the fifth chakra

Know How to Speak Your Truth with Your Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is about learning how to speak your truth. As one of the higher chakras, opening, balancing and healing the fifth chakra results in a level of higher spiritual maturation. Getting to know yourself and your personal power.

What is the fifth chakra?

The fifth chakra, also known as your throat chakra, is the chakra for communication and expressing yourself. It’s located at the throat. The Sankrit name for the fifth chakra is Visuddha. The chakra’s color is blue and the element is ether.
Since this chakra is about communication and expression your words are powerful and how you choose them is what creates your reality. Communication allows you to express yourself and connect with others. Your words determine the depth to which you can connect with another.

the fifth chakra

The fifth chakra symbol is depicted above. It is the traditional symbol without artistic modification. Therefore energetically it holds within it the true Vishuddha chakra meaning.

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Speak Your Truth

What Does the Fifth Chakra Represent?

As mentioned earlier, the fifth chakra is about learning how to speak your truth. It is also about learning how to speak from your heart. If your throat chakra is shut down you won’t be able to express what is in your heart.

In order to express yourself clearly, especially in intimate and emotional situations, it’s important to know yourself. The fifth chakra and developing it involves a level of spiritual maturity. It involves being able to be upfront in your communication and ask for what you need without feeling you have to resort to yelling or throwing temper tantrums.

From childhood most of us were not taught how to ask for what we need, thinking that if we did it would mean we are needy. But needs are normal and natural. Being able to clearly understand and express your needs to another instead of having a fit or pouting, is part of learning how to open your throat chakra. What’s needed for this maturation process is taking the time to learn how to improve your communication in your relationships.

There is no need to “have a tantrum” to get attention or get your way. Ultimately it will backfire on you and you will sabotage your relationships. The throat chakra teaches you how to get your needs met as well as create deeper connections with others. This results in truly healing the fifth chakra.

Therefore this chakra is how you assert (or don’t assert) your will. And the choices you make. Are you making choices that reflect the true you? Or are you making choices based on social norms, people-pleasing, limiting beliefs, fears, guilt, or from within someone else’s stronghold on you?

Healing the fifth chakra is about developing a strong personal authentic will by making choices that reflect your true heart’s desire as well as your mind’s knowing.

Speak Your Truth – Your Fifth Chakra Super Power

Expressing your truth. Expressing your creativity
and expressing your needs.

Negative Expression:

Needing to control relationships and life situations. Yelling, or the opposite, giving someone the silent treatment.

Not listening and honoring your inner voice and instead letting other people’s opinions sway you in a direction that’s not in your highest good.

  • Lying and manipulation
  • Your words don’t match your actions
  • Chatty Cathy Syndrome
  • Fake or masked personality

Positive Expression:

The ability to speak your truth in a clear and centered way. Knowing yourself well enough to make clear decisions that you can stand by. Having a sense of personal authority and strong sense of self without being egotistic.

  • Faith
  • Self-knowledge
  • Personal Authority
  • Keeping your word

Lesson of the fifth chakra

The fifth chakra teaches you that you cannot control another. The only person you can control is yourself. This is where you learn how to surrender your will to divine will.

Fifth Chakra Healing Exercise:

Healing the Fifth Chakra Exercise 1

Healing the fifth chakra involves learning how to honor your needs and to speak your truth. In order to honor your needs, you first need to know what they are. Often people are very disconnected from knowing what they need. Especially in a triggering or upsetting situation.

We often relate by being a people pleaser instead of taking the risk of rejection and standing in our truth.

For the next week notice where you might be compromising your truth in order to keep the peace. See if you can express your truth to another without making them wrong. Simply state the way it is for you.

When you are being pulled in a direction that you do not want to be pulled in you can simply and calmly say, “That doesn’t work for me.” Then state what you would prefer. Speak from your center. Know what you want and state it. Give it a try and see what happens.

Good Fifth Chakra Gemstones

Aquamarine, Azurite, Blue Apatite

Healing the Fifth Chakra Exercise 2

A Wonderful way to open your fifth chakra is to sing. And the easiest way to accomplish that without adding yet another task to your self-care list is to sing while you are in the car.

Either pick your favorite songs or find some yogic chants and sing them while you are driving. Snatam Kaur has some wonderful yogic chants and easy to sing songs that are uplifting and will exercise your voice box.

Your fifth chakra can be beautifully activated and opened through using your voice in a joyful way.

Self Reflection

  • How is your fifth chakra expressing itself in your day-to-day life?
  • How strong-willed are you? Are you passive-aggressive?
  • Can you speak your truth in a loving way without disrespecting the needs of yourself or others?
  • By opening balancing and healing the fifth chakra, how would it enhance your life?

I would love to hear back from you! Help me to help others feel connected to their bodies by sharing this information.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author, Evolutionary Astrologer, and a Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate people on how to claim their bodies as sacred. If you’d like to experience a chakra balancing and clearing check out my Guided Chakra Meditation.

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