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How to Know Your First Chakra and Activate Its Power

What is the first chakra? Do you have an imbalanced root chakra? Or do you have an underactive or overactive root chakra? And what does this all mean?

In this article, I discuss the superpower of your first chakra, how the first chakra expresses itself both negatively and positively, the lesson you’re here to learn, an exercise that you can do to balance or open your first chakra, and a section on self-reflection about the first chakra.

Throughout the article, I refer to the 1st chakra also as the root chakra. It is one and the shame.

Let’s start by giving you a general definition of the 1st chakra.

What is the first chakra?

The 1st chakra also called the root chakra is your foundation and this chakra is located at the base of your body.

The Sankrit name for this chakra is Muladhara which translated means foundation.

The color associated with this chakra is red. Located at the perineum (the base of your body), it is the foundational chakra and therefore crucially important as a platform for the rest of the chakras.

It is related to the earth element, all things earthly such as our bodies, our survival, our ability to manifest, and our ability to feel safe in the world, are related to the first chakra.

The first chakra symbol is depicted in this article’s main image. It is the traditional symbol without artistic modification. Therefore energetically it holds within it the true muladhara chakra meaning.

Studying the chakras in an in-depth subject. Our journey of the chakras will begin with the 1st chakra – the root chakra meaning. If you’d like to know about the other 6 main chakras see the following articles:

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What Does the First Chakra Represent?

The 1st chakra is your “tribal” connection and having a sense of belonging in the world or in your life. It’s about having a community that you can relate to where you feel support and experience a sense of belonging.

Whether that’s your family or some other group, it’s very important to have that connection in order to have a healthy root chakra. Your root or first chakra is about feeling safe, grounded, and rooted.

Someone who is always moving, traveling, or frequently looking for a new place to live (unless they are extremely grounded) may have a hard time establishing a healthy root chakra. They’ll have root chakra issues.

Your First Chakra Super Power:

Acceptance. Accepting everything and accepting everyone as they are.

Negative Expression: 

Not having a place to call home. Feeling unsettled. Feeling scattered. Having a feeling of superiority and excluding others due to prejudiced feelings. These are examples of a blocked or imbalanced root chakra.

Imbalanced root chakra behaviors to be aware of:

  • Greed
  • Hoarding
  • Excluding others
  • Fear of death
  • Stinginess

Positive Expression:

Having a sense of belonging, feeling grounded, secure, and stable. Having the ability to bond and create a meaningful connection with another. Being loyal to yourself and others is a positive expression of your root chakra.

  • Family identity
  • Bonding
  • Loyalty

Lesson of the 1st Chakra:

The 1st chakra teaches you that we are all connected, that we need each other and that we are all one. The first chakra, when balanced and open, lets you know that you are safe and that you are not alone.

First Chakra Healing Exercise:

This is a great exercise to do if you’re feeling fearful, scattered or too mentally active (up in your head). You’ll experience a beautiful root chakra opening with this exercise.

Tip: If you want to ground your root chakra, feel your feet!

Healing The Root Chakra

Sit in a comfortable position, either in a chair or preferably on the ground. The best location would be outside sitting directly on the earth. If you’re sitting in a chair, start by feeling your feet on the ground. Whether you’re in a chair, on the ground, or directly on the earth, begin to feel the bottom of your body.

Feel that part of your body that is in contact with the chair, floor or earth. Breathe into that connection. Become aware of your tailbone, your anus, and your perineum. Breathe into them. Imagine a chord coming from your root chakra down deep into mother earth.

Good Root Chakra Gemstones:
Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Obsidian

Imagine that this cord you’re sending down into mother earth is a deep beautiful red color. Let it reach as far down as you can imagine.

Breathe that chord from the bottom of your body deep into the earth. Take time to feel your connection to the earth. Stay in this awareness for as long as you would like.

Then once you feel you have established that connection to the earth and to the bottom of your body, begin to affirm, “I am safe”, “I am stable”, “I belong”, “I accept myself and others” or any other similar phrase that is related to the positive expression of your first chakra. Repeat one or all of these affirmations.

Root Chakra Element:

Let the affirmations move through you. Feel the vibration of the words and their effect on you. You can put your hands on your heart and send heart energy down into your root chakra as long as you can keep your attention at the base of your body.

Imagine your heart energy flowing down into your root magnifying the feelings of being grounded and feeling safe.

Then breathe mother earth and her powerful energy up into your first chakra. Let that earth energy come into your pelvic bowl, healing, grounding, and strengthening you. Filling you with vitality. Allow your whole pelvic bowl to open and receive as you relax your pelvic bowl.

Bask in the feeling of the root chakra resonance that you have created.

Self Reflection

  • How is your first chakra expressing itself in your day to day life?
  • Are you feeling safe in the world?
  • Do you accept yourself and others?
  • Do you understand that you are not alone and that we are all in this thing called life together?
  • What is your first chakra wanting to teach you?

What have you discovered through this exploration of the root chakra meaning? Help me to help others feel connected to their bodies by sharing this information.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate people on how to claim their bodies as sacred. If you’d like to open and balance your chakras check out my Guided Chakra Meditation for beginners.

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  1. Sally Byrd

    How is your first chakra expressing itself in your day to day life? Are you feeling safe in the world? Do you understand that you are not alone and that we are all in this thing called life together? What is your first chakra wanting to teach you? Let me know.
    It feels hot/cold/static like. Uncomfortable, like it won’t let my hips relax, feels like I constantly am flexing muscles against my will. I don’t feel safe. Not sure what it’s trying to teach me… Either to learn to trust the man who’s touch makes me feel this way, or to run away from him. Not sure if it’s love or abuse – I don’t know what the difference is. Everything is crazy and I just don’t trust anyone at all. No one seems to really care. I can’t bring myself to fully care either. Just feel uncomfortable and can’t stop crying.

  2. Hi Sally, My heart opened to you as I read your comment. You are not alone in these feelings. And you can address this energy. When you do, it will bring you many blessings. I have done a lot of personal sexual healing and it has made a huge difference in my life. Including the relationship I have with my sexuality. I want to encourage you to check out my teachings about the Yoni/Jade egg practice which show you how to bring love into that area of your body. I am revamping the course AS WE SPEAK! Please make sure you are on my email list so that you can receive the education, inspiration and support to release the feelings of hot/cold/static, discomfort that you are feeling with your man and gain more inner guidance on how to do that. My Love Quiz is a good place to start or my Free Jade Egg class. Here are the link. Love Quiz – Free Jade Egg Class – Much love! Anna-Thea

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