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Your Heart and the Emotion Impatience

This week I want to write about the heart. The heart is of course a big subject. As we all know the heart is our love center. We’re all here learning about love in this schoolroom called life.

Though the heart represents love and compassion it’s also a place where impatience can be stored. Another word for impatience is frustration. Are you impatience with the process of life? Do you get frustrated when things aren’t going your way?

The heart is a powerful organ.

It’s more than simply a pump for our blood and circulatory system. It holds something very magical within it, our ability to love unconditionally. It has its own intelligence. The state of our heart effects our overall well being. It effects our emotional health, our mental clarity and how well we cope in the world. The heart was designed to love. The less you love the more your heart suffers. Are you letting your heart do what it doe best…love?

Letting your heart love means first loving yourself. Do you have a deep appreciation for yourself? Cultivate a deep love affair with yourself through nurturing self-talk. Notice the words you are telling yourself about you. Are they kind and encouraging? Are they affirming? See if you can say something kind to yourself today; multiple times today!

Instead might you be impatient with yourself? Wanting life to be different than what it is. Accepting what is also cultivates self-love.

Stop being frustrated with the way things are.

Stop being impatient with yourself and others. Develop an appreciation for the power of now. If you find yourself stressed and hurried with an ever growing to do list or waiting on others to complete your task… let go!

I had to do that yesterday. I was busy all day wanting to complete my list of tasks and I could feel my body getting stirred up, especially in my chest. It took most of the day but I finally, in the late afternoon, took a nice walk in the forest and then did some light yoga in my yurt. That made all the difference. It opened my heart and released tension.

What are you doing to love yourself in this fast paced world? Are you slowing down on a regular basis so you can appreciate life the way it is now not the way you want it to be?

See if today, when things get hurried, you can slow down, accept the blocks getting in your way, and release any impatience or frustration that might be stirring in your heart.


I’m Anna-Thea, an intimacy coach. I help to empower in the area of intimacy and love. If you would like to find out more about how to create more fulfilling relationships, contact me at 702-306-3084 or visit

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