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Your Soul’s Purpose: Where Does it Reside? You’ll be surprise!

Have you defined your soul’s purpose? Are you aligned with your passion?

Your body has within it a spiritual code. This code is the imprint of your unique soul’s purpose… what you came here to do in this lifetime. Have you deciphered this code?

In my presentation “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body” based on my book, I talk about 5 steps. The third step is to Have a Love Affair with Your Body. One of the teachings I discuss in this third step is to understand your body. And what you need to understand about your body is that it’s your schoolroom.

Your body is your schoolroom to teach you many things.

Barbara Brennan, author of the book “Hands of Light” states in her book.

“You have designed your body and your energy system as a tool to perform your life task. It is made up of a combination of energy consciousness that best suits what you have been incarnated to do.

No one else has that combination and no one else wants to do precisely what you want to do. You are unique. When you block the flow of energy in your energy system that you created for your task, you also block your task.

The general patterns of blocking that people do is called structures and defense systems. These are all ways by which you habitually separate yourself from what you came to do on the world task level.

They are also direct manifestations of what you don’t know about life that you have come here to learn.

Therefore you have your lesson crystallized into your body and your energy system. You have built and fashioned your school room according to your own specifications. You live inside it!”

Your body has lots to teach you! Are you listening to “her?”

Or are you critical of yourself? Do you numb out by overworking, overeating, over shopping etc?

It’s about changing the conversation; changing the limiting conversations you have with yourself that keep you from having a successful life. When you are clear about your soul’s purpose you will feel more motivated in life. You’ll have a deep soul drive that doesn’t compare to having a “regular job.” It’s because you’ll be connected to your soul’s intent.

As you peel away limiting belief systems, heal your sexuality and process your emotions, you’ll automatically become more in touch with your soul’s purpose. It will automatically be revealed to you.

As you empower yourself you will have a desire to empower others. You’ll want to share with them the experiences you went through to gain more self-awareness. We are all here to help each other.

This is what happened to me. As I started doing deep inner work and healing my sexuality, I wanted to share this divine feminine wisdom with other women.

Remember your precious and beautiful female body came here to do something only you can do to make this a better world. Your soul’s mission is unique to you. And you are a Leader of Love. Ignite your passion and let your soul’s purpose prevail!

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to step more into your power check out my Divine Feminine online education.

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