Fun, Fashionable and Fabulously Comfortable!!!

Yoni Huggers support you to feel good in your body!!!

Yoga wear that holds your Yoni in the highest regard and keeps her warm and safe. Unlike other casual wear such as jeans, Yoni Huggers are also very forgiving and stretch with your body’s size and shape. If you are “feeling fat” your Yoni Hugger won’t keep reminding you all day like other garments might.

Yoni Huggers come in various colors and fabrics to choose from. Worn as a skirt, by itself or over leotards, yoga pants, pants, bathing suits, or jeans. The logo represents feminine wisdom. Go to the bottom of the page for detailed logo symbology and watch the video clip here of Maggie wearing a Yoni Hugger and having fun!

The Yoni Hugger
$34.95 + free shipping (in the US)

Choice of colors – Red, Black, Navy Blue, Lavender in stretch cotton. Maroon and Black in crushed velvet for evening wear.


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Yoni Hugger Symbolism

A garment with an empowering message for women.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitalia and means “sacred space”. Yoni Huggers, a fashionable, fun, and oh so comfortable garment, hug a woman’s Yoni and give it warmth encouraging her to treat her Yoni for what it is, a most precious, beautiful and powerful sacred space.

Every Yoni needs to be hugged and kept warm, feeling safe and secure…. that is the environment a Yoni needs to flower, flow, and express herself.

Within the Yoni Hugger Logo lies powerful sacred symbolism.

The Gold represents, Ancient Egyptian Wisdom, Christ Light, and Divine Consciousness.

The Purple represents royalty, transformation, wisdom, knowledge, and divine protection.

The Purple Heart has been given typically to our heroic men. This Purple Heart is to honor all women as heroines for their part as those who, with their love, welcomed the men home, offering a warm Yoni to heal the men of their war wounds.

The egg represents our ovaries and the expression of our creative life force.

The Yoni Hugger is worn with the symbol over the sacrum. Sacrum translates as “sacred bone”. The sacrum (sacred bone) is where our Kundalini lies dormant until awakened. Kundalini is the seat of absolute knowledge, the blueprint of our full human potential represented as a three coiled serpent. Egyptians also held this bone to be very valuable and considered it the seat of special power.

Inside the egg you will see the “Y” for Yoni, which shapes the top of the heart and the “H” for Hugger which runs the vertical length of the egg. These two letters overlapping creates what might resemble a Christian cross. In sacred geometry the cross represents the foundation of light. This cross, as a foundation of light, over the sacrum symbolizes the releasing of sexual repression, guilt and shame, bringing it to the light for awakening of the divine feminine and our full human potential.




Enjoy wearing your Yoni Hugger!!!
Know that it is a short skirt designed to empower you!!!

Created by: Anna-Thea