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Find out about ancient feminine wisdom that awakens your sensual nature.


  • Being more connected to your female anatomy.
  • Increasing your orgasmic response.
  • Experiencing more pleasure and intimacy than you ever dreamed possible.
  • Feeling totally uninhibited in your intimate relationship.

Want to know how?

Raise your feminine awareness!

The Jade Egg will help you:

Increase your orgasmic response.

Become more sensually expressive.

Honor and awaken your femininity.

Understand & Connect to Your Yoni

And so much more!


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Anna Thea, teacher of the free jade egg audio class

I’m Anna-Thea and have been using a yoni egg for over 12 years. I learned the Taoist practice when I received my Spiritual Sexual Educator certification from the Divine Feminine Institute. I have a tremendous amount of spiritual sexual knowledge I want to share with you. Speaking from many years of experience with using the egg, it has transformed my life.

When I started using the egg, I was a cycling woman. Now I am post menopause. Through these years I have experienced many things about my yoni that I otherwise would not have experienced without the egg.

I am excited to inspire and inform you about this ancient wisdom and help you get started. This wisdom will change your life.

It will change your relationship with your female anatomy and attitude about your femininity. Make sure you register. You will receive the audio class containing great inspiration, and wisdom education about the yoni egg.


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Learning how to take care of yourself as a woman is an important task. Loving your body and your feminine parts is a revolutionary, evolutionary act that has far reaching effects.

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