Intimacy Tips: Communicating From Your Heart

Looking for some intimacy tips?Are you communicating from your heart or from your head? During a conflict or misunderstanding if you are using a lot of “you” in the conversation then you are most likely not communicating from your heart.

Intimacy Tips: Communication from the heart does not put your reality on another

Saying something like, “you always treat me like that….” or “I can’t stand when you do that.” All of that type of language is just giving your energy and power away and keeping you from feeling your feelings. I remember when I first started using heart centered communication and I told my boyfriend at the time….. stop “youing” me. He said, I am not “youing” you, you are “youing” me. Then we said with a smile, I will stop “youing” you if you stop “youing” me….ok.

Well maybe all of this doesn’t make sense…… there is more to the explanation… bottom line, keep your energy, know what you need and know what you feel. Don’t make judgements or opinions. Communication from the heart does not put your reality on another. It just expresses with sincerity what you are feeling and what you need. More to come on this subject.

Heart centered communication is what I cover when coaching women. As a personal coach for women I see how important it is to have the knowledge of this tool for communcation. and and


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