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Why You Should Love Your Body – 4 Steps to Start

It’s important to love your body now, not some time in the future after you’ve lost weight or had a certain procedure done. What would it take for you to be able to say, “I love my body” and really feel it?

To feel free, open and confident in your body you must claim it. And you do that by creating a loving relationship with it. Can you love your body just the way it is right now and not 5 or 10 lbs from now?

Have you disowned your body?

In many ways, our bodies are not our bodies because we haven’t had a relationship with it.

Do you have a quality relationship with your body?

Read on to know why it’s important to know how to love your body. We’ve inherited habits and ways of living that have created unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and our body.

You are Bombarded with
Pictures of Perfection

beautiful woman

This is conveyed through magazine pictures in the grocery store, TV shows, movies, billboards, love stories and all the other pictures of perfection painted around us.

Every day you are probably bombarded with information that keeps you thinking you are not thin enough, pretty enough, young enough or “something enough”. The idea of experiencing self-pleasure, self-love and self-acceptance become extremely difficult with all of this outer noise and misinformation.

Therefore recognizing how this has affected your perception of your body is important. Commit to re-educating yourself and change your perspective about who you believe yourself to be inside that body of yours. Loving your body through supportive education and shifting your perceptions will open a whole new and wonderful world to you.

But unfortunately, most likely you didn’t learn how to love your body in school or from your parents. To create self love practices that are repsecting to your body. Practices that are nurturing and life-affirming way. Did you?

You also probably didn’t learn how to accept a “non-perfect” body. A body that doesn’t look like the ones seen on TV, billboards, advertising, etc. All bodies are unique and perfectly imperfect. If you are no longer “young”, you probably also didn’t learn how to love an aging body.

If you don’t know how to love your body… Could You Be Misinformed?

Making a commitment to learning, what I call, wise women ways of loving your body is part of claiming your body. This is about respecting your body and it’s divine feminine wisdom.

Are you willing to take the time, energy, and effort to create a more loving way of living with your body? Are you willing to connect more with your feminine energy? Because it is your feminine side that has much healing to offer you.

If you love someone you might want to shower them with gifts or more importantly spend quality time with them. When you know how to love your body you want to spend quality time with it too, taking time to meditate, do yoga, relax or take a bath. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of loving your body.

You will have the body type that you have right now, for the rest of your life. Your body type will never change. If you’re short and stout you can’t change that. Same as if you’re a very tall person you’ll never be short. If you have big bones you’ll never have a petite build.

Your body is only going to get older and (from a less accepting perceptive) even less perfect. You may lose or gain weight. However, you can’t change your body type. We only get one body in a lifetime. We may be able to rearrange it but we can’t change it that much.

If you want to feel free, open and confident in your body you need to love, accept and honor it as it is. Claim it as your own. Treat it like a most precious gift that you have been given. Treat it like a temple with all your words and deeds as best as you can.

Many Aspects of this World
are Fear-Based

(the opposite of Love)

Many aspects of this world are feared based – the opposite of love. Fear creates separation which is war consciousness. For example, we have “the war against drugs” and “the battle against cancer.” We have antibiotics to “kill” infection. Anti means against and biotic is referring to biology which is the science of life. Translated this would mean against life. Though antibiotics can be helpful I find the name very interesting and reflective of our collective consciousness. Our medical institutions radiate and cut out body parts as a standard solution to disease.

I’m not intending to be negative. I want to make a point that we grow up thinking all of this “war and killing” is normal. It keeps us from the awareness of deeper levels of love and connection. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Do you know how to love your body no matter what age, shape or size? If destruction, fear, and separation are built into your everyday life as “normal” you become immune to what it’s doing to you… robbing you of your connection to life.

And that includes the connection you have with your body. Where have you been “war-based” with your body? Where can you be more “love-based” and choose love over fear in your connection with your body?

Now more than ever you’re being called to learn new ways, ways of love and connection. Listen to the call and take action. Start awakening the divine feminine in you. Know and notice the difference of fear vs love in your behaviors.

No matter what your worldly pursuits or life goals, you are here to learn to love. This process begins with learning to love yourself, and learning to love your body on an even deeper level is a good start!

Love Your Body – Be proud of it.

If you have a big belly, love your big belly. Don’t speak poorly of it. Any body part that you talk negatively about will, on an energetic level, contract, robbing you of your vitality.

I believe this is true. I’ve heard people say, my right shoulder is my bad shoulder. Don’t label any body part as bad. That “bad” body part just needs more love. It’s through more love, not disregard, where it’ll heal and feel more vibrant.

We take our bodies for granted. And when they don’t do what we want or look the way we want them to look we mentally disown them.

4 Steps on How to Love Your Body

Your Own Private Experiment

Pay attention to how you talk about your body and how you treat it. See if just for this week you can treat your body as if you’re having a love affair with it. As if you are infatuated with your body and totally in love. You don’t even have to let anyone know you’re doing this. And make this your own private experiment.

You may think this is crazy but what do you have to lose? Start right now, in this moment and do this experiment for the next 7 days. Put it on your calendar. This is an experiment in compassion and self-awareness.

If you commit to doing this I guarantee by the end of the week you’ll have gained greater insights about the source of your struggles. The first step towards change is awareness. And the second step is acceptance.

Just for this week:

1. Watch all your words that you say to yourself about your body.

2. Watch the words that you speak to others about your body.

3. Observe how you move around in your body. And be compassionate – not frustrated, agitated, or judgmental.

4. Notice if you do something nice for your body and notice if you don’t. Either way, don’t beat yourself up… just notice.

Have fun claiming your body as your own this week. You don’t have to be perfect at it, just commit to the experiment. See what happens. The acknowledgment and acceptance of your struggles can change everything. I’d love to hear from you about how it went.

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I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I support women in reclaiming their bodies as sacred. If you’d like to experience more check out my course “Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power with Love.”

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