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Women and Pleasure – The Big Secret You Need to Know that’s Blocking Your Pleasure!

Women and pleasure really go hand in hand but more often we’ve been pleasure for others. Pleasing to the eye; people-pleasers; sexually accomodating to our own detriment, just to name a few.

Want to find out the big secret on how to experience more pleasure? You need to stop identifying with masculine energy and start cultivating more of your feminine energy!

Accessing your feminine side and the healing power of your Divine Feminine Essence is how you’ll access your full pleasure potential. And it’s all about learning how to live INSIDE your body… and not your head.

  • The body is the realm of the feminine – the mind is the realm of the masculine.
  • The Feminine is sensual/emotional – The Masculine is logical/analytical

In this article, I’ll share with you what’s keeping you from pleasure and the importance of you as a woman, pleasure and your general health and wellbeing.

With that said, let me ask you, are you living in your head? Do you even know? Your personal power resides in your ability to open to pleasure. And pleasure is found in your body. Not in your mind. You might ask what do you mean by living in your head.

Here’s an example:

If you’re in bed with someone having an intimate exchange and you’re thinking about work, the laundry or waiting for it to be over.. then you are in your head!

Or… if during this sexual exchange you are worried about looking good instead of feeling good… then you’re in your head! And not in your body where the pleasure is!

Your head will cause you all kinds of problems, self esteem issues and keep you from experiencing pleasure.

But when you’re in your body the insanity of your mind no longer exits.

Once you start to live INSIDE your body instead of from a mental construct of what you think your body should look like, you’ll start experiencing more pleasure.

And I’m not only talking about sexual pleasure. This also includes living a more sensually alive, playful, imaginative, life with a sacred connection to your body. No longer repressing your emotions but giving them a heart-centered voice. No longer walled off, armored up and disconnected from those you love.

Women and Pleasure: Well… you see,
we live in an anti-ecstatic world.

To cope with life you’ve learned how to wall off from all the joy and sensual pleasure that exists. And this disconnects you from yourself and from others. The repressed and denied feelings that create body armor also keep you from feeling pleasure. And keep you from fully embracing and honoring your feminine side. Have you ever felt yourself stiffen up during a stressful conversation or even during sex?

It’s because an emotion came up and you walled off. It’s not your fault. You didn’t have a safe place to express them. This happens over and over again. Then those emotions chronically never get processed. These unprocessed or “stuck” emotions create body armor. Rigidity instead of fluidity. And fluidity is feminine.

In the book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle speaks of “the pain body”, a residue of emotional pain stored in the cells of the body. What I want you to know is that there is a magnificent, marvelous, and mysterious counterpart to that, “the pleasure body.” Your body has the ability to open to great pleasure.

And with pleasure comes:

  • Greater Confidence
  • More Creative Expression
  • The Ability to Connect to Others More Easily
  • And that’s only the beginning!

If you’re not experiencing pleasure in your body then you aren’t accessing your feminine side. The masculine way is about “Doing.” The feminine way is about “Being” It’s important to understand the difference between masculine and feminine energy. And you need a balance of both.

In this more masculine and “make it happen” kind of world, most of us have an abundance of masculine energy. It’s through receptivity and pleasure that you’ll cultivate your feminine side and the benefits of this healing energy.

Women and Pleasure Means a Whole New World

Feeling pleasure is how you let love in. Pleasure (in all of its forms and not just sexual) is all about RECEPTIVITY. Being happy in your life is about being receptive. And when you’re receptive your heart starts to open. What’s happening is that you’re letting love in. It’s this love that allows you to literally channel feminine energy.

And when you are in such a state of being everyone around you benefits! You’ve heard the saying, “happy wife, happy life” or “if mama’s not happy, nobody is happy.” It really true.

The more you calm your busy mind, the greater the opportunity to experience the deep love and power of your divine feminine essence. And the more inner peace you will experience.

Your Issues Get in the Way!

So many of us have body image issues. And other issues! If you have “issues”, you hold pain in your body. It’s time to let that pain go. Allow pleasure in. Pleasure is the path to discovering your authentic self. Opening up your body and letting pleasure in will help you overcome many of your life challenges.

You know how you felt when falling in love. You were energetic, optimistic. Nothing seemed to bother you. There is actually a powerful love chemical released in the body when you fall in love. Love is a powerful drug.

Pleasure is about YOU falling in love with YOU by letting love in. When you let love and pleasure into your body, in that moment, all your mental chatter and internal mental conflicts and battles disappear. This allows your nurturing, loving compassionate feminine energy to flow. No more stress. No more struggle. A whole new way of being will open to you.

So even more so than finding women’s pleasure spots or women’s pleasure points or even some type of sexual tool…. it’s really about creating a safe space to be vulnerable. And that’s not always easy.

That’s why I support women taking time to explore their own sexuality. Have you done that? Are you familiar with your female anatomy? You will only have as much intimacy with another that you have created within yourself. In my courses I teach women to get connected to their bodies, their whole bodies! And it is profound.

Are You Using a Vibrator?

When you learn how to love “down there” in an honoring way your life will transform. So many women use vibrators. That’s a very masculine way to navigate your sexuality. And it actually de-sensitizes your sexual response system. The feminine is about activating your subtle energy body. And subtle energy body awareness is very healing to your feminine soul. It’s important to learn, through self exploration, how to access those deeper levels of sensuality and sexuality. When you do – you’ll attract in a whole different type of lover.

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I am telling you, your sexual anatomy is intelligent. If “she” doesn’t feel right about a situation she will shutdown like a vice grip. And out goes the pleasure. So when it comes to women and pleasure, you really need to be tapped into your emotions. Your emotions and sexual pleasure are NOT two different, completely separate things.

Women and Pleasure Means Healing the Past

The problem is we’re not programmed to open up to and accept, delight and bodily pleasure.

We come from a violent past. And over religious and puritan past. We were told the body is sinful. And people got killed for speaking their truth. There has been rape, pillage, impregnation, and abandonment all through our history. And even currently for some. That memory is stored in your DNA.

Historically, we haven’t had a safe space for such receptivity. It takes effort to change your attitude and belief systems about letting go and opening to pleasure. Also, it takes you committing to the creation and cultivation of a pleasurable rather than painful life and relationship with your body. And it takes you creating a safe space and boundaries in order for your body to open to pleasure. And not exposing yourself to unsafe (emotionally or physically) experiences.

Pleasure is Healing

Pain may motivate you because you want to avoid it, but pleasure heals. And pleasure is the realm of the feminine. The practices in this course show you exactly how to open to pleasure and become more receptive. When you take the time and learn how to open to pleasure, you’ll heal the relationship you have with your body. And then you’ll finally experience the joy of being connected to the Divine Feminine essence that resides within you. And the inner peace that it’ll create in your life.

Pleasure is the Secret! YOU discover the true YOU through discovering YOUR pleasure! That’s how you embody your Divine Feminine Essence and free yourself from the pains of the world.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate women who are committed to reclaiming their sacred feminine. If you are interested in learning more about this idea of more love and more pleasure make sure to take my Love Quiz.

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