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[Stressed?] Learn to Just Go with The Flow!

Taking care of yourself by just going with the flow isn’t always easy. It’s an art worth developing.

What does going with the flow mean?

It is when you allow life to happen instead of resisting it. Not trying to change or control a situation or exert a lot of influence in a certain direction. Instead feeling more relaxed and easy going about the events that are happening as they happen.

If you are stressed you’ll deal with it in four different ways – fight, flight, freeze or feel. The first three are old conditioned patterns that make it hard to go with the flow.

If you can learn to feel that’s where you’ll heal. You won’t be so fearful of stressful times. You’ll trust in the process and you’ll be able to go with the flow instead of ignoring or running from the situation.

There are many benefits for going with the flow. It can make life easier on you. If you have a hard time going with the flow do the following things happen to you?

  • Do you find yourself easily stressed or uptight about life’s situations?
  • Can relationship issues feel overwhelming?
  • Are you anxious when you don’t feel in control?

Life can be challenging. And it’s hard sometimes to literally “digest” what life dishes out to you.

Sometimes I’ve been so upset I can’t calm myself down. I get stuck in my head about a certain situation and away I go… thinking, thinking, thinking non-stop, feeling sick to my stomach. Unable to stop ruminating about whatever has gotten me upset.

Finding answers to your worries becomes less possible the more you think about what you’re upset about. It’s more important to feel what’s going on instead and get out of your monkey mind. Learn how to be in your body instead of the craziness of your mind. But the more stories you tell yourself about the upsetting situations makes the solution harder to see. Stories that often, aren’t even true!

You haven’t heard back from your boyfriend – You get anxious.

Then you start making up all kinds of stories, overthinking and before you know it you’re all stressed out about the relationship. Is he the right guy for you? Does he care? Why isn’t he calling? Then the phone rings and he has some logical reason why you hadn’t heard from him sooner. But nothing to be alarmed about. You might have even forgotten how he mentioned he had a Dentist appointment and would call you later.

It’s interesting how the mind works in sabotaging our happiness because we don’t know how to just go with the flow.

Stop torturing yourself. It’s time to slow down and let go of those thoughts. Tap into your receptive more feminine side. Learn to trust in the process more. Connect to your divine feminine wisdom residing in your belly. This divine feminine power will help you become more fluid and accept anything that comes your way.

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Rigid one track thinking is exactly what needs to be “broken up” when you find yourself caught up in life’s upsets. This rigid mind energy is making you think you aren’t safe, aren’t loved, aren’t going in the right direction, or whatever your mind is telling you.

Your overactive mind is what causes you to feel confused, frustrated, scare or out of control. Sound familiar?

Learning to just go with the flow is an important life skill

Going with the flow and having everything be free and breezy in your life is such a wonderful feeling. It’ll also keep you from aging prematurely. The problem is that those light and free feelings can be fleeting. Darn!

Upsets, conflict and stress are all part of life. Learning how to just go with the flow will make it easier.

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Wish I knew how to take care of myself and just go with the flow in every moment in my life. And I wish that for you as well.

With that said, you don’t want to become a doormat. Setting healthy boundaries is very important and you should always pay attention to red flags or intuitive warning signs that come up in your relationships. However, make sure that your healthy boundary setting isn’t actually a barricade.

If you are putting up barricades or letting everything stress you out, your body literally becomes rigid and uptight when you aren’t going with the flow. Your body and mind are connected. Use this quick rescue remedy exercise to let go of the rigidity that is happening inside of you.

This really works! It’s very nurturing too.

Stop the rigid thinking
and just go with the flow

Take 4 minutes to watch this video. Do it with me and learn how to soothe yourself when you’re having a hard time just going with the flow. Your mind is intricately connected to your body. Your belly is the seat of your emotions. This exercise helps you to embody the “easy breezy” energy we all long for. Give it a try!

Do this Easy Fun and Freeing Exercise

Want to learn more about controlling your emotions and having a more pleasurable less stressful life? Learn more about the strength and power of your divine feminine side and how to really take care of yourself emotionally.

The above exercise is just one example of how you can start connecting to the power and wisdom of your body instead of the stories that your mind is telling you.

What resonated most with you in this article and why? Did you take time to do the video with me?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Thousands of other people come here each week for inspiration, information and wisdom. Your comment may provide support to someone else who’s having a hard time going with the flow.

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I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate women on how to connect with the healing power of their feminine side. If you’d like to learn more check out one of my online “feel good” courses.

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