Anna-Thea Divine Feminine Educator
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Banner Leaders of Love Womens Support Circle

Location: Online in my Sacred Zoom Room!

Date: Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Time: 6:00-7:30 pm PST

Cost: My compliments! 🙂
The zoom link will be emailed to you.

We Are Living in Transformational Times

Old Societal Structures are Falling –
New Ones are Being Built

Step away from fear and into love as you receive the emotional support you need right now in these changing times.

Emotional Wellness comes from Knowing you are safe and that you are supported no matter what’s happening around you.

Learn how to transform fear and anxiety into love and positive transformation in your life through:

  • Coming together and feeling supported

  • Gaining tools for creating emotional well being

  • Choosing Love over Fear as you move forward

  • and so much more!

If you’ve ever wished for a better world… now’s the time, THIS IS YOUR SIGN. Don’t miss this women’s circle.

***  To create a safe container all participants must show up via video in order to participate.

In this Women’s Circle You’ll:

  • Gain new perspectives that are empowering for these changing times.
  • Learn how to choose love over fear in your decision making.
  • Share your wins/challenges and hear other women’s wins/challenges.
  • Not feel alone… you’re amongst women with similar challenges.
  • Learn new and empowering tools for emotional wellness.


  • Come prepared. Time is limited. If we have to spend time helping you to login is takes away valuable time. If you need assistance please contact me before the circle and I’m happy to assist you.
  • This is a support circle so your presence is needed. Please come prepared to BE and not DO. 🙂 If you move around alot while someone is sharing it can be very distracting. We are learning how to move away from a DO DO DO life and learn to be more in our feminine. Join the circle prepared to be still and present with us. You will receive so much more that way than you ever imagined.
  • If for some reason you do need to move around you can stop the video, do what you need to do, come back to being present, and start the video.
  • Background noise can also be disruptive to the circle. Please find your mute button and use it. It’s rather simple. Once you have the hang of it you can easily mute and unmute to help maintain a nice circle environment.
  • This circle is to empower you. We are all going through powerfully challenging times. Some more than others. Be compassionate. If you need extra support please let us know. Refrain from using victim language and speak from the center of your emotions. I’ll help you do that. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Much love!

Certified Divine Feminine Educator