Intimate Relationship Tip: Make Love Not War with Your Body

How many of us really treat our bodies with the respect and love it deserves. I don’t think we were taught to  treat our bodies in a kind and gentle manner. In order to preserve our vitality it is important to create an intimate relationship with your body.

You might say, “Now what the heck does that mean?”  Well simply connecting with your body in a way that shows reverence for all the hard work it does for you.

Our bodies are the holders of our spirit and carry us through this life.We can either treat it like a rental car or like a temple that is holding our spirit. I prefer the second option. It has taken a lifetime for me to really connect with my body and treat it kindly. To not criticize it for having to big of a size in this area or too small of a size in that area and so on.

Creating an Intimate Relationship with Your Body

It also takes a level of commitment to take time to create an intimate relationship with your body because our minds will get in the way. When the mind is busy, which it usually is, it is hard to listen to the body. But our bodies want you to feel into it. Moving the body helps us to get out of our mind and into our bodies.

When you are in your body… you are in the present moment and most of us don’t even know what that feels like. We spend most of our time up in our heads with busy mind chatter.

If you want to have a taste of getting out of your mind and into your body so that you can listen to and free yourself of a bit of mind chatter, try my shake out on my website It is silly and it is fun and it will give you a taste of creating a relationship with your body. I’m Anna-Thea, an intimacy coach. I help to empower in the area of intimacy and love. If you would like to find out more about how to create more fulfilling relationships, contact me at 702-306-3084 or visit

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