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Be a Divine Feminine Communicator
(Communicating to Create Connection)

4 Steps to Process Your Powerful Emotions

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“Anna-Thea gave me the courage to speak my truth and ask for what I need by giving me the words to say and the direction of how to say them. She has loved me and helped me see that I am worthy to be loved. This has helped me to love myself and see my value. I greatly appreciate Anna-Thea and the things she has helped me to find within myself. I love you Anna-Thea!”
Gaynell Andress, Massage Therapist

“Anna-Thea’s passion and brilliance empower women to quit just dressing up and dragging their bodies around and instead to love, nourish and celebrate themselves, and ultimately, take their rightful divine place in the world. Groundbreaking work! A big need in our society.”
Sonika Tinker, MSW, Relationship Expert at Loveworksforyou.com

Anna-Thea’s classes give you tools to last a lifetime!

  • An uplifting journey of connecting to your feminine wisdom.
  • A way to enhance self-love and authentically navigate your feminine power.
  • Pioneer Feminine Leadership & Feminine Confidence.
  • Learn to celebrate and listen to your body and emotions.
  • Gain Communication skills to create connection.
  • Learn how to live more sensually alive.
  • Become the Leader of Love you are designed to be!

    The Art of Self-Love & Emotional Empowerment

     Courses that help you get your needs met in your relationships

  • by awakening your divine feminine power.

Each course deepens your knowledge on exactly how to create intimacy. And I mean true, authentic, deep intimacy that you never dreamed possible.

Learn about the beauty and wisdom of your female body. Learn how to experience true love. Feel more passion and have more inner peace. Transformation is a process… be supported on a weekly basis via Anna-Thea’s Sacred Zoom Room gatherings and Facebook group. Let us come to you!

Class Descriptions

Mastering Your Emotions

Are you a bit of a drama queen? I want you to know that your emotions and feelings are valid. Learn how to let your feelings be a source of empowerment instead of a source of sabotage. This is a powerful class with must have knowledge for every woman. Your emotions aren’t going away. Learn to master your emotions and gain tools to deal with your strong emotions in a productive way.

Manifesting More Pleasure

We live in an anti-ecstatic world. Women have often been an object of pleasure instead of experiencing pleasure. This class will help you understand the beauty and grace of you as a woman and your sexuality. You will gain insights, wisdom and a whole new perspective about your sexuality and the wisdom of your female body.

Communication To Create Connection

All you want is for someone to understand you… right? Communication to create connection is not always easy. In this class, you will learn the deeper aspects of effective and loving communication. The way you learned to communicate with those close to you is deeply programmed from your family of origin. This class will give you a new way to communicate which will support cultivating more harmony in your relationships. Included in the curriculum are Nonviolent Communication teachings from Marshall Rosenberg and Radical Honesty teachings from Brad Blanton.

Sex Ed You Didn’t Learn From Your Mother

The pelvic floor of a woman, though highly sought after, has been put on the back burner as far as care. In this class, you will gain wisdom as well as explore practices to enhance the health of your female anatomy and pelvic floor. This class will give you a whole new perspective on what it means to be a woman. This is body wisdom every woman needs to know!

Also… not intentionally, your mother probably didn’t equip you with the wisdom to navigate the bedroom in an empowered way that ALSO expresses your authentic femininity. To be the true leader of love that you are meant to be this powerful feminine leadership course, along with the other curriculum will give you what you need. It is important to understand the sacredness of your female anatomy. Learn “what is down there” and how important it is to your empowerment as a woman.

Find out how much you honor yourself and your feminine side by taking the Love Test!

Learn how to create intimacy and

more pleasure in your life.

The classes are designed to be transformative, heart-warming, intuitive, supportive and deeply awakening and inspiring to your feminine soul.

You will receive the support you need to feel empowered as a woman. They will educate you in the art of intimacy and self-love. Something our existing culture and world knows little about. This is a journey of education, exploration and fun.

Since the courses are LIVE online in Anna-Thea’s Sacred Zoom room, the program comes to you. You stay home in the receptive (feminine) mode. Unless you live alone, you are faced with other people’s energies (kids, partners, roomates etc.) As a woman you need a sacred space to rejuvenate. Participating in these feminine leadership courses support you to consistently create your sacred space right where you live no matter what else is going on in your home. The program infuses your environment, your home, your world with divine feminine wisdom and the support from all the women and the sacred gathering we create.

On an energetic level we will together bring the divine feminine essence into your home. On a subtle level this will have a profound effect. And that is exactly what this program is about… tapping into the more subtle and elevated energies of love and compassion to move beyond the mundane challenges of everyday life.


Want to feel more empowered and confident as a woman?

Do you want to know how to create intimacy and more pleasure in your life?

Are self-love and confidence something you struggle with?

These courses are for you!

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Additional Testimonials:

“Everything about this experience was amazing. I feel so blessed to be able to learn from Anna-Thea. This is for every woman who is ready to nurture herself, embrace all aspects of herself and release limiting beliefs. The sacred space created with the other women felt so safe and allowed for deep healing. Thank you Anna-Thea for living your truth, shining your light and embodying love in the most exuberant way.” Erin Hennessy

“Anna-Thea, Thank you for your lovely classes. Your experience, wisdom, and love creates a space that I look forward to being part of every week.” Much Love, Betsy

“I have had my share of relationships that didn’t work out and knew I needed to change something inside myself: I ‘m a healer and very intuitive, I thought, I knew my body  but there is so much more to learn…..  Anna-Thea assisted me in releasing old trauma and gave me a new way of seeing things so that I can and will attract in a man that is loving and committed to me .The process is not finished yet , I’m so excited about my journey of finding my Life Sole Mate!!!!.” Valerie


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