Women of the future - a drawing of a woman's form and the background is a sun rise shining through her heart.

These Are The Women of the Future. Are You That Woman?

Who is the woman of the future?

There is a good chance you’ll be one of those future women?

How will you act? How will you feel? What types of relationships will you have? How will you interact with other women? How will you interact with men?

Men and women were originally designed to be magically complimentary to each other. We are not NATURALLY designed to oppose each other, which is what has somehow happened, leaving all of us, both sexes, feeling isolated, separate and alone.

  • The masculine in both sexes is designed to challenge us to the next level.
  • The feminine in both sexes is designed to support and nurture us to the next level.

The last four thousand, or more, years have been predominantly a masculine expression of humanity. As women, and even men, being birthed into this more masculine expression of society, we have had to armor our precious feminine side.

Release Your Armor

This has blocked you from your full potential. It has blocked you from gaining access to your divine feminine wisdom. That strong yet vulnerable feminine side that gives life, support, and nurturing to others and ourselves.

It is up to each of us to release the armor we are carrying and let that feminine side express itself. Are you carrying armor that is keeping you from fully receiving life, support and nurturing energy?

If you release the armor (your blocks) you will create space to let more love in. The armor, though it may have worked in the past, will no longer work as you move into the future to become that woman in 2020’s.

I believe this shift of releasing the armor and letting love in will be led by the feminine. It is through the feminine form that new life is brought out into the world. This new shift of letting love in is a birthing process of our consciousness and women are very good at the birthing process!

When I coach women I help them release their armor. It is a beautiful journey of compassion. Ultimately it is a journey of self- acceptance that starts with the body, changing the relationship you as a woman have with your body and listening to it’s wisdom.

Your Body Has Great Wisdom

Your body has great wisdom. It is not something to be criticized or judged. It is perfect just the way it is, honor it, cherish it, take good care of it, speak well of it and to it. Learn to listen to it! When I coach women it always involves helping women listen to their body and bringing love to the emotional blocks that arise.

Learning to listen to your body is the most valuable thing you can do as a woman. It takes mastery and skill. It takes stopping in the middle of an emotional storm and taking a different path than you are used to.

The women of 2020 and beyond are women that are highly skilled in listening to their body. Women of 2020 (and beyond) are women who don’t run from their emotions but rather receive the wisdom the emotions have to offer. They know how to take care of themselves emotionally.

The women of 2020 (and beyond) are women who no longer have to wall off or armor up to survive in the world. They know that the gift is in opening up, listening and letting the love in. They know how to use their divine feminine energy to connect with a man or partner. And seek out relationships that are healthy and nurturing for them.

Are you one of these women?

Learn to nurture your emotions instead of numbing them. Learn to be present with intense feelings instead of fearing them. These are the women of the future. Let’s all become these kind of women together.  As we do our bodies will become “lighter” and our hearts powerfully brighter. Stay tuned for more wisdom as we journey into the future and develop the wise woman’s art of skillful listening and allowing of our emotions.

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I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If educate women to speak confidently from their hearts and reclaim their bodies as sacred. If you’d like to learn more about my Divine Feminine teachings check out my online courses.

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