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Feminine Health & Sexual Well-being

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My name is Anna-Thea and
I’m so glad you’re here!

What I teach in this free Yoni egg class comes from my knowledge as a Certified Divine Feminine Educator.

But also from my own personal journey of using the Yoni Egg in a Divine Feminine way for over 15 years.

In this Free Yoni and Jade Egg Course You’ll Receive a Depth of Divine Feminine Wisdom

I started using the Yoni egg long before it was ever popular and I had the good fortune of learning from a female Taoist practitioner. I’ve used the Yoni egg as a cycling woman, peri-menopausal woman, and now as a woman in menopause.

I’ve experienced firsthand, how the Yoni egg has been a powerful tool for me to develop greater sexual confidence. And I want the same for you.

In my teachings, I’ll give you a depth of wisdom and a strong foundation so that you can fully embody the true benefits the Yoni egg has to offer you.

Testimonial from one of my
amazing and beautiful Students!


My Yoni egg classes will connect you to the healing power of your sexuality.


  • A Yoni and Jade egg course that heightens your awareness of and connection to your female anatomy.
  • Increasing the power and pleasure of your orgasmic response.
  • Experiencing more pleasure and intimacy than you ever dreamed possible.
  • Feeling totally uninhibited in your intimate relationship.
  • Want to know how?
  • Raise your feminine awareness!

My Yoni Egg Classes will show you how to:

  • Use the Yoni egg in a Divine Feminine way.
  • Feel confident with the proper use of the Yoni egg.
  • Practice with the Yoni egg in a way that honors and awaken your femininity.
  • Create your personal practice and incorporate the Yoni egg into your everyday life.
  • And so much more!

This Yoni and Jade egg course will gently guide you through an uplifting and inspiring journey of owning, connecting with and working with a Yoni egg. You’ll receive a strong foundation of Divine Feminine wisdom to get you off to a powerful start.

This Yoni and Jade egg course is designed to step you through a nurturing process and allow the magic of your femininity and sexuality to unfold.


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Taking an online Yoni egg class might be something totally new to you (or not). However, it’s not easy to find a Yoni egg workshop that’s near you. And getting a good foundation of how to use a Yoni egg is important before you dive into using a Yoni egg.

My Yoni Egg Classes are Based on
Divine Feminine Wisdom

The Yoni egg classes I offer are based on my Divine Feminine education and also 15 years of personal experience with using the Yoni egg. This free yoni egg class will get you off to a powerful start in understanding what this practice is all about and how you can use it to change your relationship with your sexuality.

The beauty of my Yoni egg classes are that you can learn about this intimate subject in the privacy of your own home.

It’s time for you to reclaim your body as sacred. When you do, a whole new inner power will open up to you. Your life will become more peaceful, grounded and clear.

Connecting to your body in this sacred way, which is what my Yoni egg classes are all about, will “bring you back home.”

We live in a disconnected world. It’s time to connect so that we can heal and start living a more joyful and juicy life. The Yoni egg is your mascot to bring you back to you. And bring you back to the wisdom and power that you hold in your female body.

Love Heals

One big thing I know… is that LOVE HEALS. And it’s through you creating a deeper connection with yourself that love will grow and manifest in your life. My Yoni and Jade egg course will give you a path to sexual empowerment.

Developing a Yoni egg practice gives you a direct way to connect with the creative life force and potential within you. And also opening you up to deeper levels of pleasure.

Have you been curious about this feminine tool and looking for a good Yoni or Jade egg course? I’m excited you found me. Taking my Yoni egg classes will change how you feel about your sexuality, how you show up during sex, how you date, and how you embody yourself.

Are you ready to change your life? I am here to taking you on a powerful, eye-opening, inspiring and nurturing journey to show you the wisdom, grace and power you hold within you.

I am honored to show you the way!

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I’ll keep you informed of my classes and trainings.