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Sexual Misconduct and What You Need to Know About The Student-Teacher Relationship

What is sexual misconduct?

Sexual misconduct is any misconduct of a sexual nature and involves some aspect of personal power or authority that makes sexual behavior inappropriate. A common theme in these violations occurs in student-teacher or in a situation of a power imbalance.

They are “non-criminal” offenses but nonetheless a violation of another’s personal sexual and intimate boundary.

The true definition of which behaviors define sexual misconduct are often controversial and unclear but are often marked by power imbalance, coercion, and conscious or unconscious predatory behavior.

The purpose of the following interview is not to blame or defame anyone. The purpose of the following interview is to shed light on sexual misconduct, power imbalances, misuse of power and authority – especially in the student-teacher relationship.

It is time for us to create a better world. Our future depends on our ability to let the divine feminine rise and heal that which hasn’t had an opportunity to be talked about.

Teachers and Students
Shouldn’t Have Sex

One thing is very clear from this powerful interview with Tia Quin and her experience as a student of astrology – students and teachers shouldn’t have sex.

The relationship between a student and teacher is sacred. A student is coming to learn a certain body of work and is a sincere seeker. It is an intimate connection and a transference of knowledge and energy. But it doesn’t need to – nor should it be – sexual for that information to be passed on.

Tia wishes the admission of sexual misconduct and misuse of power could be openly discussed. But instead, she’s concerned that a teacher’s reputation and maintaining a fan base is more important to the teacher than the pain caused to students along the way.

This will just continue to perpetuate the sexual misconduct to future unsuspecting students. The situation is co-created due to lack of sex education. It’s part of our societal structure that needs to change.

Healing the pattern of sexual misconduct between a student and teacher takes education. It takes understanding and honoring boundaries. It’s a sensitive subject that needs to be handled with care. And when it is everyone benefits.

Tia believes it would be awesome for teachers in a leadership and authority position to face their shadow. To be brave enough to do so in community and admit their wrongdoing. She feels they would ultimately have a better reputation in the end.

Tia would still love to invite her teacher and the astrology community to come together and have the difficult conversations. Because right now she feels there is division. And there isn’t a clear direction on how to proceed.

She feels more clarity on how to move forward with more unity would be very healing. And ultimately it would create a safer environment for future students to learn.

Thank you Tia for your courage in coming forward with this so that this old paradigm pattern can have some light shed upon it.

Tia’s Comments:

I really appreciate Anna Thea for taking the time to have this conversation with me. It is really important to bring awareness on this difficult subject so that it can be seen, heard and possibly healed.

Recently two other women and myself came forward in regards to a prominent and popular teacher in the astrological community and his misuse and abuse of power as a teacher and his sexual misconduct with his students.

In speaking about this matter, I hope to reach the ears of students entering into similar situations, with hopes that they will be careful and exercise discernment when entering a teacher/student exchange.

It is a sacred relationship and should be honored as such. As a teacher you have a responsibility to your student(s) to pass down the wisdom that you have acquired through experience so that the future of the knowledge is secured in the minds of the next generations.

If teachers continue to abuse that power to satisfy their base desires, what happens to the next generation? What knowledge are we left with when that sacred exchange is convoluted with the boundaryless unchecked sexuality of an irresponsible teacher.

If a teacher makes a pass at you, something is up! If they had your education in mind, they wouldn’t be using their knowledge and wisdom to get in your pants. This isn’t the first or last time a teacher has crossed ethical boundaries and betrayed the trust of their pupils. This is an ongoing issue that spans centuries. Can we be big enough and strong enough to change this pattern of abuse? There are many directions we can go from here, the cats out of the bag so to speak. We could ignore that this uncomfortable truth has come to light, we can fight one another about who is right, or we can all come to the table and be raw,authentic and real as we can muster and heal this wound together. I hope this conversation is a start. Mahalo.

About Tia

Tia Quin aka Gypsy Vibes is a Visionary Artist, Astrologer, Gong-Fu Tea Master and a Transformational Event Coordinator. As a wizard at heart, Tia’s first online account was on when she was 12 years old. She began seriously exploring the subject of astrology in 2012 and has spent the past 8 years absorbing as much astrological knowledge and wisdom as she could through intensive self-study, books, sky watching, workshops, and astrological conferences. Tia is now working on building her own astrological practice and offers private readings.

About Anna-Thea

Anna-Thea is an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. She educates and inspires women on how to connect to the power and sacredness of their feminine side.

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