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Your True Love Is You [Your Feminine and Masculine Energy]

Feminine and Masculine energy isn’t just about being a man or a woman. Times are changing! And there are more solo goers than ever before. And looking for their true love. You’ll find your true love by developing a balance of both energies within you.

We’re all looking for love. But we’re programmed to think that love is outside of ourselves. Many are searching to find the right person so they can live “happily ever after”, or “finally start their life.” But really love is within you. I teach women how to fully embrace, honor and love their feminine side. That’s a good start.

Consciously or unconsciously we’re all searching for that special someone.

It’s an impulse, desire, hope, and dream. It’s part of who you are and your evolutionary process.  Therefore this searching is not completely a bad thing. It’s just a bit misdirected. But it’s not our fault.

I have had my own dreams shattered through loss and betrayal. Ultimately being faced with reality and having to let go of my own attachments to what I think a relationship should be. It has been a rude awakening on many levels. But it has also humbled me and opened my heart. I too have been programmed by society.

Look at all the romance movies you see. They always end happily ever after. The guy comes running back declaring his love for her and they live “happily ever after.” Does this happen in real life? Not really. Relationships take work and commitment. I think we’ve been sold a dream instead of learning how to create REAL relationships. How to go through the hardships and come out the other side with an open heart instead of piled up resentments.

Relationships have become disposal. If it gets too hard how often
have you thought, “I’ll just find another.” The “other” you need to find is you.

Fifty Percent of the Population is Single

More people than ever are single and that’s a good thing. Many people are afraid to be single for fear of being alone. It’s a rite of passage to fully embrace singlehood. Have you had a time in your life when you were fully single? No one on the horizon? Just you, yourself and you. Or have you always been in a relationship?

When you’re single do you spent most of your time searching for another relationship? I want to encourage you to stop looking for “the one” and start looking for a balance of feminine and masculine energy within yourself.

  • Be your man and buy yourself flowers.
  • Be your woman and nurture yourself by taking a nice bath.

Embracing Sacred Singlehood

how to awaken feminine energy

When I work with women I teach them about Sacred Singlehood. We never know what life will bring us or if a relationship will last. You’ve probably already been through a breakup or had your heart broken. You know the pain of loss and separation. Maybe even betrayal.

Sacred Singlehood is when you claim yourself as your beloved during those times that you’re single…

  • You take yourself on dates.
  • You enjoy spending time with yourself.
  • You make a commitment during this time to deepen your relationship with you.

Sacred Singlehood is a beautiful time. When you embrace your time of not being with another as a time to develop the relationship you have with you, it’s powerfully transforming. Then when you do get into a relationship setting healthy boundaries and speaking your truth won’t be so hard. Because you won’t be afraid to be by yourself. This is empowering!

Then you stay in a relationship not for security or out of fear of being alone, but rather because you enjoy the love.

Feminine and Masculine Energy and Role Mates

Back in the 50’s is a good example of feminine and masculine energy. The men were men and the women were women.

Woman’s Obligation

You knew as a woman you were supposed to grow up, get married and have kids. You weren’t a real woman if you didn’t have children. Your job was to find a good provider and father to your children.

Man’s Obligation

And men you were supposed to be in charge. Rule the roost and be the boss. Be the breadwinner for the family. Your job was to find a good wife to bare your children.

Times have changed.

The roles of what a woman should do and what a man should do aren’t so well defined anymore. We have more flexibility to express our unique selves. And we all have both masculine and feminine energies.

The idea of having children just because you think you’re supposed to is not a good reason to have children. Children need parents who are excited to have them in their lives. Children shouldn’t be “an accident” or just by-product of sex. They should be invited and welcomed. I was the third child and though my mother never said it, I do believe I was “an accident.” My mom had her hands full already with two young infants. I am sure she was stressed out during my pregnancy. And how does that affect a child?

It’s a big responsibility and if you’re going to bring another person into this world. It’s really important to be into it. And fully committed. And it’s important to have a compatible partner to do it with. Such a big project shouldn’t be done alone.

But we’re moving away from the traditional norms of role mates with well-defined ways of creating families to a more creative way of living. Dads can be a stay at home Dads and moms and pursue a career. Gay couples can also adopt and raise kids. The tradition family unit still exists but now there are many different types of families. Life is not so well defined anymore.

We’re moving away from role mates with well-defined roles for men and woman and moving into soul mates.

Feminine and Masculine Energy and Soul Mates

Honoring both your feminine and masculine energies to attract your soul mate

The idea of soul mates, twin flames, and other such descriptions have become popular when describing experiences we’ve had with a lover. I personally experienced a relationship where I thought he was my twin fame. The idea of getting married and living with the same person for the next 30-60 years is not as common as serial monogamy. Most of us now have at least one divorce in our lifetime and multiple lovers.

Because we’re moving away from a society where women are financially dependant upon men, women don’t stay “stuck” in relationships for years on end like they used to. Men’ don’t either. I’d like to think we’ve evolved to the point where we’re in relationships because we choose to be with a certain someone not because we are “stuck” with them.

This is an evolutionary process of moving from role mates to soul mates. This supports autonomous heart empowered people. Freeing ourselves from defined and rigid rules of what and how men and women should be. And instead, being our unique and wonderous selves. Then from this place of freer self-expression, creating loving relationships where we enjoy each others company and learn from each other.

You’ll only create these joyous, freer, more expressive relationships with another
when you have cultivated that first within yourself.

Your True Love is You

taking care of oneself

What if after all the relationship dramas of divorce, breakups, betrayals, miscommunications etc that all you had to do is fall in love with you?

  • You are your true love!
  • All you have to do is be true to you? Are you?
  • Do you set healthy boundaries for yourself?
  • Or do you lose yourself in a relationship?
  • How much do you really nurture and take care of yourself emotionally?

I give Inner Beloved Astrology readings. In these readings, I introduce people to their astrological feminine and masculine imprints. No matter what your sexual orientation, astrologically speaking, women need to develop their inner masculine, and men need to develop their inner feminine.

The idea is that no matter if you’re in a relationship or not that you’re walking with your inner man or inner woman by your side at all times. This creates within you The Sacred Marriage. It’s an alchemical transformation that supports self-love and the evolution of your soul.

For example:

Your Inner Man is your protector. He keeps you safe, helps you speak up for yourself and sets healthy boundaries for you.

Your Inner Woman is your softer side. She helps you to be receptive to new ideas, tune into other’s needs and be compassionate.

You need both energies. You need the qualities and benefits of both feminine and masculine energy no matter what sex you are.

This is becoming more and more important as we move away from the role mate mentality. Embracing both your feminine and masculine energy is an important part of becoming a sovereign person. Someone who doesn’t look outside themselves for answers. Or look outside themselves for love. You are your own authority. And you are your own love. It is through that deeper sense of self-love that you create a better, more evolved, healthier relationship with another.

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What resonated most with you in this article and why?

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This is an important part of our human evolution. You are your own true love. Honor your feminine and masculine energy. Know the difference between your masculine and feminine energy.

I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. Learn to fully embrace your healthy feminine side. And if you want to find out more about developing a deeper relationship with yourself and create more fulfilling relationships check out my online courses.

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