Divine Feminine Body Wisdom Tools

Tool #1

This 10 min video will show you three powerful breath exercises that I recommend you do on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It will open your nasal passages, clear and support your digestive system, increase your metabolism for the rest of the day and clear your mind. This is a GREAT way to start the day!

Tool #2

Example of a class from my Divine Feminine Body Wisdom Certification Program. Enjoy!


Tool #3

I offer a free guided meditation for those that are on my email list. Just go to my home page and sign up… you will receive a free ebook “Seven Secrets to Deeply Loving and Honoring Your Body” and an 11 minute guided meditation. Both are valuable tools to support you in learning and experiencing more of your Divine Feminine Body Wisdom. I love the guided meditation and use it often! Download it to your smartphone and in the middle of a stressful day take just 11 minutes to relax and surrender to the meditation that will bring you back to balance… then go on with your busy day. Slowing down is important, especially in the midst of a stressful day!

The ebook is a must read. Make sure you have it downloaded and let it inspire and educate you on a new perspect about you as a woman.


“I came to Anna-Thea for coaching at a point when I felt I was at a dead end in my life. I knew the way through was to address the area of relationship I had avoided. Working with Anna-Thea allowed me to transform and heal parts of myself that had been stuck for a long time. By being willing to let go of the old, without knowing what that would truly entail, I was able to come to a new and better place. It wasn’t long after this that I felt more energy in my chest, which I knew was the energy calling forth my right relationship and partner for me. Within a short time I met him, the perfect partner and relationship for me. Working with Anna-Thea has been priceless because of my transformation. She is very adept at getting to the point, asking pertinent questions and surrendering to the flow of what is during a session. Her ability to hold space for her client’s healing and self-growth is a blessing any woman can benefit from. She has a gift and passion to share with the women of today; one in which any woman secretly yearns for within her heart… if she is bold and daring enough to go there. Anyone who is sincerely ready to make changes in their life needs to see Anna-Thea. Be ready, for the shifts will come!” Loralee Humpherys