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9 Easy Ways to Awaken the Divine Feminine in You

What is the Divine Feminine? The Divine Feminine, though becoming more familiar to many, is very elusive in our society. She is hidden away, probably afraid to make her full debut. Why? Because she hasn’t had a safe place for expression. It is the sacred feminine that has been kept secret for way too long.

But she is powerful. And she is inside you! And wants expression!

How to be feminine has been defined by a more masculine-oriented society. It’s time for you to discover and express your true feminine side and not the one that has been defined for you.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to The Divine Feminine… what it is and what it is not. And how to start expressing the Divine Feminine Goddess within you.

Where Does
The Divine Feminine Reside?

This Goddess resides within you. But she hasn’t had a safe place to fully express herself in this more masculine and driven world. The fact that divine femininity has been hidden away, not fully expressed, and even repressed is why so many don’t know what the Divine Feminine means or what it means to be a Divine Feminine Goddess.

Nonetheless, she has healing powers for you. The divine feminine mysteries have been hidden for way too long. I’d like to begin the process of revealing them to you in this article.

What is Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine is sacred, sensual and often beyond the realm of day to day living. It’s something that can’t be seen but rather experienced and felt. It’s a healing force beyond the physical world. The Divine Feminine is also the positive expression of the feminine side of us that exists in both men and women. The divine feminine principle is within us all.

Ultimately, the reason why it’s difficult to know what the Divine Feminine principle means is that very few people have experienced it. We’ve lost our connection to the Divine Feminine. As a result, we’ve forgotten what it means to live by Divine Feminine principles and natural law which is in tune with the rhythms of Mother Earth.

Living in a fast-paced world has disconnected us from the concepts of…

  • Receptivity and Presence
  • Life as Sacred
  • Loving Kindness
  • Self-nurturing
  • Allowing things to just “be”

All of which connect you to your divine femininity.

Master Your Emotions - A woman on the beach feeling free!

We have precious little time to invite the Divine Feminine into our lives. In fact, you will not experience your Divine Feminine Goddess until you return to the place we first met her: THE FEMALE BODY.

Yes! Your female body supports the presence of the Divine Feminine.  Your female body innately knows how to be feminine. When you honor, love and respect your body you’ll witness a return of your Divine Feminine Goddess. You’ll no longer ask… what is the divine feminine because you’ll have embodied it.

Male bodies also can embody the Divine Feminine. We all have that ability.

What the Divine Feminine IS and IS NOT.

What The Divine Feminine IS

  • Inspiring
  • Held as sacred
  • Empowering
  • Honored & Respected
  • Healing & Nurturing
  • Connected to Mother Earth

What The Divine Feminine IS NOT

  • Exploited
  • Objectified
  • Power Abuse
  • Taken for granted
  • Used for material gain
  • Destabilizing to the feminine

Revealing Your
Divine Feminine Goddess

When you think of your body as a sacred temple of the divine, no matter what age, shape or size, the Divine Feminine within you will be revealed.

For example, when you hold all your relationships as sacred including the one you have with yourself, Divine Feminine energy will be awakened within you. You’ll know how to be feminine and experience it in a truly healing way.

“She” will come out of hiding when you recognize and honor “her” essence within you. The mysteries will be revealed – you’ll no longer ask yourself “what does Divine Feminine mean” or “how can I be more feminine”, because you’ll have experienced “her” being expressed in your life, in your relationships, and in your body.

The Divine Feminine qualities within you have nothing to do with what our culture defines as how to be feminine.

You see… the precious part of you has been gobbled up by “The Image of Woman” or the image of the feminine in our society. How you should be and not your true sacred femininity.

As a result, we have turned things around and upside down. Our values have become distorted. We have lost our way. Even if you don’t buy into these values, they are consciously and unconsciously expressed in our world. There is pressure to conform.

Both sexes have that pressure but for example women have received certain covert or overt messages.

We’ve been told a woman should…

  • Have a perfect body
  • Never Age
  • Look “Pretty”
  • Have her emotions in check
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I want you to experience, what it truly means to embody your Divine Feminine Goddess. I want you to experience true sacred femininity. It’s that part of you that is wild, free, and sensually expressive. It’s that part of you that is uninhibited yet wiser than you can ever imagine.

The part that stays emotionally centered and is not afraid to speak your truth because you trust and honor your intuition. It’s that part of you that’s filled with gratitude because you realize how sacred life is. The divine feminine principle lives within you. It’s part of your true nature.

What You Need to Let Go of
to Live in Your True Feminine

Stop buying into society’s definition of who you “should be.” Get connected to your true divine feminine meaning – that which wants to empower and heal you. In order to understand what the Divine Feminine means you have to release old belief systems, let go of cultural conditioning and tap into the beauty, grace, and uniqueness of YOU. How to be feminine needs to be defined by you and your unique expression of it. What are your unique divine feminine qualities? Are you in tune with them?

Your Divine Feminine qualities express themselves differently than anyone else. There is no such thing as One Size Fits All when it comes to sacred femininity. The feminine goddess within you knows you are a unique and important part of the whole.

Be You!

Most of all, what this means is stop being anyone else other than you. No one can be you better than you. Don’t be a poser or imposter conforming to societal norms.

Empower Yourself with sacred femininity

Especially the norms that keep you confined and insecure. Come out of your box. Allow yourself to celebrate your body and divine femininity. Connect to your playfulness, sensuality, and erotic innocence. Honor your emotions and your intuitive side.

Stop hating your body and how you look. Stop judging yourself from the outside in and learn how to feel good from the inside out. Then the Divine Feminine principle will no longer be a mystery to you. When you do all these things divine feminine energy will start flowing freely in your body.

I believe that each person’s own personal and unique discovery of the Divine Feminine within will benefit not only them but society as a whole. We need more feminine leaders promoting peace and love. They have always been around and we need more to start showing up. Let’s celebrate and support them.

You are one too. Your divine feminine wisdom wants to be expressed because it will ultimately create more peace and love in the world. But it starts within you.

9 Ways to Awaken and Express
The Divine Feminine

1. Honor Your Emotions

Most of us were taught that what we are feeling is wrong. How many times have you told yourself, “I shouldn’t feel that way.” Or told a friend, “Don’t feel bad.” We’ve been taught to avoid our negative emotions at all cost. For that reason, we have so many ills in our society.

If we could just learn how to feel our feelings and give our uncomfortable feelings a loving voice the world would be completely different. We would have more authentic and loving relationships. We’d feel more alive in our bodies. In fact, we might even have peace on the planet!

Honoring your emotions instead of repressing them is extremely important. Because your emotions don’t go away. They are actually a source of powerful energy and vitality for you. However, when repressed will either leak out in your relationships as manipulation or passive-aggressive behavior or develop into illnesses.

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It’s important to know how to process your emotions otherwise they’ll get stuck in your body, not allow divine feminine energy to flow through you, and ultimately keep you dis-empowered. Learning how to nurture, care for and acknowledge your emotions… in other words knowing how to process your emotions is one of the most valuable tools a woman can have.

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2. Love your Body

No matter what age shape or size you are, love your body. Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type typically depicted by the media.

Love Your…

  • Hair (Thick / Thin / Short or Strait)
  • Belly (Big / Bumpy / Scarred or Not)
  • Legs (Long / Short or Inbetween)
  • Butt (Flat / Round and even Flabby)
  • Toes (Manicured or not)

You need to know that your body is perfect just the way it is. Developing a loving relationship with it is a key divine feminine principle. Divine feminine energy is not a visual…. its a feeling. And in fact, the human body is a magical vessel holding that energy. Be kind to your body and don’t abuse it.

Are you overeating, over-drinking, overindulging in any way? Do you live a stressed-out life? Do you have a hard time sleeping at night?

If you don’t care for, honor and love your body you won’t have access to its infinite wisdom and the power of your divine femininity. Learn how to slow down and listen to your body  Slowing down gives you access to the healing power of the divine feminine essence within you.

3. Trust Your Intuition

We live in a world that validates logic over emotions. The idea that things don’t exist unless you can see them. That’s why when you get an intuitive hit you might often ignore it. Those intuitive hits are divine feminine qualities knocking on your door! Don’t ignore them.

If you want to connect to your divine feminine start honoring your intuition. Start trusting those intuitive hits. Pay attention to them. Especially when you get a gut feeling don’t ignore it. Have the courage to listen to what your inner wisdom is saying and act on it. Because you have more wisdom than you probably realize.

Learning to trust yourself and know that what you are feeling and intuiting is not only valid but also correct for you. Your intuition is your guiding force. Use it and honor it.

4. Give Your Inner Wisdom a Voice

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. We have been programmed with “the disease to please” as Oprah would put it. Afraid to rock the boat many of us keep our mouths shut and don’t speak up for ourselves. Are you doing that?

That disconnects you from your power because it keeps you from accessing your divine feminine wisdom. Don’t be afraid to process your emotions and then give them a voice. Stop moping around and acting like you are powerless. You’re just having an uncomfortable feeling.

An uncomfortable feeling means you have an unmet need! That’s it! Therefore, learn how to make yourself important enough to honor your needs. Having needs doesn’t mean you are needy. A woman connected to her Divine Feminine power knows how to ask for what she needs.

Mastering Your Emotions - A woman feeling free! Click to learn more

We haven’t learned how to give our uncomfortable feelings a voice by asking for what we need. Consequently, most of us lack good communication skills. Do you know how to speak up for yourself without making the other person defensive? Do you know how to set healthy boundaries?

It’s not easy and takes not only courage but also learning new communication skills. Communication skills that don’t put the other person on the defensive but still allows you to speak your truth.

Most of us talk from our heads and aren’t truly expressing ourselves from the power of our hearts. For that reason, disagreements cause disconnect. In some instances for years. It’s because you don’t know how to open your heart and give your inner wisdom a voice.

Learn how to speak as, what I call, a Divine Feminine Communicator. Someone who listens to their body, tunes into instead represses their emotions, honors their intuition, knows how to ask for what they need and has the courage to be lovingly transparent with those they are close to.

5. Have Gratitude for Life

In the hustle-bustle of life, it’s easy to forget how special life is. But if you have ever had a life-threatening situation you quickly remember how precious life is. Or if you have lost someone, especially unexpectedly, you realized how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

For example, I remember being in the hospital with an emergency appendectomy. I was in the hospital for a week and I shared my room with a woman who had her leg amputated while I was there. It was life-changing to bear witness to her experience.

Most importantly, the Divine Feminine is the life-giving force. It is not something to take for granted. It is magical, mystical and very special. Your life is special. Take time to honor the life and body that you have been given.


  • Count your blessings and be grateful for what you have.
  • Be grateful for your health and the health of your family.
  • Honor all your relationships.
  • Forgive those who have hurt you.
  • Heal and celebrate your sexuality.

6. Create Sacred Space

how to awaken feminine energy - woman hands softly touching a plant.

A good way to do this is to take time first thing in the morning to connect with spirit. For example, this can be through meditation or other forms of stillness that allow you to connect to that part of you that’s beyond the physical.


  • Meditative awareness of your third eye, your breath, or your body.
  • Walking meditation on Mother Earth Bare Foot.
  • Give Your Inner Wisdom a Voice.
  • Do spiritual invocations and affirmations.
  • Pull Oracle Cards for insight.
  • Connect to your spiritual guides and guardian angels.

7. Use Your Imagination

Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” Knowledge, facts and figure, logic and reasoning is the masculine principle. Imagination, mystical events, and intuition are the feminine principles. Trusting that which is not seen is the feminine principle.

Use your imagination to create a better world for yourself and others. Because your imagination is how you create. Before something comes into manifestation it first needs to be in thought-form.

Your imagination is connected to your intuition. It is the unseen world. And it is real. For that reason, start using your imagination as your Divine Feminine tool to bring more goodness into your life.

8. Get to Know Yourself

If you want to develop divine feminine qualities… get to know yourself better. Do you really know who you are? And how much of who you are is the person you think you should be? What if you stopped “shoulding” on yourself and started getting curious instead. Stop living a life that was programmed into you and start living a life that is your true purpose, passion, and divine nature.

Do you know your soul’s purpose? As you peel away all the conditioning and beliefs systems that limit you, you’ll have greater access to your truth. The real you. The divine you. Your divine feminine essence. The guiding light of your soul.

The Divine Feminine - A woman tuning into herself.
Honor Your Inner Wisdom by Tuning Into Yourself

More and more ancient wisdom is available to you than in the past. And this ancient wisdom allows you to get to know yourself better.

“I awareness” is not selfish.

On the contrary, it is self-empowering! And it increases self-love. In that way, you’ll actually have more love to give. So investing in yourself and getting to know who you are will awaken your divine feminine.

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9. Honor Your Sexuality

I would have to say that this is at the core of the Divine Feminine. If you’re not looking at your sexuality from a new lens (different from our cultural programming) then you’re living in a very limited view of what you think your sexuality is.

And I’m not saying this to be judgmental. I’m saying this because we live in a world that is riddled with shame when it comes to sexuality. Not many have an opportunity to sexually heal themselves. And our culture is sexually wounded.

Porn that depicts women in a disrespectful light is rampant on the internet. Sex trafficking unfortunately is alive and well in the world. And our educational institutions often have educators who they themselves don’t feel fully comfortable with the subject matter.

If you really want to access the power of your Divine Feminine essence you need to look at your sexuality. You need to get real with yourself about what parts of your sexuality are still in the dark. You need to nurture your sexuality to wholeness. And it can be a wonderful experience and deep inner journey.

What attitude do you have about your female genitalia?

Do you…

  • Feel confident and comfortable to ask for what you need in the bedroom?
  • Know what your sexual needs are?
  • Feel comfortable receiving pleasure?

These are important questions to ask yourself if you want to fully embrace the Divine Feminine within you. If you want to free yourself from the common sexual issues people have the only way to do that is to cultivate a deeper relationship with your female anatomy.

A powerful way to do that is by learning how to use the Yoni egg and understanding the benefits this powerful feminine tool can offer you.

When used properly, meaning doing the divine feminine guided practices and not just “sticking it in”, you’ll awaken your deepest divine feminine essence. This ancient practice offers you the opportunity to really get in touch with the sacredness of your sexuality. And that’s extremely important for your personal empowerment during these changing times. If you’re not familiar with this divine feminine practice start with this free course.

In conclusion…

This is only the beginning! Learn how to express your divine femininity and your life will transform. Let go of limiting beliefs and learn the ways of ancient wisdom. Be the leader of love that you were meant to be. You are here to make a difference no matter how big or small. But you need the power of your divine feminine energy in order to be a true Leader of Love and make this a better world.

Divine Feminine

Easy Divine Feminine Exercise:

Before you continue on with your day… take one brief moment and do this easy, short divine feminine exercise. Place your hands on your heart. Begin to breathe into your heart. Feel the flow of energy as you breathe. Connect to your breath. Feel the warmth of your hands penetrating into your heart. Feel the elixir of love you are cultivating within. Feel the calm. Take this feeling with you for the rest of the day. 🙂

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. Thanks for reading this article!

If you’ve made it this far you must really want to get in touch with your divine feminine energy.

Let me help you, NOW, so you can experience your true feminine power.

Click here, and let’s get started.

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  1. Katharine Mary

    Divine Feminine is not fearful of being seen. This expression of the Divine is the driving force of Love that activates the Divine Masculine in us all to be put into action. The work you are doing to bring conscious awareness into being is beautiful. May your service be a Blessing to all and elevate the vibration of our planet. ??????????

  2. Thanks Katharine! The feminine IS rising. Maybe not as fast as we would like but it is happening. And I am honored to be a part of it. Thanks so much for your comment and please share my articles so that this wisdom gets out there. All people need is more education. That’s what I am here for. 🙂

  3. Marijana Maric

    I’m 14 and I have to say how much this means to me.I’m trying to connect myself with my inner feminine spirit.I listened to my intuition and it really helped.Even tho It was just that feeling that I need to check booth on the event and It turns out I found something valuable there.I’m trying to find feminine religion.

  4. So glad you are connecting to your inner feminine at such a powerful age.It would be great for you to read my book which contains lots of good practices for self-love which is the same as connecting to your feminine side. Here is a link to my book.

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  8. Megan

    This is all such great information! Along with all your other articles 🙂 You have really helped me get in tune with my divine feminine and understand myself more. Thank you Anna-Thea!

  9. Hi Megan! I feel honored to give you this wisdom. So glad you are enjoying this information and that it’s helping you understand yourself better and your divine feminine connection.

  10. Jane Calbreath

    Anna-Thea’s energy is a wonderful demonstration of the Divine Feminine. She embodies her teachings with radiance. Her offerings support the path to Self Love and receiving of the miracles of Life that we all deserve.

  11. Thank you Jane for your sweet comment. I just know the healing force and how it feels when you are embodying the divine feminine and all it’s wonderful benefits. That’s why I am so motivated to teach this wisdom!!!

  12. Lorene

    Anna, you offer such a gift to all those who follow you. Teaching women of all ages to be comfortable listening to their little voice, and guiding them through practices that will help them become more in tune to themselves, can only strengthen our female identity.
    You are meant to do this work!

  13. Gosh thanks Lorene! I appreciate your comment. I am humbly a servant of the Divine Feminine force that wants to be birthed onto this planet at this time. 🙂

  14. Gaynell

    Thank you for this information. I fell that it is true and right in and I know in my body that it is true. So it’s good to be reminded of it again and have a numbered process to follow because sometimes I forget what my path is and get complacent so thank you for Jew perceptions about this important topic xoxoxo

  15. Thank you for your comment Gaynell. So happy this article is a helpful reminder to keep you on the divine feminine path! 🙂

  16. Bob Goldsmith

    I don’t suspect you get to many comments from men. I just want to tell you how important the work you are doing is for both the sexes. I am currently on a journey that is asking me to get in touch with the Divine Feminine with in me. I haven’t come into this awareness without huge pain and the loss of many a relationship to get here. As you know we are all battling not only our own generational brain wash, but we are carrying the burden from many, many prior generations. My prayers are that all men may one day realize that the divine feminine resides also within themselves and is urgently needed to be recognized and liberated.

  17. Hi Bob, Thank you for your comment. You are correct I don’t get a lot of comments from men but I just got two! Yours and another one on another article. I really appreciated everything you shared. So valid! And I am sorry you have had to go through loss and pain to get to your current awareness. That’s often the case. But I am glad you are here! Thank you for reading my article and sharing your wisdom. It’s powerful. Hopefully sometime in the future I can offer co-ed teachings. It seems more and more men are becoming interested. 🙂

  18. Holly

    I am very confused with this article.. Divine femine is in all persons male and female.. Yet most of this os talking about being a women and honoring that..

  19. Hi Holly, Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. I don’t want you to be confused. Please let me know the specific areas in the article that cause confusion. I am happy to go back into the article and see where I can make changes to reflect more gender fluidity. My audience and specialty are women. I also teach women’s Sex Ed courses. With that said, I am always open to working with everyone. My challenge is that being very laser-focused in my message to my audience is important for online success. And of course not confusing my audience is also important. I appreciate your feedback very much. Warmly, Anna-Thea

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