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The Yoga of Relationships

This poetry piece is about how to deepen love. I have had my fair share of relationship pain and loss. On my journey, I’ve learned how you deepen love is truly by deepening self-love.

It’s my wish that you cultivate a sense of self-love so that you don’t feel it necessary to put up with abusive relationships as you might have in the past.

The poem was divinely inspired. I remember it coming to me, having to get to my computer (or was it a piece of paper, can’t remember?) and start writing. I must have written this piece in a matter of minutes and then refined it over time.

Let it inspire and inform you on how to deepen love in your life. Enjoy!

The Yoga of Relationships Poem – Audio Version


The Yoga of Relationships Poem


What are they for?

To deepen love even more


Yoga means union

A coming together

Sometimes for a season, sometimes forever


Two are as one, in a dance and a flow

 Learning from each other as a path to grow


If we don’t

It is jagged, stressful and more

Feeling such pain… deep in your core

Creating drama, not really knowing what for


Living in “story” that doesn’t open your heart

Getting stuck in a way of life that rips you apart


Maybe living in numbness and lack of desire

Having lost the connection and passionate fire


Building walls and ways of thinking that start the relationship demise

Not knowing there is another way… all you have to do is open your eyes


Instead, we blame our lover 

Saying, “I’ll just find another”

Only to realize, over time, that’s an illusional cover


How can we change this and stop wounding each other?

Instead, become each other’s healers and deeply precious for one another


So much beauty, grace and pleasure is right there in front of you

Just open your eyes as so few do


Yoga is union and seeing all as one

Learning to dance with each other in a way that is fun


 We didn’t learn that from our parents, most likely… that is for sure

Stepping outside what you learned…. is the cure


Your beloved is your gift to show you many things

First and foremost a different perspective is exactly what he or she brings


Your union was divinely inspired

Think of how you met

The angels worked hard to make it a sure bet


You attract that which creates an opportunity for your personal expansion

Your beloved has the key to your inner mansion


Your partner knows exactly how to push your buttons and get you going

Now all you have to do is step into the powerful knowing


When you begin to dance in owning your part

The relationship will flower from deep within the heart


Exquisitely designed those buttons are real

Getting you to authentically feel


Feel the parts of you that are disconnected or shut down

And through a softening and support from your beloved can be re-found


The way to bliss is within us all

Simply by choosing to release the wall



What are they for?

 To deepen love even more


Yoga means union

 A coming together

 Sometimes for a season, sometimes forever


Copyright © 2011 by Anna-Thea


Check out the passionate audio version to inspire you to deepen love.



What resonated most with you in this poem and why? What can you apply in your life right now?

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I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I support women in reclaiming their bodies and speaking authentically from their hearts. Women tell me, “I need to love myself more, I just don’t know how.” I have easy to use online courses that give you the tools you need to create more fulfilling relationships. In the courses, you’ll awaken your divine feminine and learn how to use feminine energy to connect with a man.

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