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The Destiny Card System and Astrological Influences in Relationships

The Destiny Card System, also known as “The Love Cards”, is an amazing tool for greater self-awareness and for you to have a greater understanding of your intimate relationships.

When two people come together or interact there is unique energy created by the combination of those two individuals. Every individual, according to the birth date, is a card.

Every relationship has its own uniquely different characteristics due to these cards. Therefore when two people come together, with their card influences, there is another “entity” that is created called “The Relationship.”

EVERY RELATIONSHIP you have with someone is special and displays different characteristics due to what destiny card they are and the planetary influences it creates.

Love Card Connections for Angelina and Brad

The Destiny Cards is an astrological system that provides you with this information. I’ve been fascinated by this system for many years. It’s helped me personally to see deeper into how intimacy can be achieved. I invested in a software system that allows me to pull up a report that describes the unique influences of any twosome combination.

All I need is their month, day, and year of birth. The information that is provided is absolutely amazing. It will show the positive influences as well as the challenging influences. It will show past life connections and whether you have strong karmic connections.

For example, when looking at this report it is always great to have a Moon, Venus, or Jupiter connection. The more challenging connections are the Saturn and Mars connections, though the report gives valuable insight on how to handle these influences in a positive way. For example, if someone is your Saturn, then your soul has chosen that person as your teacher. But, if you’re not willing to let the relationship show you where you can grow then you’ll not reap the benefits of this relationship’s influence on you.

The Destiny Card System and Mars Connections

If you have Mars connections then it is a relationship where you stimulate each other and that can mean sexually as well. The negative side of it is that you can also have power struggles with this influence. The best way to work with Mars energy is to have a common goal or focus in your relationship. Another great way to work positively with Mars energy is to do physical things together. That can be sex AND it can also be working out together or going hiking for example. It is best to dissipate the negative effects of Mars through some type of focus whether that be physical or co-creative.

The Destiny Card System and Venus Connections

Venus connections are lovely! When you have Venus connections that shows inherent compatibility and sense of love for each other. It is always nice when you see Venus connections in your relationships. It is an influence that creates ease and harmony.

The Destiny Card System and Jupiter Connections

Jupiter is another great connection. If you have Jupiter connections in your relationship then you expand each other, you are lucky for each other and there is a sense of joy, fun, and even prosperity when you come together.

The Destiny Card System and Moon Connections

Moon connections are often found in marriages. When someone is your Moon it means you can rest in them. It is always great to know the people who are your Moon. They are a source of comfort for you. The other way around isn’t always so fun… when you are their Moon, but knowing you are, always helps.

They get to rest in you and sometimes you might feel they are resting just a bit too much in you, causing you discomfort. If you’re a person who always provides nurturing for others it’s nice to know who is YOUR Moon so that you’re aware of those that can provide the same for you.

Karma Cards

Another good combination to know is who are your first and second karma cards. To simplify, your first karma card person, you owe and your second karma card, they owe you. It is very helpful to know who your first karma card is in that it will help you see that relationship in a better light.

For example, I have a friend who I love dearly. She chose a completely different life path than me and I found myself, through the years, often judging her which negatively affected our relationship. Once I found out she was my first karma card and that “I owe her” I realized my judgments were completely unnecessary. I was here to give to her. I needed to grow up and let go of my judgments and see how special she is to me.

The Destiny Card system helped me to see that. Once I realized that and took my correct position with her, our relationship has deepened even more and I have a profound sense of appreciation for her in my life.

Who do you love but still find challenging to be with? It’s “all in the cards.” The Destiny Card System will show you how to create the best in your relationships.

Remember, it’s your relationships with others that give you the fertile ground you need to grow.

The Destiny Card System (again, also known as The Love Cards) will give you the support and guidance to decrease the growing pains and increase gratitude.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author, Evolutionary Astrologer and “The Love Card Lady”. If you’d like an Evolutionary Astrology Love Card reading which includes a 28 page relationship report schedule your reading now.

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