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3 Simple Steps To Stop Your Crazy Mind Chatter

Is your mind chatter driving you crazy? Learn 3 simple steps to calm your monkey mind. And free yourself from the negative feelings brought on by your over active mind.

What’s your Mind Chatter Telling You?

Have you listened closely to what your monkey mind is saying? The logical mind was designed to help us survive. Therefore it’s on the lookout for all that is wrong in our environment.

And the subconscious mind is also rattling off negative statements from past traumatic experiences that you’re often not even aware of. All of this mind chatter affects the quality of your life. It literally cripples your ability to create emotional intimacy in your relationships.

When I started to notice the theme of my mind chatter I realized I often said to myself, “I’m so tired of…” When I would get frustrated and something wasn’t going my way I would hear myself say it again and again…”I’m so tired of the house being dirty”, “I’m so tired of my computer being slow.” etc. No wonder I was so tired all the time! What is your monkey mind telling you?

Do you find yourself getting stuck in obsessive negative thinking? Imagining the worst instead of expecting the best? Do you throw yourself into a mental frenzy regarding your most intimate relationships, family or work issues?


Is your Monkey Mind thinking you’ll be

  • Disrespected
  • Betrayed or lied to,
  • Taken advantage of,
  • Used and abused
  • Misunderstood or manipulated
  • Run-a-muck, hoodwinked and bamboozled
  • Steamrolled stepped on, mistreated, despised, made fun of
  • Invalidated, coerced, dismissed, victimized, whipped, overtaken, undervalued.

And really… is any of that true!?

Is your unconscious mind telling you:

You’ll never amount to anything.

Or that, when you get right down to it, nobody likes you? STOP THE INSANITY!!!

Learn 3 Simple Steps to Calm Your Crazy Mind Chatter

When you find yourself overwhelmed with “what if” incessant mind chatter that takes you into a bleak and dark future know that you’re caught up in the insanity of your mind!

It’s at this point that the most vulnerable, insecure and scared part of yourself needs to be loved and accepted… by YOU. That part of yourself needs your unconditional love and reassurance in order to come back to a state of emotional balance. You need to let yourself know that you are not your mind. And get connected to your body and your breath.

When your mind is going crazy that’s the signal to slow down, relax and access your divine feminine power.

You’ll come to your senses by sensing yourself. Your mind has become overstimulated by your outer world. And it’s time to get connected to your inner world if you want to slow down your mind chatter.

We don’t live in isolation so other’s energy will affect you. Sometimes I wonder if the thoughts I am thinking… are even mine! It’s all about learning how to take care of yourself emotionally. Here are the steps.

Step 1 – Place Your Hands on Your Heart

When you want to calm your overactive mind get connected to your body. The best and most immediate way to do this is to take one hand and place it on your heart. Take the other hand and place it on your belly. Or take both hands and put them on your chest, deeply holding your heart. Whatever position feels good.

Make connection! By placing your hands on your body your focus goes to your body instead of letting your thoughts dominate. Then when you have your hands on your body you’ll notice your breath.

Step 2 – Breathe

Breathe into yourself. Become aware of the feeling your overactive thoughts are creating in your body. Suspend your thoughts by bringing all your focus to your breath and your body. By following your breath you create spaciousness within your body.

As you follow your breath you’ll calm your mind. As you breathe, notice where in your body you’re feeling the ache of this negative emotional state. Breathe into that area of your body. Hold that area of your body with unconditional love and presence. Surround it with the spaciousness that your breath is providing.

If you find yourself going back to mind chatter… gently return back to following your breath and noticing sensations in your body. Do this for as long as you would like. And long enough to feel a sense of relaxation.

Step 3 – Imagine

Once you are relaxed, think of what you want. Use your imagination. Think about the possibility of an amazingly wonderful outcome in your life. What would that look like? How would it be?

Imagine you are:

Loved, trusted, and accepted.
Supported and deeply valued.
Honored, respected, revered, and cherished.
Celebrated, consulted, considered, and cooperated with.
Heard, understood, included, highly paid and well compensated.
Irreplaceable, adored, appreciated, devoted to, important, and admired.
Welcomed, received, acknowledged, recognized, approved of and deeply loved.

Consciously replace the negative mind chatter with a
positive thought.

If you are going to obsess….
obsess about a positive future for yourself!

Start thinking about what you do want instead of what you don’t want. Let your mind chatter go in the direction of what is positive. Convince yourself with all your obsessive might that life is wonderful. If you find it doesn’t sound very real, realize the negative mind chatter is just as unreal.

Surrender to life and all the ups and downs that come your way. Don’t make them worse.

There is great power in gracefully surrendering to the waves of life. Embrace the flow!

On the other hand don’t be in denial. And don’t repress your emotions. If something is wrong, address it. When your mind is racing it’s because you have an uncomfortable feeling.

Learn to manage your emotions and understand what’s underneath the uncomfortable feeling. When you learn to manage your emotions the result is a calm your mind. The 3 steps above are a great way to start calming your mind.

Being in your mind makes taking care of yourself challenging. Learning how to BE in the body makes taking care of yourself easy.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If this article resonated with you please share it or make a comment. I’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to know more about calming your mind check out my online course 4 Steps to Process Your Powerful Emotions.

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