Your body will let you know if you’re overusing it. So tune into any signals you might be getting when you first start using your egg. Don’t ignore any signals your body is giving you. If you’re getting cramping or soreness take the egg out, slow down and don’t push the process. You’ll find your Yoni is wiser than you can ever imagine. Start listening to how she wants you to work with your egg.

How often you should use it really comes from tuning into your body and your intuition.

Remember just wearing your egg isn’t how you’ll experience the full benefits of this Divine Feminine tool. Take the time to get started with what I refer to as Divine Feminine Yoni Yoga practices using a Yoni egg. There are many different practices you can do. But first, you need to learn them. I teach a practice that is similar to a guided meditation. It takes you through a journey with your egg, your Yoni, and your body. It’s a very healing experience.

If you do this Divine Feminine Yoni Yoga once a week you’ll experience some amazing results.

Part 2: Let’s talk safety:

Are Yoni eggs safe?

Don’t let information on the internet scare you. In general, when used in an intelligent and conscious way, Yoni eggs are very safe. I have never in the 14 years of using Yoni eggs had any type of infection or negative experience. None!

My relationship with my Yoni egg has only been a positive and empowering one. It has truly transformed my relationship with my sexuality.

But regarding safety here are some things to consider:

  • Inspect your Yoni egg for chips or cracks before you insert it
  • If you had an egg with a hole make sure it is clean before use
  • Clean your egg with warm/hot water after every use
  • Place your Yoni egg in just under boiling water if you want to clean it. And there are other ways to keep your Yoni egg clean as well.

Can you use a Yoni egg on your period?

Simply put, I would not recommend using your egg during your period. But again, your body will tell you how to use a Yoni egg during your period.

That’s one of the benefits of Yoni eggs is it enhances your awareness of the rhythms and cycles of your body. When I was a cycling woman I used to put my egg in when I was going to go to a yoga class. I loved having my egg in while I practiced. What I noticed was that about a week before my period my egg didn’t want to be in my body. And I honored that.

When you’re on your period (and just before) there’s a downward energy that’s being created. You’re getting ready to release the monthly unfertilized internal lining of your uterus. It’s not a time to put your egg in. You want to go with the flow not against it. Otherwise, you would literally be plugging up the process.

The only reason to wear an egg during your period is if you are getting a strong intuitive hit to do so. I can’t imagine why you would but if you do that would be the only reason to do so. Otherwise, allow the downward flow of your monthly cycle to happen unencumbered.

Can you sleep with your Yoni egg?

Yes, you definitely can sleep with your egg both outside of your vagina or in. A sweet thing to do before actually inserting your egg for the first time is to sleep with it. Create a relationship with your egg. Sleeping with it in your bed overnight is a simple and sacred way to initiate your egg into your life.

Above and beyond that, sleeping with your egg inside your vagina is a wonderful idea as long as you aren’t on your period as mentioned earlier. Sleeping with your Yoni egg is highly recommended if you’re having a hard time keeping your egg in.

When you sleep with your egg you’re actually working your pelvic floor muscles and strengthening them while you sleep. Every woman is different in how long that might take. But you want to avoid having your egg fall out in public places. So after you have been sleeping with it, wear it around the house when you know you’ll be home for a while. You’ll start to feel more confident in how long you can keep the egg in. And you’ll get used to what to do when you feel yourself releasing the egg.

I have released my egg plenty of times in public places. It has become no biggy and I’ve learned how to deal with it in a graceful way when it happens. It’s your Yoni talking to you while you’re out and about during the day. And that’s a good thing. Stay connected with her.

Part 3: Which Yoni Egg is Best?

Which Yoni egg should I get?

There are many different types of Yoni eggs. Especially since it’s increased popularity. Here are some things to consider when buying a Yoni egg.

  • Start with the traditional jade/nephrite Yoni egg.
  • Make sure it is REAL stone or crystal and not synthetic.
  • Buy from a reputable source. A source you feel comfortable with.
  • Let yourself be intuitively guided to the purchase of your Yoni egg.
  • Jade, Rose Quartz and Obsidian eggs are the most commonly used.
  • Avoid purchasing “new jade” which is much softer and is actually bowenite, not true jade.
  • Rose Quartz is a gentler stone and should be used after you are comfortable with using the jade Yoni egg.
  • When using a rose quartz egg always inspect for cracks and chips before inserting.
  • If you are a beginner ALWAYS buy a Yoni egg with a hole in it so that you can easily pull it out.
  • It is recommended that you use the obsidian egg only after your body is comfortable with the jade and rose quartz egg.

The above guidelines of which Yoni egg is best are only recommendations. But they are recommendations based on my own personal experience of 14 years and from what my teacher, Saida Desilet, taught me.

If you would like to purchase a Yoni egg from me, I have been sourcing them from the same company since I started selling Yoni eggs over 14 years ago. They are crystal and mineral specialists. I was introduced to them by my climber and cave adventuring boyfriend who was also into crystals at that time. I met them in person at the annual Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show 14 years ago and have had a relationship with them ever since.

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How do you get the Yoni egg out?

Now that you know a lot more about the benefits of Yoni eggs, it might be good to talk about how to get your egg out. I never have had a problem getting my egg out because more often than not my body would release it when she got tired of wearing it.

With that said there are two main ways to get your Yoni Egg out, push it out or pull it out.

Pulling Your Yoni Egg Out

Yoni eggs can come with holes drilled in them. Some have a hole drilled the length of the egg and others have a hole drilled across the smaller (tip) side of the egg. And other Yoni eggs are available without a hole drilled in them. Either way, if you are new to using a Yoni egg, it’s important to start with an egg that has a hole drilled in it. For your first egg purchase do not purchase an egg without a hole.

It’s important that when you first start using the egg to feel comfortable knowing you can easily get it out. The hole allows you to thread a string through it. I recommend using unflavored dental floss. That way when you place the egg into your vagina (especially when beginning this practice) you’ll feel assured that it won’t get stuck.

Women’s Yoni’s have already had plenty of trauma through the ages. You want to make sure that your experience with your new Yoni egg is a positive one. I know one woman who ended up going to the doctor because she put her egg inside her and couldn’t get it out. She went into a state of fear and ran to the doctor for help. If she had just calmed down and waited, her egg would have sooner than later come out on it’s own.

You’re working your pelvic floor muscles when wearing a Yoni egg. Eventually, the muscles
get tired and the egg releases on it’s own.

But bottom line, do not start new with a Yoni egg that doesn’t have a hole in it. I can’t stress this enough. No matter how familiar you feel you are with your Yoni. It will keep your Yoni safe from more unnecessary trapped emotions, such as fear or frustration. And that is important.

Once you’re more familiar with the egg and how your Yoni reacts to wearing and practicing with it, you can graduate to an egg without a hole. Or just continue to use the one you have. I have had many different eggs over the years.  So though you only need one egg, as you continue on this journey you might find yourself looking for the perfect crystal egg for your Yoni.

Pushing Your Yoni Egg Out

The other way that you can get your egg out is by pushing it out. This can also be a great stand-alone Yoni yoga exercise as well. As you start using the egg it’s really beneficial to work with pushing it out to see if you have developed those muscles in your pelvic floor.

If you have given birth to a child, you are probably more familiar with those muscles that are used to push your egg out. But maybe you aren’t.

To help you get familiar it’s best to start in a squatting position and then begin to bear down. You may not be able to push your egg out in the beginning but with practice, you can learn how to connect with those muscles. They are also similar muscles that can be involved in female ejaculation. So awakening all the muscles in the bottom of your body have powerfully positive results. And your Yoni egg is a fabulous tool to help you.

What resonated most with you regarding the benefits of Yoni eggs? 

What did you find helpful? Leave a comment below and let me know. Thousands of other women come here each week for inspiration, information and wisdom. Your comment may provide support to someone else and be exactly what they needed to hear.

Thanks for being here and for adding your perspective. Please share this post with other women you love.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I support women in reclaiming their bodies as sacred. The Yoni egg is one of the most powerful tools you could have to do so. Find out more by checking out my free Yoni egg class.

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