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How To Have A Positive Relationship With Your Body

How to have a positive relationship with your body is not an easy thing to do in our culture.

Your body is your temple but do you treat it that way?

Or do you treat it more like a rental car?

And what is your attitude about your body?

Far too many women come from an “if only” perspective about their bodies.

Women’s inner dialogue becomes IF ONLY…

“I had smaller hips.”

“My breasts were larger.”

“These thighs of mine were thinner.”

“I didn’t have chicken legs!”

This is living in your head about your body. If judging your body is the only relationship you have with it, it becomes a very abusive existence. 

Create a Love Relationship with Your Body

Have a love affair with it! When you do you will change this abusive existence into an existence that is nurturing, loving and supportive. You will awaken more of your feminine energy. Pleasure is a feminine energy and it is also a great antidote to food and body image issues. And I mean feeling pleasure in your body. Having a love affair with your body creates a more sensual instead of a mental relationship with your body.

A woman’s body is sensual. Women are sensual beings. Our culture has not given women a safe place to be sensual. Our sensuality has been bottled up with a price tag on it. It is often only expressed in less than nurturing places for a woman such as strip joints. Most strip joints are not an environment that supports a more loving and nurturing way of life, especially for the female body.

Accept All Parts of Your Body And Sensual Being

Women, as sensual beings, have had to wall off or compartmentalize that part of themselves to survive in this world. This has led to destructive behavior patterns in regards to our relationships with our bodies.
Have you spent lots of time and energy trying to make your body something that it’s not? If you have short legs, the bones in your legs aren’t going to get longer. If you have curly hair do you always blow it straight? Do you wish for a flatter stomach or thinner legs?

What parts of your body are you not accepting and wish were different? Energetically when you dislike the way a body part is, you cut energy off from that area. You disempower a part of yourself. You create a battle between your mind and that part of your body. That area of your body lives in a more contracted state which means that part of your body is cut off from your aliveness, your sensuality and your ability to feel pleasure.

Stop The Internal Battle

When you stop the internal battle of criticizing your body you will start feeling more sensually alive. You will start feeling more empowered in your body, in your femininity, and in your sexuality. In order to achieve this full empowerment it requires having positive regard for EVERY part of your body, especially, those parts of your body that you “think” are not so perfect. Make a commitment to love your body.

Accepting your “perceived” imperfection is a major step to your empowerment as a woman. You will start to experience your body as your temple and sacred. Start paying attention to the words you say about your body or body parts. Are they kind and loving words? Or are they critical? What happens when someone criticizes you? Don’t you contract? How about when someone appreciates you and says kind things to you? Don’t you feel more expanded and alive? The same thing happens to you and your relationship with your body. The cells in your body will respond to your positive words. Your body will energetically expand. You will feel more alive and empowered.

Deepen the relationship with your body to one of greater positive regard. Change the type of relationship you have with it to one that is more life-affirming and more enlivening. Understand the idea that you do have a relationship with your body and that you want the relationship to be a good one.

Pay attention to what you say about and to your body. Your body, if you want to feel more alive and empowered in it, will respond to kind, loving and appreciative words. This week pay close attention to how you talk to and think about your body.

I’m Anna-Thea, an intimacy coach and educator. If you would like to have a better relationship with your body, I can help. Give me a call at 702-306-3084 for a consultation or visit my events and classes page to awaken your feminine energy

Have a great week!

Much Love!



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