Sex Education
You Didn’t Learn From Your Mother

Live Online 8 week Sex Education Course

In the privacy of your own home

Learn Secrets Most Women Don’t Know

Sex is a taboo subject in our culture. Most women don’t have the opportunity to safely ask questions and express their concerns. In the privacy of your own home, behind closed doors, in your favorite room, find out the real deal regarding female sexuality.

Receive sex education you never got, and really needed,
plus the support of other women wanting the same.

   Where: Anna-Thea’s Sacred Zoom Room

   When:  Wednesday Nites 5:30-7:00 pm PST, 2018 Date to be announced. Taught annually.

(Please call Anna-Thea at 702-306-3984
to find out which is her next upcoming course.)

   Zoom Room? Similiar to skype but with a group of women. All you need is your computer or laptop

 Course Investment $595 

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Class Overview

Class 1 – Introduction/Orientation and how to get the most out of this course. 

In this class, we will all gather and go over the guidelines of the course and course overview. Here we will get to know each other, get a glimpse of the journey we are all embarking on and settle into the start of this transformative journey.

Class 2 – Adolescence / Sexual Shame

Adolescence is an important part of life. In this class, you will discover what you may have missed regarding sex education and reclaim/rediscover those parts of yourself. This was a time in your life when extra support and guidance was needed. Did you receive it? You will receive it now with the support of Anna-Thea and the class sisterhood.

Class 3 – Female Sexual Anatomy

This class is eye-opening. You will see your female anatomy in a whole new and empowering way. Anna-Thea will take you on a slide show journey of your most sacred and feminine parts. Knowledge is power. Knowing more about your female parts will up your sexual authority.

Class 4 – Re-Define Sex & Your Clitoris

This is an extremely creative and fun class. You will have an opportunity to see your clitoris in a whole new way. You will learn empowering terminology so that your sexuality is no long crude or clinical but rather sacred and healing.

Class 5  – Know What’s Down There

In this class, you will be freed from the mysteries! G-spot, A-spot, D-spot, AFE zone, culdesac… what is down there? You will learn all about the 3 gates and deeper aspects of your female sexual arousal system.

Class 6 – Female Ejaculation

No more shame about female ejaculation. It will be replaced with sexual authority. You will learn what female ejaculation is, where it comes from and how to awaken your powerful feminine flow.

Class 7 – Pelvic Floor Health

In this class, you will learn the importance of pelvic floor health and how it relates to your overall well being as a woman. You will leave with tools to take care of “down there” in a nurturing and normal way. That area is not JUST for sexual arousal. It is an important part of a woman’s body that every woman should know how to care for.

Class 8 – Class Summary

In this class, we will come together and review all that we have learned. This will be a time for each woman to share. We will conclude the class with opportunities for further teachings.

By the end of the class you will know:

How to create more pleasure in your life.

The deeper, less known aspects of female sexuality and female anatomy.

What you need to free yourself from, in order to fully enjoy intimacy.

What a woman needs to sexually respond and how to get it.

How to reclaim your female sexuality as sacred.

And more!

Do you feel there is more to your sexuality than you have experienced?

Are you craving connection and intimacy?

Is it hard for you to open up sexually?

Does sex often become more of a duty?

There is so much more to sexual intimacy!

Learn sex education wisdom

your mother didn’t know and couldn’t tell.


Topics Covered:

Female Sexual Anatomy

“Knowing What’s Down There”

Re-Defining Sex

Pelvic Floor Health

Introduction to the Jade Egg Practice

Expanding Your Sexual Consciousness

Healing Your Yoni

New Empowering Sexual Terminology

Brain Vagina Connection

Female Ejaculation

Spiritual Sexuality

And so much more!

Special Discount for those that sign up now.

Investment includes:

  1. Weekly LIVE teachings in my Sacred Zoom Room
  2. Instructional and meditation audios to support your transformation
  3. All Class Handouts
  4. Private Facebook Group
  5. Support from other women in the class
  6. Email and txt access to Anna-Thea
  7. Discount pricing on coaching
  8. Recordings of missed class material will be made available
  9. Course Investment $595

Special Discount  of $100

Total Investment $495


I look forward to having you in class!

Much love,