Sensual Pleasure

How to Love your Body: The Importance of Sensual Pleasure

I’m an “All American Girl” I guess you could say in that I, like many American women, have suffered from body image issues and food issues. I had many years of suffering and I can now joyously say that I don’t suffer like that anymore. I no longer obsess about my body… wanting it to be any than what “she” is. And that feels so empowering!

Now after many years, I love her just the way she is. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I’m hard on my body however now at least I have a high level of respect and honor for her. I treat her more like a temple.  The main shift that helped me to really love my body was to feel pleasure in “her.”

When I began to open up my sexual, sensual energy in a safe and wholesome way, that was when I truly began to heal my body image issues and food issues. I love food! But really what I love is sensual pleasure.

What Does Being a
Sensual Person Mean?

Sensual pleasure is an experience in the body as opposed to a thought, concept or idea in your mind. To be a sensual person is to have a heightened awareness of your physical senses which induces a state of pleasure.

Misconceptions of Sensual Pleasure

I believe women were designed to feel most at home when they can experience their sensual selves and therefore pleasure. The challenge, or if I dare say, “problem” is that we as women have not had a safe place for sensual expression. It has been associated with being a bad girl or even nasty. That’s not the case. You were taught to believe that.

Do you believe sensual pleasure is …

  • Your duty to your man?
  • Something you give?
  • Hard for you to receive?

Your sensuality as women is sacred. It’s what gives you a feeling of aliveness as a woman. Unfortunately, our sensuality has been associated more often than not, with those things that don’t lift our spirit. Experiencing your sensual self in a wholesome,  safe and healthy way has a profound healing effect, I believe, on any woman.

When you, as a woman, begin to experience sensual pleasure in your body, in a way that is healing, awakening and nurturing AND also unattached to an agenda, you’ll begin to heal your body image issues and food issues.

Know that as a woman you are inherently a sensual being. You just need the proper, safe, nurturing environment to explore that side of you… and then you won’t find yourself hating your body or feeding your face. Can it be that simple!

We live in a pain based society; an anti-ecstatic world. Allowing yourself to open to more healthy, life-affirming pleasures instead of indulgent pleasures that you regret later will open new doors for you. Join me on that path!

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate women on how to reclaim their bodies as sacred and experience more pleasure in their lives. Women tell me they don’t know how to love themselves because they haven’t been shown how. I have online courses that’ll give you the tools to transform the type of relationship you have with yourself and your body.

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