Effects of being born female

Born Female? What Impact Did that Have on You?

Being born female and how it has affected you. Is that something you have ever thought about?

Because we live in a masculine-oriented world, it’s common for women to deny their femininity. And because we have been in this type of world for so long, we don’t realize how distorted and out of balance it is. We don’t realize we’re denying our femininity. It’s almost like a disease we have to heal from, men and women alike.

Does Being Born Female Mean You are a Second-class Citizen?

Born female

I would hate to think that’s the case. But the truth is women have been plagued with the idea that they’re somehow second-class citizens for many centuries. Yes we’ve made progress in the evolution to gender equality. But we still have a long way to go.

We’ve been afflicted with the false notion that we’re not good enough. In this masculine-oriented world, being born female has made us second best. And we have this planted deep into our psyche. Therefore it’s important to be aware of the deeper meanings of how this may play out in your life.

Here is a simple example.

Women tend to say “I’m sorry” too much! And myself included. It takes conscious effort to stop this disempowering habit.

Years ago, I was in a grocery store and a man bumped into me. Guess what my first reaction was? I said, “I’m sorry.” I realized when the man bumped into me, he was not compelled to say he was sorry, so why was I? He bumped into me! Of course, he didn’t do it maliciously. It was an accident. Nonetheless, I was compelled to say I was sorry. Why?

How often do you say you’re sorry when it’s unnecessary? What are you sorry for? Are you sorry for being born female? You don’t have to be sorry for being here. You’re not in the way. You are not a bother. It’s important for us as women to claim our space in the world, unapologetically. We belong here!

Did Your Parents Want a Boy?

Born female

In her book, Female Realities, Anne Wilson Schaef writes about the original sin of being born female. Though many parents want to have a little girl, many girls are born, and one or both of the parents are disappointed. They wanted a boy, not a girl.

I’m one of five siblings, one boy and four girls. We four girls have one brother (the oldest). I’ll always remember my mother telling us she wanted to have five boys. My older sister’s name was supposed to be Matthew. Then I was supposed to be Matthew, and then my younger sister was supposed to be Matthew. Guess what? Matthew never arrived. Mary, Carolyn and I did.

Seven years later, my mother gave birth to another child. And by that time, since we siblings were older, we all decided Steven would be a good name for the baby instead of Mathew. Well, Steven didn’t arrive.

My sister Joanne was born instead. And when she came home from the hospital she didn’t have a name as yet. We were all so sure she was going to be a boy that we hadn’t prepared a girl’s name!

Mind you this was back in the late ’60s. But is it still happening?

What your gender accepted when you were born?

How many parents are hoping for a boy and getting a girl. Or the other way around. Hoping for a girl and getting a boy. Do you think that precious little newborn is energetically absorbing the parents’ disappointment? You bet that infant is. They are like sponges when they come in. Completely open psychically.

So whatever gender you, are embrace it. Who knows what happened when you were born and what expectation were put on you and your gender. Wow just the thought of that frightens me. Be who you are. Love yourself completely.

born female

Again I wonder, how common is this phenomenon? And especially as pertaining to this article. Were you fully accepted as a little girl when you were born into this world? Maybe that’s where “I’m sorry” comes from. Maybe that’s part of the reason why we don’t fully embrace, claim and celebrate our femininity.

Sorry No More!

Make a choice not to be sorry anymore for being female. Learn how to take care of yourself emotionally and stand in your feminine power. Make a choice to embrace your femininity as sacred, and you’ll let the powerful feminine rise within you. We need that now more than ever. It will heal yourself, your relationships and the world.


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