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Real Yoni Egg Testimonials – 4 Women Share The Real Deal!

Reading about other women’s Yoni egg testimonials are a good way to understand the true benefits this ancient divine feminine practice has to offer you.

There’s so much information out there it’s hard to know what’s the truth. The following testimonials come from student and also myself. These are women who have experienced what the Yoni egg practice is really all about. I hope you enjoy what they have shared and that it gives you the courage to move forward with learning about how to use this powerful feminine tool.

With that said, each woman is going to be different in how she experiences the Yoni egg. A lot of it has to do with getting the proper guidance and education.

I just finished doing my Yoni egg practice and it was powerful. And subtly so. Which are the most powerful ones of all. Sometimes, I do the practice and nothing profound happens.

But that only occurs when I’m not being present and just going through the motions. I definitely can tell the difference. It takes effort to not just go through the motions and use it just as a purely physical practice.

When you go beyond the physical and into the subtle and even unseen realms of what this practice has to offer it’s totally worth it.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to use a Yoni egg in a more divine feminine way. This means learning practices that are more than just “sticking it in.”

The following are real-life testimonials from women who are on the path of reclaiming their Yoni as sacred. Let the following Yoni egg testimonials be a source of inspiration for you.

Yoni egg classes

Yoni Egg Testimonials

1. Starting with Jade But My Yoni Wanted Rose Quartz

I had been using the jade Yoni Egg because that is the suggested egg to start with. I thought the jade egg would be a perfect fit for me, since I am working on creating stronger boundaries for myself, speaking my truth more regularly and speaking up for myself in general.

However, something about the jade egg wasn’t resonating with my yoni. I felt some occasionally cramping. I resisted using the egg but was not sure exactly why.

While I was taking Anna-thea’s class, The Yoni Egg 101, as she described the Rose Quartz egg, it struck me to try the rose quartz egg. Her description of it’s healing energies really resonated with me.

I followed her instruction of how to cleanse, bless and insert the Yoni Egg, and inserted my rose quartz egg for the first time. I used her breathing exercises to “sip” the egg in. It was amazing! After the egg was partially inside of my yoni, with one deep exhale and release of my pelvic muscles, the egg just swooped inside of my yoni without any pushing at all. It was like my yoni said, YES!, and she just swallowed up the rose quart egg! The egg was deep inside of my yoni in just a flash.

Even better, I feel so great with the rose quartz egg inside of me. I don’t get any discomfort. I think the energy of the jade egg was too strong for me, at least currently in my life. I am so grateful for the rose quartz egg and for Anna-thea’s teachings! And, I am well on my to a life long yoni Egg practice!

Thank you Anna-Thea!

~ Donna

2. Feeling the Healing!

I’m doing the Guided Practices and I like that you have the written version of them in your course. It has made it easy to adjust them a little bit so that I can let my own creative juices flow and make my own version. I’ve also started to incorporate additional movements and breath exercises once I have the egg in and have enjoyed exploring longer with it.

I feel like I am getting more precise with my pelvic muscles and I can easily push the egg out (although I was able to do so from the beginning, it is now easier and better coordinated). 

It just feels good to be more in touch with my Yoni in this loving way. I feel like I honor her more and it seems like my Yoni is going through a healing process. Like for example, I started dreaming about one of my exes all of a sudden after doing the Guided Practices that day. This is so weird but I figured maybe (hopefully) my Yoni is processing what happened with this person somehow. This is a new development so I cannot be sure where it is going yet but I will keep you posted 🙂

~ Martina

3. Satisfying My Sensual Spiritual Side

“For me I’ve always wanted to have a deep love. I’ve suffered so much because I’ve looked for love outside myself. I want a beautiful sensual love. I’ve longed to experience a deep spiritual, sensual, sexual nourishing connection. And at the same time not go so deep that I lose myself in relationship.

I have longed for that for many years. And only was met with unsatisfying or even hurtful experiences.

I now have a very loving, juicy, playful relationship with my honeyman. But I think the success of that relationship comes from me not projecting my deeper needs on him. He’s just not there. And I would be torturing myself to think that he should “be there” and make him wrong and try to change him for “not being there.”

The Yoni egg practice is my own personal very sacred connection with me. With the spiritual side of my sexuality. And having these special practices with myself – fill me up. It fulfills something inside me that’s so sacred and nurturing that I don’t EXPECT it from another. Otherwise, I might be waiting a long time.

In the meantime… thank Goddess for these sacred divine feminine Yoni yoga practices. It’s helped me to create a healthier relationship with the opposite sex.”

` Anna-Thea

4. Healing My Blocks and Attracting a Man

“I am in my 60’s and could have easily given up on my sexuality. I was going to just accept no partner, no intimacy, no juice etc. because I did not know where to start to heal and I was kind of in a ‘comfort zone.’  

But thank goodness, a part of me that said ‘no. I want more. And I know there is more.’  

I was single at the time and now I’m not. Little did I realize my Yoni was so powerful to attract a man into my life. And a good man!

Once I made the commitment to look at my sexuality and be willing to release some blocks it was like magic happened. I was single and now I am dating. It was almost overnight.

It’s a true testimony that a woman’s Yoni is powerful and is the grand attractor. If you are willing to let go of the blocks you hold in your Yoni you’ll attract wonderful things into your life.  And I am so happy to have the guidance of Anna-Thea along the way.” 

~ Pat K.

Yoni Egg Practice Tips!

The guided practice keep me on track. Without them it’s easy for me to just hurry up. It’s my bad habit of not being able to slow down. Knowing the audio is, for example, 35 minutes long, I’ll dedicate that much time to the experience. And also be more fully engaged.

What helps me is to close my eyes for most of the practice. It helps me connect more easily to my inner world. That’s where the fun and excitement is! Tuning in to what’s happening inside.

When doing a Yoni egg guided practice I always
call in sacred energy and set an intention. That makes a world of difference.

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Your Yoni Holds Wisdom

Your Yoni, your womb, your divine feminine essence is wiser than you can ever imagine. She is your source of vitality, creativity, and inner guidance. She knows what is good for you.

I hope you take the journey. And start to educate yourself about this magically transformative practice. I’m here for you. To guide you and open divine feminine doors.

You deserve love. The time is now for the divine feminine to come out and express her healing and attracting powers. Yoni egg practices can help you do that.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I wish for you to experience what I’ve experienced and what my students have experienced. If you’d like to learn more about the Yoni egg practices check out my Yoni egg courses.

Yoni egg testimonials

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