Cultivating your feminine energy

How to Make a Powerful Impact in an Uncertain World

It’s time… the feminine is rising. Do you want to be a part of it? Amrita shares what you can do.

Article by Amrita Grace:

You know you’re here to make a powerful impact, right? Do you find yourself imagining the possibility, dreaming about how it might feel, or pretending like it’s already happening?

I’ve been there. I know that feeling of having a passionate desire to make a real difference on the planet while I’m here. And I know how much effort it can feel like when there’s little reward. It’s time for a new paradigm!

It looks and feels like
the world has gone crazy.

There’s so much instability in the political climate and the old structures are crumbling. We are truly “between the worlds” right now. What does one do with this uncertain space and time?

This between-the-worlds time is a great time to prepare yourself for what will be needed in the future, and that begins with a vision. What do YOU want for the future? For your future, for the planet’s future? This is not a time to let old belief systems about what can and can’t happen run the show. It’s a time to DREAM BIG and ask, “What else is possible?”.

Once you have clarity about how you want the world (and your world) to look and feel, let that inform what’s next. What steps can you take now to implement this vision, to begin to prepare and act “as if” your vision is really, truly possible? It doesn’t matter how far-fetched it seems to be. What matters is your commitment and devotion to stepping up into that passion to make a difference.

Once you have the commitment, it’s time to assess your inner world.

What might hold you back or sabotage your efforts to step into a position of empowered leadership, even on a small scale? Where are your weak spots? What have you not been willing to look at? What inner resources have you cut yourself off from?

Divine Feminine Leadership
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There’s one big piece that people often miss in this inventory, and that is life force energy. Do you have full access to your life force? You may not even know the answer. Do you feel vital, fully alive, passionate, energized? If not, there may be something to investigate there.

I want to let you in on a little secret right now. That life force energy I spoke of is really your *sexual* energy. If you have in any way or for any reason cut yourself off from your sexual energy, chances are you don’t have access to this precious, abundant, free resource.

The thing is, nowhere are we taught that our sexual energy is sacred.

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That our sexual energy is what ignites our passion, our joy, our vitality, and our creativity. Instead, we respond to all the big and little messages and hurts around our sexuality by shutting it down to keep ourselves safe. And these unconscious decisions stay with us until we are ready to shift them consciously.

Unfortunately, those messages and hurts don’t go anywhere. They live on in your body. They impact every aspect of your life. They run your relationships. They keep you playing small. What to do?

As you tune in to that part of you that’s tired of playing small and is ready to step up big and make a powerful impact and a real difference on the planet, let that part lead the way. Let her courage forge the path. Let her sword of truth cut through illusions. Ask her how she needs to be fed in order to flourish. And TRUST the PROCESS!

Training women to become Empowered Feminine Leaders who make a powerful impact is our specialty.

We are leading the way in the sexual empowerment re-evolution and we know that impeccable teachers and facilitators are going to be in fierce demand in the coming years. We have a global vision and full access to our life force. Would you like to be part of our team?

Amrita Grace is not only a dear friend of mine now for over 14 years but she and I were students together at the Divine Feminine Institute. She and I graduated together with double certifications and we were the first graduating class.

I remember when we graduated how Amrita proclaimed how her calling was to be dedicated to the Divine Feminine. She is! She now has her own Sacred Feminine School. I highly recommend her training programs. There you’ll learn a powerful sexual healing modality that’s about awakening your Divine Feminine essence and honoring your body and your sexuality as sacred.

The need for Empowered Feminine Leaders is increasing by leaps and bounds. If you know deep in your soul that you are meant to be an Empowered Feminine Leader, Teacher, and Healer, take the time to check out The Sacred Feminine Mystery School’s premier Spiritual Sexual certification program. If you’re ready to let go of the wounds that are keeping you from pleasure, this is the retreat for you.

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