why is female sexuality taboo

Why Is Female Sexuality Taboo?

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies on the planet. It is sexual energy that creates a whole other human being. Why is it then such a taboo subject? And more importantly, why is female sexuality taboo?

Why is female sexuality taboo and what is taboo?

In writing this article I looked up the definition of taboo. It is defined as “proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable.” I love it (well not really)…. sex is unacceptable yet we are suffering from TMP – Too Many People on the planet! Overpopulation is a problem. Too many people are starving. The population is currently is 7.2 billion and rapidly growing. We have quantity instead of quality.

My intention is not to sound negative or pessimistic about humanity. My intention is to show the irony and answer the question why is female sexuality taboo.

Sex, especially “female sexuality” is “unacceptable” to society yet we are having sex, obviously, all the time!

How did we get 7.5 billion people on the planet?

Why, on earth, is female sexuality taboo? Women are the ones that birth the babies. They must be having sex…. Or am I missing something?

The only problem I see is the quantity vs quality thing again.  Women are obviously having sex and lots of it. But is it quality? Or are women just our planets birthing machines? Sounds crude, doesn’t it?  Maybe that is why female sexuality is taboo.

For me, sexuality for the sake of ONLY pregnancy is “unacceptable”, part of the definition of taboo. Makes sense to me then, why female sexuality taboo?

The number one reason, I believe, why female sexuality is taboo is because it is so darn powerful!!! Women don’t realize what they are holding in their womb and between their legs. There is a great need for more sex education for women.

It isn’t their fault. Women need lots of sex education and intimacy education to free ourselves from the taboo around female sexuality. Women, you hold the key. Allowing your sexuality to be taboo keeps all of us unconscious. I believe the evolution of our species is directly related to the empowerment and even disclosure of women’s sexuality.

Our species is evolving. We are still in the dark ages regarding sexuality. Many women don’t know deeper aspects of their female anatomy. The reason why female sexuality is taboo is that we simply haven’t evolved far enough, as yet. We don’t fully understand the sacredness of female sexuality. We have not grasped the power and responsibility that female sexuality holds.

Our society, planet and individual cultures of all socio-economic levels have a long way to go regarding sexual wisdom.

Empowering women is the path to this much-needed wisdom. Our over-populated planet would greater benefit by educating women about their vaginas.

Recently I went and saw Eve Ensler’s production Vagina Monoluges in my local community. It was fun to see familiar faces on the stage as they talked about the vagina.

The monologues are from interviews of women about their vagina. One monologue shared women’s answers to the question, “If your vagina could talk what would she say?” Before they began sharing the various answers, all 12  or more lady performers, got quiet, put their hands up and together answer the question by saying, “SLOW DOWN.”

What is going on behind closed doors in the bedrooms across the US and most likely the planet that is having women unequivocally desire a slower approach? Are women’s needs being met? Are they getting pregnant more than they are experiencing pleasure? What is more important at this point for healing the planet? More pleasure or more pregnancies?

The reason why female sexuality is taboo is that it is under-represented.

Are your sexual needs being met in the bedroom?  Have you had to deal with aggressive, fast and furious and even rough lovers? And if so, have you found a positive way to deal with it? Or are you one of those women who is often stuck in sexual servitude or sex as a duty or job instead of something you fully embrace and enjoy?

Why is female sexuality taboo? I believe we as women have not established our own sexual authority. We are missing out on more pleasure because of it. Our patriarchal society makes feminine sexual expression difficult. In our fast-paced society, we have no time to SLOW DOWN.

Feminine Sexuality

Feminine sexuality is slow, soft, caring, sharing, expansive, respectful, hearted-centered, mutually satisfying. It is subtle, liberating, unbinding and healing. Individual souls, both men, and women, will awaken when feminine sexuality is expressed. Feminine Sexuality doesn’t cause jealousy, boredom, competition or the like.

We will free ourselves from feminine sexuality being taboo when women start claiming their sexuality as sacred. When women hold a healthy boundary and only engage in sex acts that include honesty, respect, love and honoring (mostly of self), then female sexuality will no longer be taboo.

Women hold the mysteries.

Unfortunately, they hold the mysteries from themselves. It is up to each woman to create her own rite of passage regarding her sexuality. She has to claim her sexual sovereignty and authority. She needs to own her body, love her body and be authentic in the way she navigates her sexual energy.

How can she do that? Education about the spiritual side of her sexuality is key.

Has she had good role models for that. Probably not. In order for female sexuality to no longer be taboo a woman needs to learn a whole new way of being with her sexuality. What does that look like? Does anyone know? I believe we are slowly formulating that and I want to be part of the pioneers who help the process.

To answer the question “Why is female sexuality taboo?” we must understand we are in the process of evolving our species. And that there is a great need to educate women about their bodies and female anatomy.

As we evolve we will understand, both men and women, the power and sacredness of our sexuality. We will stop treating it as something hidden, nasty or taboo. We will openly celebrate our sexuality and dance with it, together, in a whole new way.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certifed Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to learn more about the sacredness of your female sexuality make ure you check out my course “Sex Ed You Didn’t Learn from Your Mother.”

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  2. Ethan

    Awesome post…I’m writing a short fat loss blueprint. And most fitness books I’ve read shy away from the topic of sex. Or the books briefly touch on sex. I agree 100%. Sex isn’t taboo. Sex releases feel good hormones and relieves pain. After reading your blog post, I plan on including sex in my book. And I’ll try to sound politically correct as possible.

    Thank you…

  3. Awesome! Love your comment. Glad you liked my article. And yes, I want to encourage you to include sex, especially good quality sex ed or conscious perspectives in your book. Best wishes to you! Thanks for commenting. Warmly, Anna-Thea

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