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What is Sexual Reflexology and How Can It Enhance Your Sex Life?

What is Sexual Reflexology

Sexual reflexology is a Taoist principle associating organs and their related emotions to parts of our sexual anatomy. It shows what is stimulated during intercourse, potentially allowing sexual intercourse to be a form of healing acupressure. With conscious awareness, negative stuck emotions and be transformed and healed into positive emotions.

When you become familiar with the sexual reflexology “map” it empowers you and creates an opportunity for a big transformation. Especially for women who are holding negative stuck emotions due to negative and traumatic sexual experiences.

Female Sexual Reflexology Overview


Lungs are related to the positive emotions of courage, confidence, and surrender. They are also related to the negative emotions of sadness, grief, and depression. The lungs and those positive and negative emotions correlate to the cervix in female anatomy.


Kidneys are related to the positive emotions of gentleness, calm and trust. They are also related to the negative emotions of fear and anxiety. The kidneys correlate to the opening of the vagina in female anatomy.


The Liver is related to the positive emotions of kindness and generosity. It is also related to the negative emotions of anger and frustration. The liver is associated with the g-spot in female anatomy.


The heart is related to the positive emotions of love and joy. It is also related to the negative emotions of impatience and rage. The heart correlates to the cervix in female anatomy.


The spleen is related to the positive emotions of openness and feeling centered. It is also related to the negative emotions of worry and guilt. The spleen correlates to the mid area of the vagina.

Sexual Reflexology: The Liver and Your Female Parts

As I mentioned above, the liver holds the emotion of anger.  There is an area inside a woman’s vagina that is related to the liver. Can you guess what area that is?

Sexual Reflexology - Picture of female anatomy with the emotions and organs.
Female Sexual Reflexology

Sexual Reflexology: Woman’s G-Spot

The area related to the liver and the emotion anger inside the vagina is the g-spot. The g-spot is just inside the vaginal entry on the anterior side of the vagina (the side toward the belly).

It wasn’t until I believe, as recent as early 2000 that the medical community recognized a woman’s g-spot as the prostate gland for women. No wonder we are angry! It is about time we are recognized for having an organ that has been there all along.

In the 80’s I used to think the g-spot was something men made up to gain entry into our most sacred space. I thought the clitoris was the center stage for our pleasure. It is definitely important however I didn’t know there was so much more. The g-spot is part of that so much more.

In the meantime, the g-spot can hold anger due to sexual abuse, unwanted entry or any number of negative sexual experiences. Releasing the anger that is “stuck” is the g-spot is powerful work.

A woman needs to get in touch with that part of her body to support the release. Being at home with your female anatomy is more than getting aroused. For a woman to open up and allow her g-spot to “express itself” can take time though it doesn’t have to.

And when a woman is more in touch with her female anatomy is will only lead to better sex in the bedroom and more pleasure.

Each Woman is Unique

It’s all part of the deeper exploration of a woman’s sexual response system. Getting anger and resentment out of the way helps to awaken this magical organ that holds our feminine mysteries.

Part of expressing herself (the g-spot) involves opening her gates of flowing waters. In other words, female ejaculation. This is a big subject and I won’t go into it today.

For now, know that part of activating your flowing waters requires releasing “stuck” anger and resentment in the g-spot. Your g-spot wants to be free of those painful emotions! You’ll then be able to open and receive pleasure more deeply. That isn’t a bad thing either.

What can you do to connect deeper to your female parts? What can you do to release anger, especially anger you may have toward the opposite sex? Know that by doing so you may experience more pleasure in your life.

Women were made to receive pleasure. All we have to do is learn how to open to it.

As mentioned above, the heart is related to the emotion impatience and related to the cervix inside a woman’s vagina. The cervix is the gatekeeper to our womb. I find it interesting the cervix correlates to the heart. It’s our heart that guards our womb.

Sexual Reflexology: The Heart and the Penis

The male counterpart for sexual reflexology is the tip of the penis. In other words, the tip of a man’s penis is related to the heart. Therefore, when a man and a woman are in a deep sexual union, according to sexual reflexology, they are heart to heart. Imagine that. Your hearts are being affected even if you don’t consciously realize it. Even if you think you can have sex with no strings attached, you might want to reconsider that concept.

This is very important for us to understand. Intercourse is a deep energetic union. Whether the two engaged in such activity realize it or not, they are touching each other’s hearts very deeply. Energetic strings or cords develop between the two people. This is undeniable. I’ve felt these cords when experiencing a breakup. I felt as if part of me had been ripped out.

Nurturing Yourself

It is important to nurture yourself during such times to re-establish yourself energetically independent from another. Often people will quickly get into another relationship to fill this rip or tear in their energy field. Following their impulse and urge to merge with another.

You have heard of relationships on the rebound. Might this be an expression of impatience, the emotion related to the heart? Rebound relationships might occur due to a lack of patience, lack of willingness to be with the pain. Wanting to move on without processing the rip or tear or wound that is present. Possibly not acknowledging that it even exists.

After you are in another relationship you can have energetic cords still attached to your ex-partner. Ultimately, we are all connected, however, it is wise to be a guardian of your energy and not “plug” into someone else’s energy too soon or too early after a breakup. Of course, there are always exceptions.

It is wise to look at your motivations for the “rebound” relationship? Most often it is better to give yourself time to heal. Give yourself time to mend the rip and to process the relationship that just ended. Give yourself time to understand what the gifts were for the two of you to be together. Patience is a virtue. Give it to yourself as a gift for your own spiritual maturation and your heart will love you for it.

Men Benefit from Pleasure Too

And sexual reflexology also applies to men. See below how sexual reflexology and male sexual anatomy matches up with female sexual anatomy.

Sexual Reflexology - Picture of male anatomy with the emotions and organs.

I’m Anna-Thea, a Certified Divine Feminine Educator and author. I educate women to reclaim their bodies as sacred. If you’d like to learn more check out my online courses.

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