Female Sexuality

Female Sexuality: Understanding the Beauty, Power, and Responsibility

Our society will continue to misunderstand a woman’s sexuality if we as women don’t even fully understand it.

Do you, as a woman, understand the beauty, power and responsibility it holds?

This is the information age and ancient knowledge is being made available. Discovering the Sensual/Sexual Goddess within is not a movement of women’s liberation. It’s a movement of human liberation and soul evolution.

Female Sexuality: Women are the Powerhouses of our Future

The feminine is rising. We, women, are the powerhouses of our future. We are the leaders of love and it’s through conscious sexuality that we’ll lead humanity to a better place.

When we heal ourselves, which means healing our sexual wounds and sexual shame, we honor and take responsibility for our sexual energy, our creative life force. When we do this we’ll automatically heal our society.

Our ancestor men were fascinated by our power as women to birth new life. They adored us and our magical vaginas and bodies. No ancient archeological findings depict rape.

To our prehistoric ancestors, women’s sexuality and our beautiful curvy fluid moving energy were honored and respected.

The Goddess Inanna (Summaria 3200 BC) was the most beloved and revered deity. She was the Goddess of love and procreation. She was the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Most revealing are the hymns about Inanna. Highly erotic passages dealing with her sacred marriage to the King.

My own belief system was challenged when I heard these word however I felt I needed to share them with you and let you know what I discovered about an ancient Goddess.

During these ancient times, a woman’s sexual expression and creative forces were directly related to the fertility of the land and a bountiful harvest. Our depletion and disrespect for Mother Earth parallel our cultures depletion and disrespect for women’s sexuality.

The Goddess Inanna

Here is what Inanna, the powerful Goddess of love and procreation, said to her King.

“Who will plow my vulva? Who will plow my wet ground?”

The King answers:
“Great Lady, I will plow your vulva.”

Inanna replies:
“Then plow my vulva, man of my heart.”

Inanna was a deity, goddess that was cherished, revered and highly honored in her society. She is deeply connected to her sensual goddess within and obviously free of sexual shame. She is independent, sensual and also known for having a dual nature of both masculine and feminine qualities.

As we realize and reclaim the unique beauty and sacredness of our female sexuality and change our belief systems about our bodies, our genitals and our sexuality our society will reflect that change back to us.

When we reclaim the sacredness of our feminine parts our society will stop degrading and humiliating women’s sexuality and making it nothing more than a commodity.

It’s not about size and shape, Inanna was quite round. Instead, it’s about self-love and seeing the beauty of who you are, not what society says you are supposed to be.

Claim your sexuality. Make it sacred. Surround it in thoughts of honor. Treat your female anatomy as something profoundly special.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I empower people in the area of intimacy and love. If you’d like to learn more about your sexuality and reclaim it as sacred check out my “Sex Ed You Didn’t Learn From Your Mother” course.

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