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When You Love Yourself: You Do These 5 Things

When you love yourself you are a person who has cultivated a deeper relationship with yourself.

This isn’t something you typically leran from our standard public education system. Nor is it something you typically learn from your family of origin, care-givers or parents.

If you are a person who has developed a greater sense of self-love that doesn’t mean you are selfish.

In this article I’ll share with you the 5 key things you can do to really love yourself.

I am an author of a book “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body – The Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Yourself as Sacred” This book is a how to book that I developed out of my own desire to heal myself from body image and food issues.

What I found was that when you love yourself enough and commit to doing inner work your life will transform.

Many women suffer from body image and food issues. I was an all American girl with exactly such problems. I hated my body. I obsessed about food. I was an emotional eater. When you love yourself you free yourself from these sabotaging behaviors.

But at the time I didn’t know that.

In my healing journey I found the key things that helped me were to learn how to calm my mind, create a more loving relationship with food, have a love affair with my body, put more love into my sexuality and ultimately fully commit to a loving relationship with ME.

Again, that’s not something we learn in the standard course of education. I feel so lucky to have had teachers to guided me on this path of reclaiming my body, my whole body, as sacred.


You hold the seed that can bless this planet with love, nurturing and sensual awareness. That seed wants to blossom now. That’s why it’s important to love yourself… so that the seed will grow.

What can you do today to make that seed within you blossom? How can you honor yourself and your body as sacred? How can you become more sensually alive?

Take some time today, right now, to put your hand on your heart and let yourself know how wonderful you are. Be your best cheerleader. Make it a new habit that you do regularly.

Especially pay attention to your inner dialogue and make it loving and supportive. Let yourself know that you are sacred, precious, and a very special woman. This is what you do when you love yourself. It’s regular practice or way of being with yourself.

The world needs you to claim yourself as sacred now so that you can make this world a better place for all. This is how you get closer to the fully empowered woman you are!

Loving yourself it’s a revolutionary, evolutionary act that has far reaching effects. Make a difference and start loving yourself even more TODAY!

5 Things You Can Do
to Love Yourself

1. You Don’t Always Believe What Your Mind Is Telling You

Stop buying into the incessant mind chatter. In other words don’t always believe your thoughts.

What your mind is telling you is often NOT true. “Think” about it. The mind, your mind was designed to see all that is wrong in your environment. It’s a protective mechanism.

If you let your mind have more control than your heart you’ll become an overly critical person devoid of gratitude and compassion.

Make sure to not let your mind run the show!

2. Your Relationship with Food is Nurturing

If you suffer from body image issues or food obsession than it’s important to change your relationship with food.

When you love yourself you create a more nurturing relationship with you. You understand that food is a form of love.

I had a nutrtion teacher, years ago, tell me that she saw it this way….

You take food into your body, you make love to it and then you let it go. Now that may sound of bit weird but at the time when I heard that I was suffering so much from food obsessions and the idea of making love to food just sounded so refreshing.

So instead of battling with food, shift your perspective. Start to think about how can you start “making love with food.”

If nothing else it puts a light-hearted spin on your relationship with food, especially if you suffer from food obsession and restrictive food behaviors.

3. You Love and Honor Your Body

When you love yourself, not only do you learn to make love with food, you learn how to have a love affair with your body.

Most of us think of a love affair as something with another. Why can’t you have a love affair with yourself?

Are you too critical of your appearance? Too critical of your body? Maybe you think your legs are to big or your breasts are too small. Stop comparing your body to any other body that is out there. Especially stop comparing yourself to the bodies that are depicted in magazine and the media. That’s torture!

Your body is unique. There are truly no two bodies that are the same. Your body, no matter what age, shape or size, just wants to be loved and accepted just like anything or anyone else. What will it take for you love yourself enough to accept the body you have.

You are going to have it for the rest of your life. It’s only going to get older. Take it from me, NOW is the time to start loving your body. Cultivate a love affair with it and you will live a much happier, healthier life.

4. Your Sexuality Has a Spiritual Side to It

We live in a shame-based world. Sex, for most, isn’t considered something that’s spiritual.

Putting more love into your sexuality will take bring you to a greater level of awareness regarding your body, your relationships, your emotions and your overall wellbeing.

When you care for your sexuality you bring yourself to wholeness. But what does that mean to care for your sexuality? It means to honor it. Don’t just “scratch an itch” and have “get off sex.”

Your sexuality is far more sacred than that. Learn how to put more love into your sexuality by mixing your sex center with your heart center. Don’t have empty, meaningless sex.

It does’t mean you have to be married and committed to one partner. Just don’t treat sex as if it doesn’t matter… because it truly does. How you navigate your sexual energy is how you will navigate your life.

5. You Know You Are Important

The last key to really loving yourself is to make yourself important. Not from an ego sense but from the sense that you matter. And that your life matters. You life is sacred. All life is sacred.

When you honor your life you make a commitment to yourself. You realize that your life is your soul’s journey of evolution. Your not here to numb out but rather to step into the experience and show up for life.

The relationships you have are important to you. You know how to cultivate emotional intimacy with another but also make you important. The idea of losing yourself in relationship is no longer a concern.

When you commit to you, your life will have more depth and richness. You’ll attract emotionally safe relationships.

Ultimately, if you really want to empower yourself and cultivate a sense of self-love, learn to lead from your heart and not your mind, have a love relatioship with food, a love affair with your body, put more love into your sexuality and make YOU matter.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you are ready to put more love into your life check out my online courses.

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