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Divine Love and 3 Powerful Secrets They Hold for You

What is divine love? What does divine mean and how is it related to love relationships? Relationships are where you’ll inevitably feel the most pleasure and also the most pain in your life. It’s also where you’ll have the biggest opportunity for soul growth.

What you experience in your love relationships isn’t accidental. There’s a greater order happening. Do I have proof? No, just experience and the faith of a mustard seed and my own personal experiences of being in love.

What are divine relationships?

Ultimately all relationships are divine relationships. And all relationships are divinely inspired. We learn from each other. Your soul has the greatest opportunity to grow through your most intimate and closest relationships. It is through overcoming the challenges you face in those relationships with a sense of love, honor, and commitment that makes it divine love.

What is divine love?

Divine love is discovered when you peel away all the limiting programming that keeps your heart from opening to another. When you can love another unconditionally that is divine love.

My Biggest Life Transforming Experience

When my husband died from liver cancer, I was 39 years old. It sparked within me a deeply spiritual journey. He died in the home we built together. That night when he took his last breath and when the coroner came to pick up his body, I felt angels all around me.

It was such a mystical, magical, divine and powerfully transformative experience to have my man leave his body and go to “the other side.” It was as if though somehow his going “there” opened up a glimpse of it for me. Or that a part of me went with him. After his death, I could see in my mind’s eye a white dome over our house. I felt completely protected. Many women might have invested in a security system to feel safe. I felt the security through this divine presence I was experiencing. It was powerful.

What Does Divine Love Mean?

Love is a powerful force. And the energy of love is eternal. The energy between you and the one you love can be palpable, both good and bad. That’s why having a strong sense of self-love is so important for you to attract a good partner and good life experiences.

What does divine mean has a lot to do with understanding energy. Einstein said that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The love you have for another is eternal. And unfortunately, the hate, anger, and resentment are too. What type of energy do you want in your relationships?

Divine Love Works Through
Anger And Resentment

I know a woman who is now in her late 70’s. She was married very young and had two children. The marriage didn’t work out and the children suffered greatly because of it. The husband was not mature enough to handle the responsibility and neither was she.

Naturally, the children, now adults, were affected by the lack of parenting and guidance that they experienced. But what I find most interesting is how I’ve observed the anger and resentment that the woman still has for her ex-husband. I’ve witnessed it for many years. She has long since been divorced however she’s unable to let go of her anger towards him.

It became even more evident after the ex-husband’s death. Even with the ex-husband gone… out of this world and completely out of her life. She is still, to this day, harboring anger and resentment towards him. For all intense and purposes, he doesn’t even exist. What is that all about and where does that energy go? It doesn’t disappear.

In my personal situation, as I wrote about my husband and how we built our home together, it brought tears to my eyes. I still love him very much. Where does that energy go?

So for good or bad, the feelings we feel and the love (or anger/hate) we share goes beyond time and space. That’s why it’s so important to work through negative feelings that come up in your relationships. Otherwise those negative feelings won’t go away.

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Ultimately, this really answers the question of what does divine mean regarding love relationships. It’s heavenly, spiritual and transformative. It’s something beyond what we can physically see and it’s there to help you evolve.

3 important concepts of what divine means regarding love relationships

1. Your Love Relationships Were Divinely Inspired

I wrote a poem called the Yoga of Relationships. In that poem, I express how your love relationship was divinely inspired and I ask you to think about how you met. Often people tell a very sweet and serendipitous story of how they got together.

I like to say that the angels worked hard to get you and your partner together. And however it happened, you two are together because you will grow through the experience.

What I mean by divinely inspired is that your soul and it’s desire to grow and express itself attracted your partner to you. The people you’ve had a relationship with were the exact people you needed to have in your life to learn exactly what you needed to learn.

Each relationship is a gift no matter how horrible it was. And often, it’s in the most disastrous relationships where you can learn the most. If you take the time to do so and not stay stuck in the anger.

That’s why forgiveness is so important and also keeping an optimistic attitude when the going gets rough.

2. Even the Most Horrible Relationships are Divine Relationships

In other words, stop blaming your past lover. You may have had some hard knocks in your love life. Cheated on, betrayed, left, abused, used etc. We all have our hearts broken at some point in life. You know, it needs to be cracked in order to let the love shine through. So these love challenges are there for a divine purpose. Your soul’s growth.

Don’t get stuck in the blame game from past love relationships. The only one that loses is you. I’ve seen long drawn out destructive divorces. Don’t let that be you. Even if only in your mind. Forgive those who you believe have wronged you. And take responsibility because you were part of the co-creation of that experience.

Holding on to the idea that he was the “bad guy” will only keep you in a lower state of mind. You will feel what the divine means if you let yourself forgive. And it’s not always easy to do. Past lovers can stay in our system and in our thoughts for a long time; ruminating about how it was both good and bad.

What does divine mean? It means nothing if you’re living in the past and filled with anger. It’ll just keep you stuck. Let the divine work through you. Open your heart, forgive and know that you brought these relationship experiences into your life. You soul actually needs these experiences for you to expand your consciousness.

3. Divine Relationships Honor The Inner Beloved

Unfortunately, it’s very “normal” in our culture to look for love outside ourselves. That’s why there are so many lonely people.

The truth is, you have all that you need within you. And as you cultivate your divine feminine and divine masculine within, you’ll attract better relationships.

Honor your Inner Beloved. Connect to your Inner Beloved. Cultivate your Inner Beloved. And what does that even mean?

To answer your question – you do this by balancing both the masculine and feminine energies within you. For example, if you are more feminine then you need to develop your inner masculine. If you are more masculine, you need to develop your inner feminine.

When you develop within you the energies of your opposite dominant energy you balance your divine feminine and divine masculine. You create more inner calm and harmony. You stop projecting, for example, your need to be taken care of, onto your partner.

Or you stop looking to your partner for authority because you’ve developed your inner authority. You listen and honor what your inner masculine has to say. It guides you. And your inner feminine guides you as well.

You are perfect, whole and complete

These are all beautiful things in regards to what does divine mean. It means that you are perfect, whole and complete. You don’t need something or someone to complete you. You are perfect just the way you are. That is a divine knowing.

And it takes time and spiritual maturity to understand that. We go through many relationship trials and tribulations, dramas, and ups and downs to come to a place of surrender and acceptance. Honoring your divine feminine and divine masculine within will help you along the way.

Remember that your love relationships are the most important part of your soul’s journey. They are truly divine relationships. Don’t blame past lovers. Take responsibility for your part. Forgiveness goes a long way. Far beyond time and space.

Divine Feminine

Developing your divine feminine or masculine will help you to come into your wholeness. And the amount that you love yourself will show up in what types of relationships you attract to you.

What resonated most with you in this article?

I would love to hear from you and know what does divine mean to you. Are you honoring your divine relationships? Make a comment on what you have experienced in relationship and what divine means to you regarding your love life.

Many people come to my website for inspiration. Your comment may touch another’s heart in an uplifting way.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I support people in seeing their relationships, all their relationships as a sacred journey. If you’d like to learn more about what Divine (and Divine Feminine) means and how to create more of it in your life please check out my online courses.

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