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What Men Crave and How You Benefit as a Woman

What men crave most from women might surprise you. We think that men just want to have sex and many do. But there is a deeper aspect to this longing.

In this article I’d like to share with you my perspective on what men crave from a woman and how what they crave is a good thing. If both men and women can work together to satisfy this craving that I’ll discuss then we can make this a more harmonious and pleasurable world.

There won’t be the big divide between the sexes. We’ll find a place to meet in the middle and everyone, including our communities, will benefit.

You see, I imagine a world where men are our gatekeepers. They are our benevolent protectors and hold space for us, as women, to claim our true sensual and sexual divinity.

Sounds kind of idealistic but that’s my dream and in this article, I explain exactly what I mean in regards to what men crave from women and why we can benefit when this craving is satisfied.

Men as Selfish Lovers

We have lived in a patriarchal world for over the last 2000 years. The white male has been the dominant authority. Our structures and systems in our society have been based from a white man’s point of view and mainly only taken his needs into consideration.

I am not trying to sound mean or prejudice. It’s just the simple truth. But things are changing.

As of 2020 and with the advent of the coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown and the literal collapse of our society, we are witnessing the ending of this male-dominated era. Things are changing. Structures are changing. Relationships are changing.

The (now old) patriarchy affected our sexual relationships.
Men have been catered to.

Men’s sexuality is much more physical whereas a woman’s sexual response system is more emotional and sensual. Yes, these are generalities but because of the way males and females have been socialized this above statement is not far from the truth. But that is changing.

What do men crave in bed and why has that been so important to women? Why are women not concerned about their satisfaction?

The sad truth is, men have been selfish lovers. Pornography has been rampant on the internet and sex and the selling of sex is a big industry. Prostitution being one of the oldest professions.

We also have had a double standard culture where it’s OK for men to be sexually promiscuous but a woman is considered a hore if she sleeps around. Why is this so?

What do men crave in bed that women some how aren’t allow to. Why does she have to hold back?

Is there a belief that a woman expressing her sexuality must show restraint. Is that an unspoken societal rule? Or maybe she’s showing restraint because she’s simply not getting her needs met.

And adding to that, sexual duty is a common plight of women. So a woman gets stuck satisfying her man. She preoccupies herself with what he craves in bed and the couple’s sexual relationship becomes no more than satisfying him.

What Do Men Crave in Bed?

He goes to bed at night, starts pawing on his wife, she’s not into it but does it anyway. He gets it over pretty quickly with a few slobbery kisses, rolls over and falls asleep.

Maybe she gets out of bed and cleans herself up. And then she finds she can’t fall alseep that easily because something in her was awakened but she has no idea what it was. She’s not connected to her body nor her divine feminine essence. But it knocks at her feminine doorway.

She thinks it’s her duty to be a good wife. And taking care of him in this way is what she believes she is supposed to do.

Day after day, night after night the couple becomes disconnected. Their sex doesn’t have any depth and both of them are dissatisfied. Both of them are longing for SOMETHING MORE.

What is this SOMETHING MORE both sexes long for?

What do men crave in bed? Is it the same as what women crave in bed? Though we all want love, connection and acceptance, we each have a different way of finding it. And with the sexes there is a different path to get this need met.

This is where we are missing the mark and instead experiencing frustration and disconnect. If you can have a better understanding of what each of sexes commonly crave you’ll have a better chance of both finding satisfaction.

Or at least compassion for the situation we find ourselves in due to lack of proper sex education.

Here’s at the core of what men crave and what women crave when it comes to intimacy.

For a man:

What men crave is a woman who is open, loving and uninhibited sexually. This is often a painfully unmet need.

For a woman:

It is a desire to express her soulful and sensual side of her sexuality. Wanting to be touched fully, deeply, and slowly. Not just her clitoris but her whole body…. her whole being.

What men crave in bed is a woman who is connected to her body and her divine feminine essence. He may not even know that’s what he’s craving!

What men crave is our feminine radiance. Whether a woman is outerwardly drop dead gorgeous or not…. it’s a woman’s divine aura that men crave.

When a man pleasures a woman and really knows how to awaken HER sexual desires both sexes benefit. When a woman is in a state of authentic sexual pleasure her aura expands. This is a blessing for her man. He benefits from this bath of divine radiance that she emits.

A wise man told me once… “the sole purpose of a man is to penetrate a woman in such a way as to awaken her full human potential.”

I love that! We need men who have wands of light instead of swords. We need these wands of light to penetrate us in a way that empowers us. Is that happening? Not enough. What do men crave in bed – do they really even know? I think we need to help them find out.

There’s lots of sexual programming that needs to be looked at and healed. And when we do both sexes will benefit. We will then become each other’s healers instead of each other’s wounders in our relationships.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If this article resonated with you please share it. If you’d like to learn more check out my Manifesting More Pleasure online courses. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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