how to take care of yourself during your period

How To Take Care Of Yourself During Your Period

Focus on these 3 important things and you’ll learn how to take care of yourself during your period.

The curse, being on the rag, girl flu, THAT time, PMS, feeling bloated. Gosh isn’t it fun being a woman and having your period? Creating a habit of taking good care of yourself during and before your period will make it a far better experience.

It may not always be fun however it IS one of the most sacred experiences you can have as a woman. Knowing how to take care of yourself during your period is an important rite of passage for any young lady. The earlier you learn this the better off you will be.

When you think of your monthly cycle does it bring you feelings of happiness or not? Do you honor it or do you wish it was never there? If your period is a nuisance then loving your feminine side will help.

Stop the Vicious Cycle

If you have challenging periods have you ever thought, it might be because of your attitude about it? The more you hate it the more it hates you. The more you have heavy periods and cramping the more you don’t look forward to it. Your period becomes a vicious cycle of bashing your feminine.

I believe when you honor your period as sacred, your body changes the way it handles the whole process. Your femininity has consciousness. When it is suppressed and dismissed it rebels; your body rebels; your female reproductive system rebels.

In this overly masculine-oriented society, we live in, could all female reproductive issues, at their core, come from the belief that the feminine is not important and doesn’t matter?

It is CRUCIALLY important for you to validate this part of you as a woman if you want to know how to take care of yourself during your period. Do not reject your feminine energy.

Validate Your Femininity

When you validate your femininity, the sacredness of your cycle, the biological rhythm of being a woman and the blood that you release every month, your body softens, your consciousness opens, you begin to experience an awakening of the divine feminine within you.

This is how you take care of yourself during your period, by first and foremost fully accepting and even celebrating your female biological processes.

When you discredit your femininity, you are discrediting the core of your being as a woman. At the deepest level, you are discrediting you.

Your female body feels the rejection and she cramps down, she becomes stagnant, unexpressed and emotionally repressed. She loses her feminine power.

You become a woman, like many, living in this masculine world, disconnected from your creative force and wisest part of your womanhood. It is important to understand the differences between your feminine energy and masculine energy.

Important Tips On How To Take Care of Yourself During Your Period

If you, like many women, don’t look forward to having your period I am sure there is a valid reason. It is probably due to some type of suffering you associate it to whether it is cramping, bloating, pain from an endometriosis condition or something else.

My heart goes out to you. That’s why so many women turn to surgery and are happy to have it all taken out. For some that may be the best solution.

For all cycling women, it’s so important to honor and know how to take care of yourself during your period. Learn to shift your attitude from one of loathing to loving. It may not be easy however it is profoundly empowering.

Keep this in mind for knowing

how to take care of yourself during your period

  • The first couple of days of your period give yourself permission to have downtime and rest. Don’t make big plans and stay home if possible. Make your downtime enjoyable. Take time for yourself, read, journal and in general… slow down.
  • Tune into the magical process that is happening inside of you. An easy way to do this is to place your hands on your lower belly and feel the warmth of your hands melting into your femininity. Make the connection. Something biologically beautiful is happening inside of you. This is more powerful than you can imagine.
  • If you suffer from PMS and/or bloating don’t resist it. Allow yourself to be more emotionally sensitive. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable in your body. Your body is preparing to release what it no longer needs. As you bleed, you’re releasing any built-up stress that you collected during the month. This is a magical body function only we, as women have. An internal cleansing system. What a blessing!
  • And don’t forget how magical and mystical you are as a woman. Knowing how to take good care of your natural feminine processes is vitally important. Honor your body and its sacred cycles, tune into your natural feminine rhythms and give yourself permission to slow down during this special time.

Your comments are important. Please let me know what you feel about taking care of yourself during your period. Just scroll down and comment below.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and educator. If you’re a cycling woman and want to explore more about nurturing yourself during your period and really loving yourself take my Love Test. It’s a powerful test that only takes about 4 minutes to complete. It’ll let you know exactly what percent you love your feminine side.

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