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3 Ways to Use Feminine Energy To Attract A Man or Partner

Using feminine energy to attract a man isn’t bad… just make sure it’s divine! Your divine feminine energy is super powerful! Being feminine to attract a man can ensure that you attract a good guy. The question is… are you using it wisely? And what are you attracting?

Women are still freeing themselves from all the dysfunctional relationship issues that exist since…well the caveman days! If you use your divine feminine energy to attract a man it’ll make a positive difference in your life. And you’ll actively participate in the evolution of our species.

In this article, I’ll explain three key ways you can use your feminine energy to attract a good man or partner. I feel they offer you the best way to attract a man and a good solid relationship. Please bear in mind that this article was written for those searching the term “feminine energy to attract a man” however the concepts in this article also apply to any gender, not just for attracting a man.

With that said, many women end up in bad relationships because they don’t truly love themselves. And aren’t using their feminine power in relationships wisely. How much do you really love yourself?

I want to ask you…

Are you stuck in any of these relationship patterns?

  • Having sex for security or out of a sense of duty.
  • With a man for all the wonderful material things he offers, ie trips, clothes, nice dinners.
  • With a guy, because you say to yourself, “he needs me.”
  • In a relationship where you are the only one in it. He is, for the most part, checked out!

If you’re stuck in any of these relationship patterns you need to know how to use your feminine power in relationships more wisely. You need to understand why being feminine to attract a man will benefit you.

Connect To Your Divine Feminine Energy To Attract A Man

Going inward instead of reaching out to find your love is how to use feminine power in relationships. So many people are on the internet or in bars looking for their love. We are literally programmed to think that love is outside of ourselves. With all of our wants, needs, and desires in the material world, it’s easy to get stuck thinking that our happiness is somewhere “out there.”

If you want to know how to attract a nice man get off the computer and out of the bars. Instead, look inside. Start being feminine to attract a man. And what I mean is develop true divine feminine qualities. This is truly the best way to attract a man. In other words, stop reaching out and reach within. Get in touch with your feminine energy. Start to understand when you are expressing your feminine side and when you are expressing your masculine side. And are the expressions of each the healthy expression? Because we all have masculine and feminine energy no matter what gender we are. Are you a woman with too much masculine energy? And is it pushing love away? Learn how to use your feminine energy and masculine energy in healthy ways.

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And the best way to attract a good man is through your divine feminine energy. Being feminine in relationships isn’t being weak because divine feminine energy is ultimately the power of self-love. Do you really love yourself? When you fully love yourself you won’t be anxious or desperate. And you’ll attract a whole new kind of guy. You’ll free yourself from the relationship issues mentioned above.

More and more women are preferring a relationship with themselves over a bad relationship with another. And that’s great! Women are taking back their power by making self-love a priority. Yippie!

Still, we can’t deny it. Most women would love to find a great guy. Where are they and how do you do that? I say use your divine feminine energy to attract a man and don’t worry about the rest.

Some of us are on the 25-year relationship program and others are on the serial monogamy program. While others may want to explore open relationships. There are many options and many ways to relate. You don’t know how long you are going to be with someone when you start a relationship.

3 Best Tips for Using Feminine Energy to Attract a Man

1. Stop Trying So Hard

Let it happen. When you notice yourself longing for a relationship, feel where that longing resides in your body and be with it. Literally, spend time with the longing that resides in your body. What I’ve found is that it’s a sensual aliveness that connects me to my body.

In addition, when you sit with this longing without judgment and don’t try to fill it with something – people, places, and things, ie staying busy. You know, things like overworking, overeating, overdrinking, over “nightclubbing” or something similar, when you don’t do these things – you create an energetic vacuum. The vacuum creates a space for something new to come in. With your divine patience, you’ll draw a higher vibrational experience to you and it may be your next love relationship!

Let it be an adventure. Don’t be afraid to be by yourself in your “aloneness.” I call this sacred singlehood and it can be your best friend.

2. Don’t be so afraid to be alone with yourself

Can you face an upcoming weekend with nothing planned? Develop the fine art of aloneness. There is a big difference between feeling alone and aloneness. Aloneness can be a beautiful thing. Aloneness is when you have filled yourself up enough with self-love that you don’t feel lonely when you’re by yourself.

As mentioned above, I call this Sacred Singlehood and it is a rite of passage for any individual. Learning how to enjoy your own company. Becoming your best friend and beloved.

How long can you be by yourself without longing to be with another? Or how long can you just be without wanting to find someone or something to do? And have you ever gone to the movies by yourself? What activities do you feel perfectly comfortable doing all by yourself? And do you keep yourself busy just so that you won’t feel lonely?

We fill our lives up being busy because if we stop we’ll have to feel the pain we’ve been running from. Don’t run from yourself and build the beautiful and fine art of aloneness. When you do, you will develop such a beautiful sense of self-love and self-acceptance.

3. Trust In The Process

Life is magical. What if your life sequence was already written? What if everything that is going to happen to you is already in the hopper of your life waiting to unfold. I don’t actually know but I do believe that these love relationships we have are divine. The love relationships I’ve had were deep soul experiences.

Therefore, I can’t imagine that these men in my life weren’t somehow divinely orchestrated. Even probably we have done it before in previous lives. So trust the process. Don’t hurry and don’t worry.

And most of all, during the time that you are single, engage fully in the alone time. Embrace your time without a partner. Take the time to develop that, “Sacred Singlehood” experience. Cultivate a deeper relationship with you.

Ultimately, trust that when the time is right, your beloved will show up. And not any sooner. You can’t push the process so simply enjoy it.

Best Way to Attract a Man

To recap! These are my best 3 ways to attract a man.

  • So stop trying so hard to fill your empty hole.
  • Learn to be with that empty hole of longing instead of trying frantically to fill it up.
  • And ultimately trust in the process.

Here’s a Great Practice to Fill that Empty Hole of Longing
and Soothe Your Feminine Soul!

What type of man have you attracted into your life?

  • What is your divine love story?
  • How about times when you were single?
  • What challenges have you experienced?
  • What type of men have you attracted into your life?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Thousands of other women come here each week for inspiration and wisdom. Your comment may provide support to someone else.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator.

If you’ve made it this far you must really want to attract a man… but you first need to connect to your divine feminine energy… that is… if you want a good guy!

Let me help you, NOW, so you can experience true love.

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