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The Empowered Empath – 5 Things You Need to Know for These Changing Times

Your personal power and choosing to be an empowered empath has everything to do with how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

We are Living in
Transformational Times

Learn to Feel Empowered Instead of Overwhelmed

As an empath do you feel you are too sensitive and easily overwhelmed? It’s just because you’ve been trying to fit into a world that has desperately needed to change. Now is your time. You are a gift to support the world’s transformation. An empowered empath is here to show the way. Are you up for the assignment?

Included in this article:

  1. An empowering interview series with Intuitive Healer Libbee Smith.
  2. A section answering common questions about being an empath.

I want you to know that being an empowered empath is YOUR PATH to not only your personal power but that it’s also exactly what your soul came here to do.

You weren’t born to hide in your house and make little contact with or impact on the world. Your sensitivity is your gift to the world. You didn’t come here to be in a state of overwhelm all the time. You came here as an empowered empath to seed transformation – to support the change to a world based on love and connection not fear and separation.

In the following videos I interviewed Libbee, an intuitive healer and teacher. She is truly an empowered empath and has found her personal power by acknowledge her gifts and giving them to the world.

In this interview, Part 1 and Part 2, you’ll gain greater insight into your personal power and how being an empath is actually your super power.

Below the video I answer some questions you may have for becoming an empowered empath and regaining your sense of personal power.

In the videos, Libbee covers 5 keys you, as an empowered empath, need to know to not only maintain but thrive in your personal power.

5 Keys for the Empowered Empath:

  1. You are a Creator Being
  2. Become Aware of Your State of Being
  3. Acting on your desires (passion, excitement, and play) for positive manifestation
  4. The importance of choosing Love over Fear
  5. Your Personal Power and How it Relates to Receptivity.

Part 1

Libbee Shares How to Be Empowered

Part 2

Your Spiritual Power

Video Content Overview

1. You are a Creator Being

You are always creating. Even when you are creating a mess out of your life. The idea is to become aware of your personal power to create whatever you want in your life.

When you become a conscious creator you access your higher spiritual power. You flow with the universe instead of against it.

2. Become Aware of Your State of Being

Your state of being determines what you will attract to you. If you are in resistance you’ll push things away. If you are out of balance you’ll do the same.

You need to create a state of being within yourself that is balanced on a physical, emotional and spiritual level in order to have an empowered life.

3. Acting on Your Desires (passion, excitement, and play) for Positive Change

So now that you know you are a creator being and it’s important to balance your state of being physically, emotionally and spiritually, you are in a better position to manifest what you want.

The best way to manifest using your divine power is to access your desire. You access your desire through embracing what you’re passionate about. Go for what makes you excited. And be playful with it as opposed to so serious. Have some fun now that you are more aware of your energy.

4. The Importance of Choosing Love over Fear

It’s super important to stay “high vibe” during these transformational times. Humanity and the planet are going through a birthing process. Don’t buy into or feed off of the fear.

Let the fear in you rise so that you can bring the light of your consciousness to it to transform into love.

5. Your Personal Power and How it Relates to Receptivity.

Keep your body and energy open at this time is crucially important. Allow yourself to become receptive. Allow the energy to flow instead of getting stuck inside you.

These are the empowered empaths paving the way to a better future.

Back Stage Bonus Video

Change & Your Individual Empowerment

Common Questions
About Being an Empath

What is an empowered empath?

An empowered empath is a person who understand that their sensitivity is their gift and not a burden. Their heightened awareness is actually helping to transform this world into a more loving, kind and compassionate world.

How do you empower empaths?

You empower empaths by helping them understand that their ability to feel is actually their super power. And that by honoring their sensitivities and not comparing themselves to “the norm” but doing what’s right fo rthem will help them feel empowered.

What is the strongest empath?

The strongest empath is a person who holds all of life as sacred, the good the bad, the ugly. They are free from judgment. They do not fear “dark energy” or heavy emotions and can let energy (theirs and others) flow through them instead of having it get stuck and bring them down.

Are empaths special?

The idea that empaths are special excludes others. True empaths aren’t about exclusion. They understand that we are all connected. They also understand that it is their job to help others understand the truth that we are all connected.

Why are empaths sensitive?

Empaths are sensitive because they have heightened awareness of unseen and subtle energies. Our society has tauahgt us that “feeling” is bad therefore many yave “numbed out.” A healthy empowered empath doesn’t want to numb out and instead chooses to acknowledge, validate and even tend to the various energies and sensitivites they experience.

What are common signs of an empath?

– Is empathic and compassionate.
– Easily overwhelmed.
– Strongly intuition.
– Needs alone time.
– Dislikes crowds/noise.
– Feels things more deeply.
– Good Problem solver.
– Highly sensitive.

Who are empaths?

Imagine the idea that we are all, at our core, empaths. It’s just that society, our upbringing and the world we have been exposed to has programmed us out of that ability. Instead, in order to cope with societal structures and norms, you have had to numb out, toughen up and show up in a way that’s not truly your authentic self. These changing times are giving you an opportunity to be your true divinely empowered self. Imagine that.

I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you’re ready to become an empowered empath check out my online course “How to Feel Better and Flow Through These Challenging Times.”

Libbee Smith, the interviewee, is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher. To learn more about her and her services please visit: www.beeingyou.org

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