Learn How to Use the Yoni Egg: Online Courses

Divine Feminine Yoni Egg Practices
for Feminine Health

Yoni Egg 101 Course

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Yoni Egg 201 Course

Beautiful Yoni Eggs
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Free Intro Yoni Egg Course

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Your Divine Feminine Energy

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Video Testimonial from Mackensey

Other Testimonials

Anna-Thea’s Divine Feminine Yoni Egg online courses give you:

  • Teach you everything from the basics to the advanced.
  • The 101 course gives you a strong foundation of information you need to know.
  • The 201 course teaches you the actually practices as well as 4 guided practices you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Sex Ed and Divine Feminine Wisdom You Didn’t Learn From Your Mother.
  • A way to connect deeper to your female anatomy and in a sacred way.
  • The path to get in touch with your feminine side.
  • Both practical and spiritual perspectives on how to use the Yoni egg.

How to use a Yoni Egg no longer needs to be a mystery!

Each course deepens your knowledge on exactly how to use the Yoni egg in a way to strengthen your connection with YOU.

Learn about the beauty and wisdom of your Yoni by learning about the Yoni egg and how to use it in a divine feminine way.

The pelvic floor of a woman, though highly sought after, has been put on the backburner as far as care. In my Yoni egg online courses, you’ll gain wisdom as well as learn specific practices to enhance the health of your female anatomy and pelvic floor. These courses will give you a whole new perspective on what it means to be a woman. This is power, transformative wisdom every woman needs to know!

Learn how to create intimacy and more pleasure in your life.

My online courses are designed to be transformative, heart-warming, intuitive, supportive and deeply awakening and inspiring to your feminine soul.

You’ll receive the support you need to feel empowered about your female anatomy. My courses will educate you not only about the Yoni egg and how to do the Yoni egg practices but also about the art of intimacy and self-love. Something our existing culture and world knows little about. This is a journey of education, exploration, and fun.

Since the courses are online, I come to you. You stay home in the receptive (feminine) mode. And you can do the classes at your own pace.

On an energetic level, through my teachings about the Yoni egg and my divine feminine perspective, you’ll bring this sacred energy into your home. On a subtle level this will have a profound effect. And that is exactly what this program is about… tapping into the more subtle and elevated energies of love and compassion to move beyond the mundane challenges of everyday life.

Want to feel more empowered and sensually confident as a woman?

Do you want to know how to create intimacy and more pleasure in your life?

Are self-love and confidence something you struggle with?

These courses are for you!

Additional Testimonials:

“Everything about this experience was amazing. I feel so blessed to be able to learn from Anna-Thea. This is for every woman who is ready to nurture herself, embrace all aspects of herself and release limiting beliefs. The sacred space created with the other women felt so safe and allowed for deep healing. Thank you Anna-Thea for living your truth, shining your light and embodying love in the most exuberant way.” Erin Hennessy

“Anna-Thea, Thank you for your lovely classes. Your experience, wisdom, and love creates a space that I look forward to being part of every week.” Much Love, Betsy“I have had my share of relationships that didn’t work out and knew I needed to change something inside myself: I ‘m a healer and very intuitive, I thought, I knew my body  but there is so much more to learn…..  Anna-Thea assisted me in releasing old trauma and gave me a new way of seeing things so that I can and will attract in a man that is loving and committed to me .The process is not finished yet , I’m so excited about my journey of finding my Life Sole Mate!!!!.” Valerie