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Yoni Egg Benefits And Your Feminine Health

Yoni egg benefits and how it relates to your feminine health. To me, it’s amazing women have any health in that area of their body at all with everything we’ve been through! Just goes to show you how resilient we are!

The feminine part of us and “her” health can definitely be assisted with the use of the Yoni egg. The Yoni egg benefits your health in many ways. It can assist you in emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual transformation and healing. That is if you learn how to use the Yoni egg in those ways.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the benefits of a Yoni egg. Benefits I’ve also personally experienced.

What Does a Yoni Egg Do?

The Yoni egg benefits your health as a woman in various ways. I’ve been practicing with a crystal egg for over 15 years. I love that my vagina has been wrapped around beautiful crystal healing energy for years. Just think about that…you can liberate and lighten up your Yoni! It’s a pretty amazing opportunity we have as women. Wearing a crystal inside of us.

In contrast, historically, many women’s vaginas have been wrapped in darkness and shame for way too long. And women have suffered. You know, the suffragettes… that was only 100 years ago. Yes, we have come a long way baby, however, we have so much further to go.

Imagine the Yoni Egg liberating you by you cultivating
a deeper sense of connection to your femininity!

If you’re not familiar with the Yoni Egg it’s a gemstone crystal egg, often Jade or Rose Quartz that you put in your vagina. It can also be a different gemstone as well. But jade and rose quartz are the most common.

What are the benefits of Yoni eggs

The benefits of Yoni eggs range from purely physical to emotional and energetic. Below is a list of benefits you could experience from using a Yoni egg. To receive the greatest benefits of using a Yoni egg it’s important to take time to learn how to use it in a Divine Feminine way and do the practices rather than “just sticking it in.” And believe me… taking that time for yourself is well worth it.

Benefits of Using Yoni Eggs include:

  • Increasing Blood Flow to your reproductive organs.
  • Enhances your Mind/Body connection to your female anatomy.
  • Relaxes chronic muscle tension due to sexual abuse or negative sexual experiences.
  • Keeps sexual energy circulating and not congested.
  • Awakens internal pleasure zones – Increases pleasure due to re-sensitizing and awakening nerve endings.
  • Yoni Eggs are commonly jade or rose quartz. Crystals have healing properties. These healing properties placed at the root of your body bring this energy to the core of your being.
  • Helps you have a deeper relationship with your Yoni. Sometimes your egg wants to be inside you and other times she doesn’t. Since you’re an “innie” you would otherwise not have this extra way of knowing what’s going on with your female parts. I call this greater Yoni Awareness.
  • Better, Bigger Orgasms – Enhances your orgasmic response by toning the muscles involved in orgasmic contractions.
  • The Stone holds healing properties which your female anatomy loves!
  • Cleanses/Purifies your Yoni and clears negative stuck emotions.
  • Keeps sexual energy circulating and not congested in the groin.
  • Deepens your relationship & level of mastery with your female parts.
  • Greater awareness and sensitivity of different parts of your vaginal muscles.
  • Increases self love and self acceptance of your genitals.
  • Relaxes chronic muscle tension due to sexual abuse or negative sexual experiences.
  • Tones & strengthens your pelvic floor, vagina, perineum, & lower abdominal muscles.
  • Creates a level of self mastery with your sexuality which translate into more confidence and general comfort in the bedroom.
  • Brings vitality to the sex organs.
  • Stimulates Sexual reflexology – parts of your female anatomy are related to different organs. And each organ relates to different emotions. For example, the opening of the vagina is related to the kidneys and the positive emotion of trust but the negative emotion of fear.
  • Yoni egg practices show a woman how to transform negative stuck emotions in the sexual tissue to positive emotions and greater self-wisdom, sexual confidence and sexual authority.
  • Can heal past sexual trauma if you incorporate the practices and learn how to use it as a tool for self healing.

The Yoni egg origins are said to be an ancient Taoist practice that concubines used to stay sexually healthy and fit for the Chinese Emperor. I believe they had a greater understanding of energy in the body and used sexual reflexology to keep their female parts not just fit but also free from congested energy. Knowing how to clear and release congested energy in your female parts is one of the key benefits of a Yoni egg practice.

Claim Your Yoni Queendom

The Yoni Egg, when used in a more spiritual way and applying the practices as opposed to “just sticking it in”, goes much further than having your feminine parts “fit for a King.” As a matter of fact, in my humble opinion, the Yoni Egg is more about claiming YOUR Yoni Queendom! It can be your best friend for doing that. And there are many other Yoni Egg benefits.

If you’re not familiar with the Yoni Egg it’s something, as a woman, you definitely need to know about and explore. If you do already know about it and are using an egg I encourage you to not only use it in a physical way but also know how to use it in a Divine Feminine way applying spiritual aspects of using it.

Want to Purchase a Yoni Egg?

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The Yoni egg practice has more recently become popular. And in it’s newfound popularity mainstream doctors have come forward challenging its validity and even saying it’s dangerous. Find out the real deal from my own teacher Saida. But don’t let fear keep you from the potentially profound feminine benefits of using a Yoni egg.

In conclusion, the benefits of using Yoni eggs enhance your feminine health, not only by strengthening and toning the muscles responsible for orgasm but also by bringing crystalline healing energy to that part of your body. In addition, using the egg helps you to know more about what’s going on “down there.”

These are all general Yoni egg benefits and what it can do for you. There are even more ways the Yoni egg can change your life. As you can see, there are many benefits of a Yoni egg. This is only the beginning of what’s possible when you bring greater awareness to your female anatomy.

What resonated most with you in this article and why?

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I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator for women’s empowerment. If this article resonated with you and you’d like to learn more make sure you check out my free jade egg class.

There’s so much to learn about Yoni egg benefits. This is only an introduction. Deeper Yoni egg practices are available.

Yoni egg benefits - Click to access a free Yoni egg course - Learn how this powerful feminine tool will transform your life.

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