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Making New Year’s Resolutions Easier

What do you want to do in 2024? Can you believe we are going into 2024 and what will it bring you?

Do you, like many, make a resolution and then not follow through with it? Are you fearful this year will be the same? No worries!!! For 2024 I suggest throwing away the idea of “Making a New Year’s Resolution”.

Instead, create an intention for your life. Words are powerful. The words you choose to use will create your reality. The word intention doesn’t have the New Year stigma associated with it as does the word resolution. The word resolution is automatically associated with the idea of “lack of follow through.”

New Year’s Resolutions: Intention

Intention is a powerful word. When you intend to do something you are moving in that direction. It doesn’t have the rigidity that resolution or being resolute does. Intention is softer and allows for space and grace.

The last thing you need in 2024 is to be rigid with yourself. Your soul wants to move forward, expand and make progress. We are creatures of evolutionary growth that’s why we have the desire to make New Year’s resolutions. Inherent in the human experience is the desire to expand and grow. I am not referring to your waistline, though that may have happened over the holiday season.

What I am referring to is your consciousness expanding and growing. Your soul, housed in that beautiful temple of yours called your body, wants to express itself. I believe the soul, just like your body, responds well to gentle kindness. That is why I suggest for the New Year, taking time to see what your soul is intending for you.

What does your soul want to expand into for 2024?

What are the creative desires inside of you that want to be expressed? What are the unexpressed urges coming forward within you? Give them your acknowledgment. Writing them down on paper is powerful. Placing them on your altar is also a great idea. You don’t have to be rigid or resolute about it. Be intentional instead and allow for flexibility.

Don’t say I want to stop smoking. Instead, set an intention to be healthy.

Don’t say I am going to quit eating sugar. Instead say, I am going to eat more vegetables.

Focus on what your soul is positively wanting for you. Focus on making something positive happen. I have stopped eating wheat and drinking coffee. I call it being wheat-free and coffee-free. 

Intend something good for yourself. Inside your body is encoded your soul’s purpose. Astrology helps you to understand that. That’s why I love astrology!

Your body is your schoolroom to teach you many things. You came here to accomplish something and your soul knows what that something is.

Do you know what it is? You have a lifetime to complete it. Your whole life is part of that purpose. Be gentle with yourself. You don’t have to accomplish it ALL in 2024 or in the month of January. Know that you are actually right on target with all that you came here to do. You are right on course doing, right now, exactly what you need to be doing.

Your soul is maturing as you move through life.

You are doing the necessary tasks your soul is asking you to complete as long as you stay open. That is the key. Stay open and receptive as life unfolds and honor the force within you that wants to express itself. The last thing your soul needs is to be given rules and regulations that don’t feel good.

Feeling good is a powerful energy. Tune in and see what feels right and what feels wrong. Let that be your compass and guide. Move towards those things that feel good and will open you instead of shut you down. Always move into your “yes.” Create intentions that will further your expansion and keep in mind some things are a life-long process.

Believe it or not, many years ago, I used to be a smoker. One day I realized I had to make a choice. I asked myself, “do I want cigarettes or do I want to have energy?” Energy won. I didn’t quit smoking that minute. What I did was I started to focus on the fact that I wanted to feel good and have energy and vitality. My desire to have energy won over my desire to smoke.

I acknowledged that smoking wasn’t going to help me have energy. I focused on my intention to keep my life force energy at its best and soon thereafter the cigarettes naturally fell to the wayside.

For the New Year, intend something really good for yourself. Focus on it and you will make it manifest. Remember to be gentle with yourself during the process, because it is a process.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus on April 20th – Potential for an Evolutionary Leap!

On April 20, 2024 Jupiter and Uranus will come together at 21 degrees of Taurus. The evolutionary intention of this conjunction is to expand and elevate you. To bring you to a higher level of awareness and support you in making more progress in your life. Where is this conjunction happening in your chart? Where is 21 degrees of Taurus in your chart?

Venus Star Point in Gemini is Happening on June 4 2024

Venus and the Sun will come together in a conjunction, also referred to as a Kazimi, on June 4 2024 at 14 degrees of Gemini. Venus represents love and relationships and the feminine principle. The Sun represents passion and what brings you energy and the masculine principle. These two coming together is a powerful gift to you especially in the area of your chart that it lands in. For example there are 12 areas called “houses”, if this powerful conjunction lands in your second house it would refer to your finances, in the fifth house it would refer to your creative expression, in the seventh house it would refer to relationships, in the 10th house it would have something to do with your career. Where is 14 degrees of Gemini in your life? And what does it mean for you?

Hope I’ve sparked your interest. Astrology is a science for personal empowerment.

Wishing You a Very Happy New Year!

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