What Women Want, What Men Want, A Collective Exploration

What Women Want, What Men Want,

A Collective Exploration

Thursday, May 24th Men’s Circle (With A Panel of Women)
Thursday, May 31st Women’s Circle (With A Panel of Men)
Thursday June 7th A Coed Discussion & Exploration

I have a desire.  I have a vision.

I believe in a world where we as men and women can come together in community as well as in partnership, where we drop the masks, the pretense, the should’s and the ideology.  A place where we show up in our full expression of who we are and who we are BECOMING.
Radiant Erotic and Divine,
Purposeful, Present and Devoted
Masculine & Feminine.
Who are you becoming? 
What do you want, desire, long for?  
How are you getting your needs met?
Where do you still struggle with fear, shame, self-doubt, guilt?
Where do you still fumble in communication and connection?

There is a gap between the Sexes

The gap is the space of where we are now in the way we communicate and connect with each other, and where we long to be.
Our deepest desire in life, whether male of female, masculine or feminine, God or Goddess is to be loved, accepted and respected.  To feel seen, and to feel understood.  To feel connected.

A Special Event

A social experiment at the Golden Mandala.
A 3 class series on Thursdays from 8-10 pm  5/24, 5/31 & 6/7

Thursday, May 24, 8-10pm – What Women Want

A men’s circle, facilitated by a panel of 3 women from our community.  Women with training, experience, and knowledge in the arts of compassionate communication, tantra, conscious relating, and sacred sexuality.

Thursday, May 31, 8-10pm – What Men Want

A women’s circle, facilitated by a panel of 3 men from our community.  Men who are versed in the art of holding space, leadership, empowerment, communication skills and heart-centered practices.

Thursday, June 7, 8-10pm – A Collective Dialogue & Exploration 

A gathering of the men who attended the first class and the women who attended the second class.  A raw, unedited, unfiltered, vulnerable discussion.  That which is true for me, for you, for us as a community.  This is where the juice gets squeezed out as the truth is spoken and the heart is open. This is where the magic happens.
This SOCIAL EXPERIMENT requires your commitment and participation in a minimum of 2 classes, and if you are on a panel you will be committing to all 3 classes.
The cost for the series is $40
Go to this link to RSVP now!
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