Why Listening To Your Feminine Energy Makes Life Easier

Feminine energy is a much-needed energy in our world. With all the stress and complexities of life, listening to your feminine energy would give you the sanctuary you need for restoration.

Listening to your feminine energy is not something most of us are used to. It takes practice and cultivation

What do I mean by listening to your feminine energy and how will doing that make your life easier?

Most of us are living our lives in our heads. You are constantly being bombarded with mind chatter. The MIND is the realm of your masculine energy. The BODY is the realm of your feminine energy.

The mind is logical, critical, looking for solutions. The mind will even tell you lies. The body doesn’t lie to you. It is something I believe most of us take for granted, however, the body, your body is a magical place to be. When you are in your body you are in the present moment.

Mind Chatter Is Not Feminine, it is often Negative

When you’re in the present moment you’re not held hostage by your mind. Your mind chatter is often limiting. Things like… “I should have done…”, “Why did he say that?”, “Why hasn’t he called.”, I can’t believe I said that. How stupid of me” and so on. Your mind chatter can get in loops like a broken record. It is not nurturing, nor feminine. Learn to stop the insanity of your crazy mind.

If you consciously listen to what you say to yourself all day, you’ll be amazed at how much of your mind chatter is negative. The first time I practiced conscious awareness of my self-talk, I realized I often said: “I am tired of….” Every time I experienced a small frustration like not being able to plug something in easily, or not being able to find something in the house, really simple things, I often said to myself how tired I was of the situation.

I was making myself tired!

Ok, you’re probably wondering, why I’m telling you this and what the heck does it have to do with listening to your feminine energy and making life easier.

Well, your mind is designed to be chatty and all that mind chatter can make you crazy. Wouldn’t you agree? Think about when you’ve been upset. Was your head filled with stories of how the situation was bothering you. Did you find it difficult to stop obsessing about what was bothering you?

That’s because your mind was racing and you need to learn how to slow your mind down by listening to your feminine energy.

Listening to Your Feminine Energy

  • Listening to your feminine energy really means to get out of your mind.
  • Being in your body allows you to access your feminine wisdom.
  • Stop listening to all that junk (even lies) your mind is telling you.
  • Get out of your mind and BE in your body. Guided meditations are helpful!
  • BEING in your body is a feminine experience. Even for men.

Listening to your feminine energy means slowing down, becoming receptive, being present and allowing life to unfold. Feminine energy is about surrender and sensuality. It is about becoming open and receptive.

Masculine energy is focused and forward moving. It makes things happen. Feminine energy is fluid, flowing and expansive. Feminine energy creates space. Instead of making things happen as masculine energy does, feminine energy makes space for things to come in.

Learn To Go With The Flow

Your life would be so much easier if you practice going with the flow more often. Allowing life to flow instead of trying to control or resist it. This is feminine energy.

Is there a situation in your life that is really bothering you? What would it take for you to become a bit less negatively focused on it? And what would it take for you to be more accepting of it?

Gosh from my experience when I’m upset it’s so hard to get past it. At least in the moment. And that’s exactly when you need to listen to your feminine energy, become more receptive and slow down.

It takes LOTS OF PRACTICE to listen to your feminine energy when you are upset.

  • When you’re upset your mind starts to race.
  • It puts you in fight or flight mode.
  • It’s a survival mechanism.

This is the exact time that enlisting your feminine energies would make life easier.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Drop down into your body.
  • Become present.
  • Let yourself know you are safe.

Let’s say for example your partner does something that totally triggers you. You know, doing or saying something that makes you feel unappreciated. Or something like that. What’s actually being triggered is a childhood wound; a childhood memory when you didn’t feel safe emotionally or even physically.

That’s the exact time you need to take care of yourself emotionally. Don’t snap back and escalate the situation. If you start to learn how to listen to your feminine energy, which really means to take care of yourself emotionally, then your life will become so much easier.

This doesn’t mean to put up with abuse from your “partner.” Actually, he/she is not your partner if it’s truly abusive. I think we all could learn how to navigate our relationships with bigger doses of compassion and less aggression. And we can all learn how to become more emotionally aware.

The bottom line here is that there’s a little girl inside you that needs your love, care, and emotional support. The only one who can mother her back to wholeness is you. Mother energy is feminine energy. When you are there for you, nurturing yourself, caring for yourself and avoid dis-empowering self-talk, this source of feminine energy will make your life so much easier.

How can you start listening to your feminine energy today?

What resonated most with you in this article and why? What can you do right now to start listening more to your feminine energy?
Leave a comment below and let me know. So many women read my articles for inspiration and wisdom. Your comment may provide support to someone else.

Would love to hear from you! Thank’s so much for being here and for adding your perspective.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to get more connected to the healing power of your feminine side check out my online course “Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power with Love.”

Divine Feminine

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